The P Cultivation System Chapter 65: Chris part 3

Chapter 65: Chris part 3

Once added into the player’s harem, the player can turn any of the members of his harem to either of the genders for the purpose of enjoyment and cultivation.

The condition that all the members of the player’s harem must be women is placed because no member of player’s harem can bang each other as both men or a man and a woman.

They can bang each other as both being women.

For every loyal life partner that player gains the system will reward with an amount of quest points based on the specification of the game system.

The reward varies from 10,000 quest points to 100,000+ quest points.

There are some other features that will be unlocked as the player moves on.”

This description made Mohini’s and Rose’s eyes lit up because of the reward at the end of the description.

Then they shift their attention to the task given in the special quest.

The task is to make Chris fall in love with her and make him completely loyal to her.

The reward for this task is 10,000 quest points.

Along with some extra that are specified later as the task goes on.

There are no restrictions on Mohini to keep her powers secret.

Chris was looking at Mohini that is currently being gangbanged by three men in all three of her holes.

Currently he was hiding behind a bush and jerking off his meat rod while looking at Mohini being banged.

He was completely excited within few minutes and shot out his cum.

Mohini and Rose observed this and increased their movements further creating some l*wd sounds and very hotty moans.

This is so that they can excite Chris further into watching Mohini.

This has continued for over half an hour at that time one of the tasks regarding the quest is completed that is getting gangbanged at the view point in the broad day light for an hour.

The other task is for Mohini to get gangbanged in the cave below in the broad day light.

Mohini immediately used the controller skill on Ravi, raju and cal then made them freeze on the spot.

Then she ordered Ravi to carry her back to the cave.

She also ordered raju and cal to follow her.

Chris who was hiding in the bush looked at Mohini’s group of four walking down the mountain top view point.

He hid well in the bushes nearby along with his bicycle while the Mohini’s group passed by him. Out of curiosity he slowly followed behind them.

This is because he did not see any car or vehicle on the way here.

This place is a little far away from getting any transportation.

So he wanted to see where they are going.

He has followed them while hiding in the nearby bushes for half an hour.

Then they reached the sea shore below the mountain top view point near the cave below the mountain.

Mohini’s group entered into the cave.

The entrance of the cave is quite big so Chris can see what Mohini’s group is doing in the cave.

Since it is sea shore there are no bushes nearby so Chris hid behind a huge bolder near the cave.

 He is looking through the small openings between the bolders.

After entering the cave Mohini again removed her controller skill on them and let them continue to bang her.

As they took a break of half an hour some of their strength returned.

They did not bother about the change of their surroundings and directly pounced at Mohini banging her like wild beasts instinctively.

Mohini enjoyed all this as the three people bang all three of her holes continuously.

Zen has reached level 9 and is in the process of reaching level 10.

Chris who is watching Mohini continued to masturbate behind the bolder listening to the loud hotty moans of Mohini.

After 2 hours raju was exhausted. So he sat by the side to rest. After another cal was also exhausted and sat on the side to rest.

As soon as they removed their meat rod from Mohini’s mouth and glory back hole,

Mohini casted the controller skill on them so that they did not do something that Mohini did not want.

On the other hand Ravi started to bang Mohini more ferociously.

He changed various positions, while slapping on Mohini’s butt.

He ravaged Mohini for another 2 hours after cal stopped banging Mohini.

Mohini had a few orgasms just because of Ravi’s way of banging her.

Ravi shot his c*m into Mohini’s slit with a grunt.

After he was exhausted he removed his meat rod from Mohini’s slit with a “plup” sound and then began to rest on the side.

All this while, Mohini did not use the steel skill because she has use for Ravi that is to take her to the cave under the water.

 Zen still needs another 5 hours to reach level 10.

So Mohini cannot steal the swimming skill from Ravi and use it for herself.

So she has to depend on Ravi for exploring the secret cave under water.

She has already completed the quest and received the 30,000 quest points as reward.

While thinking an hour passed at this time Chris who was hiding behind a bolder decided to leave this area silently.

 This was noticed by Mohini and they casted the controller skill on Chris and made him stay behind the bolder for the time being.

At this moment Mohini suddenly has an idea that is to use the quest points to upgrade the skills and system further so that she can become much stronger.

Also Zen will be upgraded even faster.

First Mohini opened the main status page to look at the changes.

Previously she decided to not open the status page before she reach level 30 but she has no other choice in the matter.

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