Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 7: gloomy forest island

Chapter 7: gloomy forest island

When he looked he saw a huge black aura at one side of the path to the next island.

Even the path finder skill took a long circle to reach the next island instead of drawing a straight like path.

This shows that there is a life threatening creature under the sea at the point of black aura.

Chandu decided to not to take any chances with his life.

If he had any chance of survival the aura color appeared would not be black.

Since it is black, this means with his current strength he will not be able to kill that creature.

Since it is like that then Chandu don’t want to be dead hero with high curiosity.

He immediately started to swim towards the next island after a second round inspection on the beginner’s island.

The water is very clear and the visibility was higher even in this deep sea area.

As Chandu swam forward he was always vigilant following the markings of the path finder skill.

The black aura did not move from its original location.

Chandu was curious but he was able to restrain himself from going there.

But while moving forward Chandu dipped his head into the water and took a glance towards the black aura.

The scene has caused Chandu to become frightened a little and he increased his swimming speed towards the next island.

The reason is there is a huge octopus that has a tentacle around the size of 5 meters in length.

It seems to be sleeping or something.

It did not take long for Chandu to reach the new island.

This island seems to be bigger than that of the previous island by a dozens of times.

The previous island only has the size of few tens of square meters.

As for the current island it was around half a square kilometer in size and the entire area is covered by thick forest.

The atmosphere is quite dark like that of a dangerous forest full of wild beasts.

In his heart Chandu immediately made a decision to strengthen his shelter with wood as quickly as possible.

Also Chandu wanted to increase the available space of the shelter.

But it seems to require the monster cores of the chaos monsters.

Unfortunately Chandu cannot get them as they are rare in low leveled chaos monsters.

As soon as Chandu arrived on the island he did not go into exploring mode as he needed some equipment for exploring this gloomy.

He did not believe that he would meet a ghost as he did not have any weapons to kill a ghost.

Chandu can use his skills but there are restrictions to these skills.

Both prospective eyes and path finder has a limited range of either the length of his vision or the length of his senses if he is blind.

In order to have a little longer range of attack Chandu wanted to craft a stone spear.

He has enough materials so he used the system to craft the stone spear.

After crafting the stone spear Chandu looked back at the octopus with the thought that does he has a chance of killing the octopus.

But the answer is still the thick ink black aura.

This means he did not have a chance and if he goes to attack the octopus then the result is his death even with the spear.

With this understanding Chandu decided to move on and explore the island.

He activated both his skills with the question of how to clean up this island.

The prospective eyes showed different auras in different directions of the path ahead in the gloomy forest.

On the other hand the path finder showed various direction lines with different colors that changed from time to time.

The change is from less dangerous level to higher dangerous level and again to less dangerous level.

Chandu observed for a moment and decided to move and see the target first.

After slowly following the path finder lines Chandu finally reached his target.

It was actually a zombie.

There is yellow puss coming from its mouth and the surrounding area is very stinky.

The eyes of the zombie are bloody red and have sharp nails.

Its skin was slightly greenish like that of a frog with blue veins popping out.

All in all it is extremely disgusting than anything that Chandu saw till now.

This is a human zombie.

Based on Chandu’s understanding these zombies have their souls and minds locked in their body only leaving their body to decay.

Chandu did not think about any more as he crafted another stone headed spear.

Chandu was a cautious person by nature.

He was sure that if he used the same spear that he killed these zombies to hunt for food then he will be infected by this corpse poison or some virus.

So he wanted to use the spear for killing these zombies as a disposable spear that is separated from the shelter.

The zombie did not notice Chandu as he was a little far away.

These zombies seem to be of low level where their range of sensing is very low.

Chandu picked up a rock and threw it in other direction of zombie at around 2 meters from it.

The zombie turned around to look at the sudden change to attack the prey.

Chandu did not wait as he rushed from the blind angle, stabbing the spear straight into the head of zombie from behind its back.

The body of the zombie wiggled for a few seconds before it died.

As soon as it died it dropped a wooden treasure chest that is the size of the fist of a grown man.

Chandu did not rush as he got a notification in front of him.


“Player do you want to harvest the zombie corpse or do you want the system to do it for you.

If it is done by the system there will be a loss of 90 percent or less based on players luck from the material during harvesting…………

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