The P Cursed System Chapter 23: sit on my lap and speak the truth

Chapter 23: sit on my lap and speak the truth

Then he sprinkled some truth seeking powder in Lisa’s plate without letting John and Lisa notice these actions.

Because of the good impression on Markus both Lisa and John directly ate the food without any doubts in their minds.

Lisa got the second quest instruction when she was about to eat the food.


“Player the food that was given to you contains the truth seeking powder which will make you speak only truth for a specific amount of time.

Don’t worry this will not affect the player because of the system.

Player has to speak the answers given by the system when the questions are asked by Markus.

As for the player’s companion was fed with sleeping powder so he will not wake up till morning after falling asleep.

So player doesn’t have to worry for her little secret will be out of the bag…….”

There is not trigger for some extra or special rewards.

Lisa did not bother with anything and simply finished eating the food.

After which Markus suggested that he would stay guard first and later John can stay guard.

Since John has walked a long way Markus wanted him to take rest first.

At the same time John also felt very tired.

Even in that situation he arranged small bedding for Lisa and then he went to the side to sleep.

It only took less than 10 minutes to hear the snore from John indicating that he is in deep sleep.

Markus did not move immediately as he waited for another half an hour and made some loud noises.

He has even shouted a few times.

Lisa woke up and sat up in anxiety while John is still sleeping and snoring.

Lisa looked at the expression of Markus who is breathing like a beast in heat.

His face showed a dark l*stful expression like a street thug that saw an innocent woman.

It seems like the innocence skill was also activated making him aroused even more looking at the innocent expression of Lisa.

Lisa wanted to run but her leg is still sprained.

Even though the system said that she has to stay there and get Markus’s love juices filling up her slit.

But she is still a woman and innocent one at that so she instinctively moved back towards John.

Markus came to Lisa and stopped her from moving by holding her hands.

“I have drugged your boyfriend with a sleeping powder.

So no matter how much you yelled and shouted he will not wake up.

You are such a nymph that would jerk my meat rod when you are still beside your boyfriend.

Why are you backing away now?

Don’t you want my thick hard meat rod in your slit.

You are not even wearing any parties or a bra.

Looking at your boobs, they are so big and l*wd like a banging cow girl.

Oh I forgot to tell you that I have mixed in some truth seeking powder in your food.

So whatever you speak is the truth.

Now I am going to get all of your embarrassing secrets and bang all night.

If you tell these things to your boyfriend then he will die coughing up blood.

Also if you refuse to answer my questions or tried to do something fishy then I will kill your sleeping friend.

So be a good girl and answer all of my questions.

Also let me enjoy your body with a good bang all night……”

He spoke various words and pulled her up towards his sleeping bag.

There he sat down, slapped on his lap and said.

“Come to my lap little kitten”

Lisa hesitated a little as she was limply standing with her sprained leg.

“If you disobey me then I will directly cut the throat of your boyfriend…”

As Markus threatened Lisa obligated immediately.

She slowly sat down on his lap with a red shy face.

“What are you so shy about?

You are not an innocent lady right.

You are a harlot that even rubs and jerks other men’s meat rod while your boyfriend is right beside you……”

At that moment the system gave out a string of answers for Lisa to speak.

“I am… not like that, I am…. still a Virgo.

He is…. Not my boyfriend, he is my…. body guard and butler.

I did not do anything to your….d…thing.

I…. only wanted to hold your waist tightly in the fear of falling.

But I felt…. something touched my hand…. that is hard and soft

Also, a little…. warm to touch.

I thought… it is something strange…… and seems to be throbbing from pain…. so I touched it a little to sooth it… from causing you any pain.

Since, you helped me before with my sprained leg.”

Lisa’s face was red and her eyes were red with tears looking at Markus’s face up close.

Lisa’s voice was also broken at many places from her extreme embarrassment.

Unexpectedly the innocence skill is activated again causing Markus to believe all of her words.

But looking at the l*wd body of Lisa his mind snapped out of it and asked.

“Then tell me why you are not wearing any panties or bra?”

For this question the system gave an answer for Lisa to speak out.

Almost the entire story is same except for the name of the kingdom, level of kingdom, and some other things like names and details.

The way they appeared here is through ancient teleportation or something like that was believable for Markus.

 There is no way for a travelling peddler to know about the details of Lisa being a princess of a tier 10 country.

But he can believe this saying she is the princess of some low tier fallen country or something like that.

The words from Lisa widened the eyes of Markus as he muttered out.

“This means you are a princess and he is your body guard.”

While speaking his eyes became a little wary but they instantly lit up……

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Please buy my uncensored books at Smashwords to support me.

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Thanks to you all my readers.

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