Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 6: tragic memories

Chapter 6: tragic memories

After all of this the small island already became barren.

Chandu did not even leave a rock as he collected all of them.

There are times when the stone axe broke and he has to make a new one.

After the continuous labor for 6 hours Chandu finally completed his harvesting.

Chandu don’t want to move for the day so he set up the shelter and made a hut with the wood and leaves of the willow tree using the system.

He took out coconuts and cut them using the stone axe proficiently.

There is also bread and water for Chandu to get enough strength of carbohydrates and nutrients.

It was evening with a beautiful sunset and a purple moon is rising at the other side.

This twilight scene was so good that Chandu seems to be lost in the thought.

He was 38 years old before he died but was unable to find a girl he wanted.

He tried to learn many things from hacking to painting, playing musical instruments to dancing, many forms of ancient martial arts and strategies……………….

These things formed the basis for his new invention of ‘conditional thinking’

Conditional thinking is a simple thinking process that would tell what to use where under what conditions to get the desired results.

Chandu did meat many girls but lost them because of many reasons.

The main problem is that he did not have enough power and money.

All the girls he got are lost because of their family problems.

It is not a Chinese story where a person breaks in to the family in a domineering way and gets the girl as if there is no government.

If the power of the country or the state is moved can a single man stop them without any power or support?

Well the answer is no.

Finally the girls themselves succumbed to their families wishes and broke up with Chandu even though he wanted to fight against the entire state or country for them.

Chandu cannot force the decision of a girl even though he loves them he cannot save them and their family.

The marriage will be immediate so Chandu did not even have time to topple those opposing powerful families.

Like this he lost many women in his life, there is also a case where the woman he likes was poisoned to death because of her resistance.

Well Chandu killed all those perpetrators causing her death but he cannot bring back the death.

Chandu can only sigh that he was not destined to have a girl in this life.

But now it is different.

He is no longer on earth, even though there are countries there are no rules.

There is only one big rule in this world of chaos that is

‘The survival of the fittest’

It is not the survival of the strongest but the fittest.

This means there are no rules in fighting and anything can be used to take care of the other party.

Chandu did not care about the reputation.

If he were given a choice between his loved women and the world,

Then Chandu will choose to destroy the world if it means saving his women without even thinking for a second.

Chandu did not have any feelings for the good or bad as he believes that what can help him achieve his goal is good and that opposes him is bad.

This time Chandu firmly decide to get stronger to the point where there is no opposition for him.

Thinking of these memories Chandu slowly drifted into sleep.

Chandu wanted to look at the regional chat group but he slept so there is nothing.

In the regional chat group there are around 50 people in the area of 10 kilometer radius with Chandu as the radius.

There are around 10 people that originally belong to the world of chaos that are calmly looking at the idiotic chatting of the people from the other worlds.

Even though they entered from the chaos world after turning 18 years they were not given any privileges.

Like Chandu and others they were also in a stove away dress that only has inner wear, a tea shirt and pants.

There are people that are confused that this is a TV show, and there are people that are thinking that they were kidnapped and stranded.

There are also calm people that tried to exchange information.

The merciful person among the people of the chaos realm gave some pointers based on their knowledge.

There is also one that gave some false information.

There are people that advertised their own clan so that they can join after they completed this beginners training.

They are probing for the prospective members with good skills they chose at the beginning.

Well there are fools with righteousness that would disclose their cards without any regards for their safety trusting every one.

The night slowly gone and the burning sun appeared in the morning.

Chandu woke up took out some crushed coconut leaves to brush his teeth.

The surroundings are fresh and the only thing that is missing is actually a nice cup of tea.

Well there is no time to take rest and think of some Chandu took out some bread and ate them to get enough energy to plan for the day.

Chandu has surveyed yesterday and found that there is a shadow of an island to one side of the Beginners Island and fog on the opposite side.

There is no shadow of an island to the left or right.

So the only choice is to move forward.

Chandu don’t plan to know what is behind where the fog covering.

Chandu is good at swimming so he decided to swim to the next island which is only 300 meters away.

Chandu was careful as he used his skills to detect the path in front of him.

When he looked he saw a huge black aura at one side of the path to the next island…….

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