The P Cursed System Chapter 19: wind blow up the skirt revealing the P

Chapter 19: wind blow up the skirt revealing the P

At the same time he was trained as a knight but not to the extent of being a real knight.

Also the talent of John being a butler is low and only has a little talent in the field of knighthood.

But the main point is his loyalty is unwavering and he would even give his own life to protect his master.

Other than that the people beside the queen has enough means to train John into a knight that is no less than a real powerful knight that stands beside the king.

But everyone is gone before he was trained properly.

On the other hand Markus was thinking again as he analysed the previous touch of Lisa’s boobs.

“This harlot is not even wearing a bra.

Most probably there is no bra that can hold her melons.

Well I have a set of bra and panties for her size but I cannot give it to her for free.

Well after having some special payment I will give them to her as the parting gift.

Even though I can bang her forever and never get bored, I cannot take her with me from her boyfriend.

Also having this beauty with me is nothing more than carrying a walking trouble magnet.

Those people that were attracted by her beauty might even kill me for her.

So enjoying when I have time is the best use I can get from her……….”

These are the thoughts of that man in just a moment of thought before kneeling down to look at Lisa’s sprained leg.

John was standing behind Lisa as Lisa sat down on the ground with her leg folded a little in the hands of Markus.

Finally when he focused his eyes on Lisa’s leg he has accidentally saw something that has never thought he would see.

Because of a slight wind the short skirt of Lisa gently lifted up revealing her beautiful pink slit without any pubic hair on it.

The heart of Markus started to beat faster and faster.

His mind almost blanked out from any thoughts.

Lisa received a notification


“+10 horny points added”

She immediately shifted her gaze towards Markus’s face to see that he was looking at her slit.

Her face blushed again as she remembered that she is not wearing any panties.

She has never expected that her slit the slit of a princess was one day be seen by a travelling peddler.

She immediately patted her skirt with her hands covering her slit from the fierce gaze of Markus.

Markus was pulled out of his fuzzy state and he acted immediately as if he was checking the sprain of Lisa seriously.

He let out a slight smile looking at the face of Lisa and said.

“It is a simple sprain and will be cured in a day or two with simple treatment.

But she should rest for two days and should not walk or strain her leg….”

Markus said with a smile.

He went to his horse and took out a white cloth and bound the ankle of Lisa tightly, doing a good treatment.

This improved the opinion of Markus in the mind of John and created a sense of trust in his heart.

On the other hand Lisa was able to see the l*stful gaze of Markus on her body.

She felt that he was literally licking all of her body with his eyes.

But she cannot say that out loud.

She don’t want to become a nymph in the eyes of John, even though she know that he will still follow her as a loyal servant knowing what happened to her.

It is around the time of noon and both Lisa and John were very hungry as they did not eat anything yesterday.

Their stomachs started to grumble which was noticed by Markus.

So he suggested.

“I think I should stop here to eat some food as it is going to be lunch time soon.”

Saying these words, he tied his horse to the nearby tree beside the river with a long rope, so that it can drink water or eat grass around the open space.

Then he came back with some food materials and cooking utensils.

But the main material for cooking is not present.

He has to hunt some animals nearby or fish in the river nearby.

Also he has to gather some fire wood to cook.

Since he wanted to capture Lisa for the night he has to make a good impression in both John and Lisa so that they would let their guard down against him.

So he suggested.

“Since I made two new friends today we can eat food together.

Miss Lisa you stay here and rest.

Mister John we will go together to hunt some food and collect fire wood on the way……”

Markus said all this with a gentle smile that made him quite trust worthy.

John also nodded his head with a happy smile and turned to Lisa for permission.

Lisa just nodded her head, looked at Markus and said.

“Mister Markus, you see all of our weapons and other things or gone so can you take us with you to the nearest human settlement……

It is a selfish request but please mister Markus we are lost in this place and you are the only person that we met.”

Lisa asked this as the system gave a notification for her.


“System will only give you a chance to get a guide.

Making the guide take you to the human settlement will depend on the negotiation of the player and the guide.”

Because of this notification Lisa has no choice but to beg Markus for help.

She doesn’t know that she is being manipulated by the system into getting banged again.

Well even if she knows about that she has no choice but to get banged.

Looking at the begging of Lisa Markus smiled and said politely. “Don’t worry Miss Lisa I will guide you to the………

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