Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 5: complete harvesting of beginner’s island

Chapter 5: complete harvesting of beginner’s island

Chandu doesn’t know what to say any more.

He smiled helplessly and concentrated to open the assistance panel where all the options are in the system.

In that he selected the shelter upgrade functions.

In that there are options related to the constructions of various building blocks, boards and other accessories.

Every block or board requires a specific amount of wood and some other materials like iron….

There is also a simple hut design that requires some wood and leaves.

At that moment Chandu received a notification.


“Player will not get any experience related to construction or manufacturing when they are done by the system.

If player was able to manually construct or manufacture anything then player will get a skill related that specific fields.

Building constructions gives the skill builder.

Weapon or artifact crafting gives the skill crafting.

Potion or pill making related to alchemy refining.


The amount of experience gained by the player depends on how good the finished product is made.

Other than that the higher the level of the skill the higher the quality of level of the product made……….”

Chandu was taken aback as to see there are such things other than normal skills.

But for now Chandu don’t want to try and get any of these skills as he is just starting the survival journey.

For that he has to acquire the basic necessities first and start preparing for other things later.

But first Chandu wanted to see if there is anything hidden in this beginners island.

Naturally something will be hidden and only be found by the lucky person or the protagonist of a novel in this kind of survival game model.

So Chandu wanted to observe around the island first.

Chandu took in the shelter and started to look around.

There are three coconut trees and a willow tree on the island.

Chandu eyes immediately lit up.

Food and water problem can be temporarily solved for now.

Then he made a question to detect hidden objects on this island for both the skills that is prospective eyes and path finder.

Immediately Chandu spotted two hits.

They has normal light bit they are hidden spots shown by the skills.

Chandu did not rush to find them instead he checked to see if there is any danger of life or death or injury.

Soon he got the negative response as there is no danger at all.

All the lights are positive and there is no danger at all.

Chandu sighed for a moment and went to dig one of the treasure spots that were located by path finder and prospective eyes.

The path finder even has an arrow marks pointing the direction of digging which is very convenient for Chandu.

After digging for 3 feet Chandu saw a shining surface of gold.

Chandu slowly removed the surrounding cover of soil and pulled out the golden rock.

Soon in his hand is a golden ore piece that weighs around 4 kilograms.

Based on Chandu’s estimate he can at least get 3 kilograms of pure gold from this ore piece.

Chandu was sure that he can convert this gold into gold coins.

This will give him some fixed assets for the initial days.

Chandu tried to send it directly into the shelter.

The golden rock vanished from his hands and Chandu was able to perceive that the golden rock was place at one corner of the 10 square feet shelter room.

Chandu looked at the pit carefully to see if there is anything else.

Unfortunately there is nothing.

Chandu was not disappointed as there is another treasure spot.

He went to that spot and started digging.

Just after digging one feet of soil Chandu obtained a treasure chest

It is a gold color treasure chest that is of the size of a fist.

Unlike his imaginative treasure chest that was as big as a person can fit in, this seems to be pocket sized treasure chest.

Well Chandu was excited because it is a golden treasure box which is quite rare.

Chandu checked the box again for traps and finally opened it.

Soon after, the box vanished and he got a few things from the box lying on the ground.

There is a 5 liter water bubble, 5 packets of milk bread;

There is a blue print of wood cutting stone axe, and a lighter.

Chandu straight away sent all these things in to the shelter except for the blueprint.

This blueprint was directly added to the manufacturing page.

It requires 1 unit of wood and 1 unit of stone.

Every material in this world of chaos is measured in units which is different for different objects.

As long as a material was stored in the shelter space it will be divided into a unit block or sheet based on the material.

Even in wood for different types have different storage models.

If it is coconut tree it was stored in 1 meter logs if it is the trunk of a large tree then it is stored in the form of circular block.

If a person were to craft kneel of a boat then the materials of wood logs can be adjusted for special cases to get a bigger block out of the shelter.

But to do this one must upgrade the shelter first to unlock the adjustment options.

Chandu understood these things clearly.

He first went to the willow tree and started to pull down some of its branches and store them into the shelter.

The fallen leaves were also collected.

When the amount collected 1 unit of wood Chandu stopped.

Then he went to collect some stone pieces on the ground till they reached 1 unit of stone.

He opened the manufacturing page and quickly made a stone axe.

He first struck down the willow tree and used its long branches to pull down the coconuts on the coconut trees.

Only then did he start to cut down the trees completely.

After all of this the small island already became barren.

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