The P Cursed System Chapter 20: gifted rusty old sword to get Lisa

Chapter 20: gifted rusty old sword to get Lisa

Looking at the begging of Lisa Markus smiled and said politely.

“Don’t worry Miss Lisa I will guide you to the nearest human settlement safe and sound.

We will talk about the details when we are having lunch…..”

After saying these words he and John made their way into the forest from the grassy plane area.

Lisa gently rested with her sprained leg and there is a thought in her mind that made her think that the series of events that happened right now seems to be prearranged.

As she was thinking she received a notification from the game system.


“Player doesn’t have to think all of this.

Everything was arranged by the system including the spraining of player’s leg.

The system depends on magic energy that was converted from the l*st energy of the player and other people around.

System uses this energy for the operation of the system along with giving quests, rewards and many other things.

For the reason of making the player stronger, the system will try its best to create as many situations as possible for the player to get banged or do Per***ted things……..”

Lisa widened her eyes looking at the details that she just got from the system.

But she did not feel sad instead she was happy to get stronger to get her revenge on the people that shattered her family and causing her current predicament.

She has decided to do whatever it takes to become stronger to get the revenge that she needed.

But there is one thing she wanted that is to keep all of this as secret in front of John her trusted knight.

She has decided to make John her husband and give all of her love to him in this life.

But she has not thought that she is putting a green hat on her bellowed man.

Well whatever the case might be she has no choice but to follow the arrangements of the system.

Since she has nothing to do she opened up her status page to take a look


Status panel


Name: Lisa Asterisk

Age: 18 years

Race: Human

Job: none

Title: none

Level: 1 (0/100 experience points)


Health points: 5

Spirit points: 4

Fatigue: 27 percent


Vitality: 5

Stamina: 4

Strength: 4

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 4

Soul strength: 5

Soul sense: 5

Beauty: 99

Luck: 1


Potential of player 


Body: tier 0 (0/1000 physical potential points)

Mind: tier 0 (0/1000 neural potential points)

Soul: tier 0 (0/1000 soul potential points)


Horny meter: 16/100

Fulfilment meter: 0/100

Skill point: 1


She looked at her horny meter and the skill point that she got.

She looked at the horny meter with a red face as her mind started to run wild.

After snapping back to reality she looked at the skill point which is only 1 point that she obtained after completing the quest.

She doesn’t know how it can be used.

Her questioning thoughts were answered by the system.


“Player you can open the skills page and look at the skills that is not at max level.

Max level skills have reached their limit and cannot be improved any more.

For growth skill with levels can be improved by either practice or by using skill points.

1 skill points can be replaced with 10 practice points.

The amount of practice points required to improve the skill to the next level is shown in the skills page under the skill……”

Currently she has 2 skills at level 1 which can be improved using the skill points.

But with only one skill point she doesn’t know if she can improve her skill to the next level.

So she opened the skills page and started to look at the required practice points or skill points to upgrade that skill.

She soon found that in order to upgrade a skill to level 2 she requires 200 practice points or 20 skill points.

But she also found from the previous notification that some skills which are low level growth rate will only required less practice points or skill points.

While she is speculating about her gains both Markus and John came from the surrounding forest carrying some wild chicken and firewood.

Markus asked John to arrange the fire place as he would prepare the wild chicken.

John went to arrange the fire pit and other things for cooking.

Markus on the other hand killed the wild chicken with his dagger and started to remove the feathers and internal organs.

Lisa thought that Markus would arrange John to kill and clean the chicken and he would come to flirt with her.

But he did not do that.

This caused a little change in her opinion towards Markus.

On the other hand Markus did not even look at her as if he ignored her.

Soon after they ate the lunch while discussing how they would move from here.

Markus was even generous enough to give a rusty old sword to John as gift.

He was sad that he did not have any wand for Lisa as she is a magician.

But John and Lisa have already thanked him for being generous enough to give John a sword even though it was an old rusty one.

Since Lisa was injured her leg Markus insisted that she should ride the horse along with him.

John has a good impression on Markus because of the previous incidents so he accepted it and even tried to persuade Lisa.

Lisa on the other hand looked at the l*stful gaze of Markus and knows that what is happening.

She can only scold John in her heart as he was a dunce idiot that did not understand Markus’s actions.

At that moment her innocent skill is activated and made her mind into that of an innocent woman that was never touched by a man.

This made her face blush with embarrassment.

Well there is another thing that caused her to accept the suggestion of Markus…….

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