The P Cursed System Chapter 22: horse riding from the back part 2

Chapter 22: horse riding from the back part 2

She moved her hands slowly from the hips of Markus towards his naval and finally locking her hands there.

Markus that was raiding in the front has a smile on his face as if he was enjoying the movements of Lisa’s hands from his shoulder to his waist.

“She really is a harlot.

She is not wearing underwear and now she wanted to touch my meat rod…..”

He was very much looking forward to what Lisa would do next with many l*wd thoughts all over his brain.

Lisa on the other hand moved her hands a little down and touched something that is hard, hot and twitching not because of the horse’s movements.

Instantly her face blushed till it turned from light pink to bright red.

Since her right leg is wrapped around the waist of Markus,

John that is on the right side has a blind spot on the movements of Lisa’s hands especially the left hand of Lisa, which is practically covered by her right leg from the sight of John.

Lisa did not actively touch his meat rod but made it seem like it was an accident.

The system also recorded it as a touch and the number increased.

In less than 5 minutes she has touched the meat rod of Markus 3 times and thought that the quest was over.

But soon she found that the quest instruction has given her a notification.


“Player has successfully touched the meat rod of Markus 3 times the quest instruction is complete,

The reward can be given to the player but if the player wanted to improve the reward quality then this quest instruction can be extended.

The extended quest instruction can give bonus rewards or improvement in the rewards for that specified task.

Does the player want to extend the task to get bonus rewards or quit right here with the quest instruction complete with its normal reward.

Please make a choice.”

Lisa was shocked and asked a question in her mind.

“What is this extension of the quest instruction?”

But the system did not give her the details and said that she can only get the details only after she accept the quest.

She thought for a moment and finally chooses to continue the quest to get a better reward at the end of the quest.


“Player chose to extend the quest.

The meat rod of Markus is already standing so player has to touch his meat rod at least 300 times in the pretext of putting your hands on his waist for support.

Number of times player touched the meat rod of Markus—– 3/300

On successful completion of the quest player will received a bonus of 10 skill points.”

When she looked at the reward that she would obtain after completing the extended task, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Understanding the anger of Lisa the system gave a notification.


“Since player chose the extended task it will also be counted in the quest completion percentage.

So if the tasks are not completed based on the initial instructions then the player will receive the corresponding punishment for the quest failure.”

Looking at the new notification Lisa can only sigh and get back to completing the task.

Well her hand is still there and it will occasionally come into contact with his meat rod and rubs against it gently.

 After 4 hours Lisa was able remember the shape of his meat rod that she touched 300 times in a row.

There is a little wet and sticky feeling at the tip of the meat rod which should be the c*m of Markus.

Markus has even made a little grunt when he c*mmed after 250 times.

On the other hand Lisa thought it was just a sweat as she was not really knowledgeable about these things.

Even though she saw the c*m of the chimpanzee but she really did not know much as she was a princess previously.

Not one has ever dared to mention these things to her.

So her l*stual education is actually very near to zero, even without activating the innocence skill.

She felt a little disgusted as the sticky substance stuck to her fingers.

Markus on the other side was cursing her

“This harlot seems to be very experience to even jerk my meat rod while her boyfriend is standing beside her.”

He even thought that they are both bandits that wanted to cheat him and kill him that night.

So he has decided to slip in some sleeping powder and truth seeking power into their food plates that night.

The sun was about to go down so Markus has decided to rest there for that day.

The river is also nearby.

John that walked all the way looked tired but he still wanted to help.

He went to collect some fire wood as there is leftover meat from the afternoon they don’t have to go and hunt again.

Markus started to arrange the fire place now.

Lisa is sitting nearby with a red face looking at the little stain on the crotch region of Markus.

Markus did not say much or act intimately towards Lisa.

He just did his work slowly and smoothly while waiting for John to bring over the fire wood from the nearby woods.

After some time John came back carrying fire wood and two dead rabbits along with him.

Looking at the extra meat Markus was happy.

The meat left from the morning is not really sufficient for a full meal for 3 people but now it is not a problem at all with the two rabbits.

Also rabbit meat is good when using the sleeping powder and truth seeking powder usage which can give better results than using the chicken meat.

With the help of John he has prepared the meat quickly and completed a delicious dinner for the night.

Markus is the one that arranged the plates so he simply snuck in some sleeping powder into the plate of John.

Then he sprinkled some truth seeking powder in Lisa’s plate…….

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