The P Cultivation System Chapter 64: Chris part 2

Chapter 64: Chris part 2

He is one of Mohini’s classmates that disappeared completely one day.

He is a blond haired person with weak build.

He looked more like a women than a man.

If he doesn’t have a meat rod it can be said that he is a flat chest blond short haired beauty.

This piqued that Rose’s interest in this Chris named person so she decided to peek into his details.

This Chris is only at level 18, so Rose can easily get most of the information regarding this person using the level 10 appraisal skill.

As soon as she appraised Chris some information appeared in Rose’s and Mohini’s minds.

“This Chris was just a pretty boy at the same time he is a very weak willed person, which behaves like a women.

Because of this reason he was denounced by his father. His mother was dead while his step brother and step mother wanted send him away so that they can take his fortune.

They created some rumors about Chris saying that he is not a qualified man.

He cannot give birth as his manhood is defective. Using these reasons his step mother plotted against making his father denounce Chris even from the family name that is Valdmere family.

This Valdmere family is one of the famous families with royal blood in them.

Chris was given some assets just enough for him to live and was sent out of that country to live in a faraway country.

Even at the time he was being sent away some of the assets given to him were coveted by the family members leaving him just the bare minimum for living.

 The assets that belong to his mother are taken over by the step mother using some unlawful means so he got very little of what his mother left for him.

He has been living in this country for the past 6 years.

 He is actually a man and a Virgo at that.

He has thoughts of wanting to take revenge on all the people that made his life miserable.

He has even found traces that his mother’s death was not natural but it was preplanned murder.

He usually comes to this spot when he was very depressed.

Today coincidently he came when Mohini is being banged at this tourist spot.”

This is all the information that Mohini and Rose got on him.

This made their eyes lit up as he was a Virgo and can be used to increase Mohini’s level very much.

Rose suddenly spoke while seeing through the other information of this Chris person

“Mohini he is very useful for us not only he is a Virgo he also has a very powerful innate spirit root that is light attributed yin spirit root.

This is the reason he looked like a female rather than a male.

You can switch his gender to become female completely in the future then he will be extremely compatible to you.

He can also cultivate very quickly and become your cultivation partner.

Try making him submit to you.

Mohini nodded her head understanding what Rose said. At this moment Chris reached near the mountain top but stopped in his tracks listening to Mohini’s moans and the grunts of Ravi, raju and cal.

He slowly hid his bicycle then hid in a nearby bush. He started to look at the 4 people that are enjoying the l*st pleasures in the broad day light on a public spot.

But when he looked at the face of the only female person in the group of four he was shocked.

This is because he knows this female person.

She was none other than his class mate Mohini.

He was shocked that there are actually 3 idiots that are willing to bang a ugly person like Mohini.

But when his eyes landed on Mohini’s slit he started to murmur

“Even though she was ugly her slit is quite beautiful.”

Then he closely observed her slit this is because of the attraction of the seduction skill and the succubus blood that are acting at her crotch region.

He saw that there is a drop of blood near her slit which was observed by Chris.

“Is that blood? Did she just lose her Chastity?”

Chris murmured again.

Chris was not a l*stful person but the Per***ted in front of him churned his heart very much causing his Virgo meat rod to stand up in attention position.

Mohini and Rose are enjoying being banged at the same time they kept an eye on this Chris to see his actions.

At this moment a quest popped out saying special quest. The name of the special quest is “player’s harem”.

There is a description of the quest saying

“First task player has to make this Chris person to fall in love with the player.

Player must make this Chris into loyal life partner and one of her cultivation partners.”

Mohini and Rose did not understand the quest so they just selected the name of the special quest that is

“Player’s harem”

Immediately a description box appeared describing the quest saying

“Player’s harem is the harem of the player which contains all of the loyal life partners of the player.

There are conditions for the player’s harem that is all the people in the player’s harem must be female.

No male life partner is allowed into player’s harem.

If there is a male that player wanted to be his life partner then player must turn him into a woman by switching his gender before adding them to player’s harem.

Player’s life partner can either be decided by the player that is either Mohini or Rose or the game system can also choose some suitable life partners for the player through assigning of tasks.

Once added into the player’s harem, the player can turn any of the members of his harem to either of the genders for the purpose of enjoyment and cultivation……..

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