The P Cursed System Chapter 21: horse riding from the back part 1

Chapter 21: horse riding from the back part 1

This made her face blush with embarrassment.

Well there is another thing that caused her to accept the suggestion of Markus.

That is the sudden quest released by the system appeared in front of her.


Quest name: Helping hand


Follow the instructions of the system while riding the horse with peddler Markus.


Rewards will be allotted to the player based on the performance of the instructions given by the system.

No reward will be given if the overall evaluation is less than 90 percent of the completion of the quest.


If the instructions of the system are not followed and the overall evaluation is less than 90 percent of the completion of the stipulated quest then the following punishments will be issued to the player.

First punishment is that the horny points are increased by one point for every 1 percent reduction in the evaluation of the quest.

Second punishment is the death of peddler Markus, triggering the endless revenge from an unknown force.

Chances of death of butler John is over 75 percent and the life of player will become a toy for l*stful men enjoyment for 3 months.

Player will not be killed.

Third punishment is the loss of skills and temporary damage to the beauty of the player which will reduces the chances of player getting her revenge on her step mother.


Looking at this Lisa started to have a little headache.

Also her face was completely blushed red either because of the activation of the innocent skill or because of her original nature of doing l*wd things being a princess.

She doesn’t know what to do or what to say.

But by the last punishment made her more determined to follow the quest.

Also she doesn’t want to lose John because of some revenge.

She would rather do as the system say and do l*wd things with Markus to get some gains.

Markus got on the top of the horse after untying it and called Lisa to climb on the back with the help of John.

This arrangement made John happier as Markus did not put Lisa in the front to touch her or flirt with her.

Lisa minded her skirt very much and adjusted so that John did not get a glimpse of her bottom revealing her already wet pink slit.

As soon as she got on the horse behind Markus, the horse moved a little causing her to lose balance.

In order not to fall down Lisa hugged Markus from behind and finally found her balance and stability.

Markus felt boundless soft but juicy buns pressing against his back making his meat rod stand up like a rocket.

But it was well hidden because of the way he dressed.

Markus eased his mind immediately and said to John.

“I am sorry mister John my horse is already burdened by merchandise and along with me it can only hold 2 people.

So you have to walk, please don’t take me wrong……”

The politeness of Markus won the heart of John.

At the same time Markus turned his head to the back and said.

“Miss Lisa you should fold up your sprained leg on the top of the horse so that it would not become worse because of the movements of the horse.

Miss Lisa do you have any experience in riding a horse?

If not hold me a little tightly so that you would not fall from the horse….”

John said these words to Lisa which actually sounded reasonable to both Lisa and John.

John helped lifting Lisa’s sprained leg which is the right leg.

John also stood on the right side just in case.

The right leg of Lisa was lifted up over the top of Markus’s waist and covering his front like a semi sitting posture of folding legs on the ground.

Markus also rubbed Lisa’s leg in the name of adjusting its placement causing Lisa’s face to turn a little red.

John on the side looked at Lisa’s red face and asked.

“Lisa are you alright?

Is there any pain?

Why is your face red?”

Lisa simply denied the questions of John as she passed it on to the hot sun over their heads for the reason of her red face.

They started their journey and Lisa gently placed her hands on the shoulders of Markus for support.

At that moment the system gave out a notification containing the first order to Lisa.


“Player please put your hands on the waist of Markus for support on the horse.

The meat rod of Markus is already standing so player has to touch his meat rod at least 3 times in the pretext of putting your hands on his waist for support.

Number of times player touched the meat rod of Markus—– 0/3”

Lisa was stunned for a moment and then many l*wd thoughts started to fill her mind like a flood.

This is caused by the Per***ted cursed system.

At the same time there is magenta glow of strange necklace on her neck and heart shaped symbols made of pinkish magenta colour filled her eyes.

It is only visible to her and no one else.

She slowly lowered her hands from the shoulders of Markus to his waist in a hugging posture right when horse made a small bump.

This was very natural.

Even though she was still a few inches away from Markus’s back her big bouncy melons touched and rubbed against his back.

As there is no bra inside Lisa’s dress she felt very hot as her cherries are very sensitive to external touch.

They started to grow bigger and firmer like small cork stoppers on a bottle.

Even though they are firmer they are also quite tender.

Every time they made a movement Lisa’s body trembled by the waves of l*st and l*wd thoughts flowing in her body like electric currents.

She moved her hands slowly from the hips of Markus towards his naval and finally locking her hands there………….

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