Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 8: trade offer by chandu

Chapter 8: trade offer by chandu

“If it is done by the system there will be a loss of 90 percent or less based on players luck from the material during harvesting.

If player were to do it on his own then he can gain based on his own efficiency or effectiveness.

But if player does it on his own he can gain experience in this field which is not given for system support.”

Chandu did not hesitate as he asked the system to decompose the zombie corpse and harvest.

He doesn’t know how to harvest zombies.

So he went for the second option even with the loss.

Soon after the zombie corpse vanished leaving two viles of serum.

Chandu observed it careful and got the information related to these two serums.

One is the genetic essence for soul which is colorless just like water.

The second one is the genetic essence of mind which is pinkish white.

It seems that both of them are purified of all impurities.

A person can gain some points in the evolution column related to mind and soul, which are really hard to gain through normal means.

There is no monster core which disappointed Chandu.

He looked at the wooden treasure chest to find if there is any problem.

After confirming that there is no problem Chandu directly stored the treasure chest and the serum viles.

Chandu don’t want to open the treasure chest right now.

He decided to open it after clearing the entire island.

He started to move to the next target which is also a zombie.

After moving around for 3 hours Chandu killed all the zombies which are numbered to 8 zombies.

Other than zombies Chandu also killed 3 poisonous snakes using the new spear.

These zombies seem to not want to kill other chaos monsters or there is something else.

Well Chandu don’t care as every monster is his enemy and a block in his survival.

So he simply cleaned them off.

After that he went back to the starting point of the island from where he started and started a thorough search of the entire island piece by piece for two things.

First is any trouble that can cause harm to him that is chaos monsters or deadly plants and things.

Second is for the hidden treasure chests or materials present on the island.

In the first round of cleaning Chandu collected and stored all of them into the shelter.

In the second round Chandu has some unexpected surprises like silver ore rock that is over 10 kilograms, 70 grams ore of mitral ore………

There are also treasure chests but to Chandu’s disappointment there is no golden treasure chest, only a silver treasure chest and nothing more.

The biggest surprise that Chandu got is actually a monster core from one of the zombies.

This core is enough for Chandu to upgrade the space of the shelter from 10 square feet to 12 square feet.

Now the room is improved to 4 square meters and the increased space is good for Chandu to store more materials.

But the improvement is still very less.

Right now there are 12 treasure chests where one of them is silver treasure chest and the remaining 11 are wooden treasure chests.

Chandu did not move to harvest the resources of the island instead he made a plan to kill the octopus in the nearby water.

But before that he sat near the beach under the shade of a tree eating bread and some other things that he got through his initial harvesting.

He did not eat the snake meet for now as it will take some time for preparations.

Also he doesn’t have any spices or salt right now.

He is going to prepare them.

First thing is first he opened the regional chat screen and looked through the chat history.

With a glance he understood what is happening.

He understood who is luring, who is enjoying the show, who is actually helping and all other things.

Based on all of these chat logs Chandu planned to get some monster cores for food and water.

Even though there are some local chaos realm players, most of them did not know the situation or value of materials here.

Also Chandu could tell that these people from sanctuaries did not have much combat or survival experience.

Thinking of all of this Chandu took out a snake corpse from the shelter and started to clean it and harvest the materials slowly with a rock knife.

Well it is a bit rough but because of Chandu’s proficiency in wielding various weapons he was able to easily handle this snake.

After extracting the meat, Skin, fangs, poison sack, internal organs and the liver of the snake were placed separately.

After calculating Chandu found that the meat might not be enough so he harvested the other two snake corpses.

There are a total of 3 kilograms of meat, he took out some dry wood pieces and cut them in long strips of 5 centimeters.

Then he used the lighter to light them all one by one and arranged a trade setting.

Trade offer:

100 grams of snake meat, 50 ml of mineral water, fire lit stick with fire x 1 and stone axe x 1.


1 x monster core

PS. If there is any blue prints or other precious metals or other valuable things please send a private message.


After checking the trade offer Chandu directly sent this to the trade page.

Then entered the regional chat and post an advertisement about this trade offer in the trade page.

Chandu know that the importance of water so his first target is to make a water purifier.

So Chandu wanted to get a water purifier design if there is any.

Also he doesn’t need one as he can make one with the available materials but it is not that powerful.

 The problem here is that he did not have any containers to hold them.

Well there are some treasure chests to get more water…….

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