Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 9: hunting giant octopus part 1

Chapter 9: hunting giant octopus part 1

Well there are some treasure chests to get more water.

Even though it is all random Chandu was sure that he would at least draw some water from these treasure chests.

In the trade offer the main content is water, stone axe and fire stick, but not the meat.

The reason why Chandu wanted to sell the meat of the snake monster is because of his prospective eyes.

In the instruction it is said that each chaos monster of the same level are divided by potential which cannot be identified easily.

This means the people of the chaos realm have a method to identify the potential of the chaos monster.

Well the prospective eyes of Chandu can easily identify the potential of the monster with just a simple question in Chandu’s mind.

These snake monsters are of the lowest level without even having the full level bronze potential.

The octopus in the water is showing a bright golden color indicating that it has a peak gold level potential or even higher.

So Chandu planned to sell the snake meat first.

There is one more thing that Chandu observed that is his experience bar in the status page beside level 0 has been filled by 11 points for 100.

Level: 0 (11/100 experience points)

This means the previous fighting has obtained him some experience points.

It is not only the practice of a technique that gives the experience points.

There are many ways to gain them.

Killing the chaos monsters is one of those methods.

The regional chat group immediately exploded.

There are at least 40 people that came from outside of the chaos world.

There are timid characters in them and unlucky characters in them.

They can get meat, but they cannot get water to drink.

There are no tools there is nothing at the initial stage.

So the things that Chandu offered are very good and have all the necessities.

Chandu know that it would not get the deals right away and has to wait for some time at least days to get the desired results.

There is a borrow system in trading where the other person will have to pay back with interest within the next 7 days.

If that person dies or if that refuses to return the then he will be penalized and Chandu will be compensated through various means.

The penalty will make that person’s soul bound to this chaos world to become a chaos monster till he earns enough chaos energy for the chaos world to repay the amount and interest.

This is also present in the information that was given to all the players when the beginners training started.

But most of the people will ignore it.

Well except for Chandu and the people that originally belongs to the chaos world.

Most of the people in the chaos realm would not borrow, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Mostly they will buy from the street vendors and trade items faces to face through the trade window of the system.

Well the price negotiations are the things that a businessman profits the most by using their minds.

There are also black markets where the system transaction was not involved to avoid transaction fee.

After going out of the beginners training every transaction is charged with transaction fee from both the parties of the transaction.

With the things done Chandu went into the forest again to find all the materials that can be turned into a rope or a string with good strength.

It took Chandu the entire day to make a strong rope which was very long.

Chandu only rested for eating some bread and he was lucky enough to find a mango tree.

He did not rush to pick the fruits instead he only took the ones that were ripen and was about to fall.

After a little rest Chandu made some wooden hooks with the materials he has by using his own hand crafting.

This resulted in gaining the crafting skill.

When it was evening Chandu made 15 deals with the people either by selling the previous materials in the offer or giving them water.

The materials offered are 2 liters of water, 5 fire lit sticks, 1 kilogram of snake meat, 5 stone axes.

The gains are a blue print of a trident, blue print of a water purifier, 1 block of iron metal ingot, 9 monster cores……….

The blueprints that Chandu obtained till now are all basic grade from tier 1 except for the trident that is at excellent grade.

The artifacts are divided into 10 tiers and each tier is divided into 5 grades namely

Basic grade,

Intermediate grade,

Excellent grade,

Perfect grade, and

Transcendent grade

In the same way based on Chandu’s observation most of the monster present in this beginners training are only at level 1 of the tier 1.

They can be considered to be the lowest grade monsters in the chaos world outside.

But for the people that previously lived in the comfortable city life of the sanctuary was not like the people that survive in the chaos world.

They still felt that these monsters are scary and strong.

The first thing that chandu did not is to integrate the blueprints in his hand to the system then he expanded the space of the shelter to 20 square feet.

Well it is a big cube with 20 feet side length.

The space was large.

Chandu continued to make sharp hooks from stone and connected all of them to the rope one by one.

After that he tied a big rock like at one end of the rope and the hooks followed the rock at that end.

The other end is tied to many strong trees at the sea shore of the island.

This octopus is only a giant one but not like that of a kraken.

The rock that Chandu choose is also not that big just enough for this monster’s mouth and easy to throw……

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