The P Cultivation System Chapter 67: skill called death steal

Chapter 67: skill called death steal

Then Zen spoke to Mohini “master please extend your hand”

Mohini extended her hand immediately the slime jumped into Mohini’s hand then attached itself to Mohini’s hand forming in the shape of a gun that was previously dissolved in the slime.

In a moment the slime in Mohini’s hand turned into a gun that was attached to her hand almost like a robots arm.

Mohini and Rose both were shocked yet again by this sudden change of Zen.

Even though Zen absorbed hundred’s of kilograms of materials it was as light as a feather in Mohini’s hands.

Mohini and Rose came back to their senses and wanted to see if the gun in her hand really fires or not.

As soon as she thought of this there is a target marker appeared in front of Mohini’s eyes there is even a count of number of bullets available in stock.

This shocked them further.

Mohini locked on to a stone on the bolder that is a 100 meters away from where she stood.

With a thought the shot a projectile that is a bullet from the gun that shot out of the gun hitting the rock.

The rock that was shot was broken into pieces.

Along with the bullet Zen also shot a small amount of the spirit energy that made the bullet more powerful.

The spirit energy was not from Mohini but was obtained by Zen from the surroundings.

The more spirit energy that was added the stronger the projectile will be.

From the information that Mohini obtained after Zen transferred into the gun, it can shoot many things and there are some objects that can make heavy destruction.

The longer Mohini can charge Zen with the spirit energy of the surroundings that higher the destructive force of the projectile from the gun.

This shocked Mohini very much. Then suddenly she got an idea that is can she store and launch nuclear missiles from Zen.

Immediately a notification appeared saying

“Yes it is possible to store and launch nuclear missiles from Zen, but with the current level of Zen it is not possible.”

Mohini was utterly shocked and thought of the radiation and destruction that can be created through the usage of Zen.

Immediately another notification appeared saying

“Radiation is also a part of the spirit energy so anything that was damaged will become a new form of nature with the help of spirit energy.”

Mohini and Rose were very happy for the upgrade that they got for Zen.

Then Rose got an idea and asked Mohini

“Mohini, can we make Zen devourer both cal and raju as they are currently useless for us.

We have already planned to kill them from the start so we can use Zen for the job right.

We might get some extra benefits.”

At this moment as if someone asked it the system sent a message for Rose’s question before even Mohini can open her mouth.

The content of the message is

“Zen can devourer all forms of creatures and can only obtain the most basic of their power that a being can usually have not the complete power of the being.

Zen can take the appearance of the person that he devoured and look like the person that was devoured at his prime or of any age.

At the same time Zen can add all the good points of the people that he devoured into becoming a single beautiful entity.

The appearance of Zen can be changed based on the will of the player.

Player can switch the gender of the appearance of Zen however player wants.

Player can also turn Zen into a being that has both the features of male and a female.

Player can make Zen devourer some clothing and make Zen form in the form of clothing on the player that can be switched based on the will of the player.

These garments can also act as the protective artifact for the player with the extreme toughness that Zen possesses.”

All these new features of Zen made both Mohini and Rose ecstatic.

This means that Zen can do practically anything in this normal human world. Then Mohini moved on to the next notifications to look.

Next are all the upgrades of the skills that she just made and some of the perks and improvements she got after upgrading the skill.

First in the row is the appraisal skill that has reached level 20.

The improvements to the skill are the range of the skill is increased to 100 meters.

She can get complete information of any person that is below foundation stage including the video of the entire life of that person.

She can also receive all the information regarding that person she apprises as long as the person is below the foundation stage.

 If the being she appraised is at foundation stage or the object she appraised is above the normal ordinary things from the mortal world she would receive the information based on the level of the appraisal skill.

Then she moved on to the second skill in the row that she upgraded this is barrier skill.

To her disappointment there is not much improvement except for the increase in the strength of the barrier and the consumption of the usage of various barriers is reduced a little too.

There are some new types of barriers that Mohini liked and wanted to look at them later.

Then she moved on to the third skill in the row that she upgraded that is the steal.

To her surprise a special ability was unlocked after the skill was upgraded to level 20.

 But this special ability was currently restricted to be used on people below foundation stage.

This new ability of the steal skill is called “death steal”.

The workings of the ability are very simple that is with this ability Mohini can bypass the minimum preservation defense line and directly steal everything a person has.

This includes their life span……………..

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