The P Cultivation System Chapter 63: Chris part 1

Chapter 63: Chris part 1

This excited both of them while they are engaging in this pleasure activity a strange magenta colored energy began to seep out of their soul bodies especially from their slit region.

This energy was very light and hardly visible to the naked eye.

Slowly this energy started to enter their souls when they are at their utmost excited state.

This strengthened their souls a little, but the change is very negligible that it cannot be noticed.

Both Rose and Mohini were exhausted a little as they slept in each other’s embrace on the bed in the game system resting room.

This exhaustion is caused because they were absorbing the minute energy that was formed as they were excitingly having l*st with each other.

They slept like this for 3 hours.

The first one to wake up was Rose after that Mohini woke up too.

After that they shared another passionate kiss. Even though Mohini was inside the game system resting room she was still in control of her body.

The only thing is that she won’t be able to react immediately in case of emergency situations.

Mohini left the game system resting room and returned to her normal state with full control of her body.

She was still sandwiched between Ravi, cal and raju.

Her slit regenerated her hymen and recovered the yin spirit energy making her a Virgo again.

At the same time she observed that the meat rods of raju, Ravi and cal are standing like towers that are ready for action.

It is 5:30 AM in the morning.

Mohini ordered all three Ravi, raju and cal to move to the tourist view point at the top of the mountain where the cave that they are in presently in.

They have to all the way back to the split end of the small passage way and take the other road to reach the mountain top view point.

This trip will take around half an hour for Mohini’s group of 4.

Mohini ordered Ravi to carry Mohini just like when they arrived to the cave.

Mohini hugged Ravi and jumped up where Ravi placed his hands on Mohini’s glory back to support her latching on to him.

Mohini’s slit lips are open and are placed on Ravi’s meat rod like meat rod which was rubbing against her slit lips with every step he took forward.

This time all of them are naked moving in a group of uncivilized people that just came out of the woods.

After half an hour of moving Mohini’s group reached the mountain top view point.

 There was a flat area with a small metal fence at the edge of the cliff.

Other than being a tourist view spot it is also a suicide spot and a spot where some local gangs play risky gambles of bets with survival games.

Many people died jumping off the cliff.

Below the cliff were a shallow rocky area and a deep area that changes every day.

It is impossible to predict the exact safe area unless someone monitors the area continuously for all the day.

This was used for the survival gambles of the local and some powerful gangs.

Mohini has come to this spot once previously when she was depressed to the point that she wanted to commit suicide.

But she was courageous enough to commit suicide by jumping off of the cliff. So later she planned to use poison to commit suicide.

This is when she found the dagger that changed her life.

She just brushed off the memories of her past and began to look at her surroundings to find a smooth spot where she can get banged by Ravi, cal and raju.

There was an area covered with fresh grass that looked quite soft. Mohini chose this area for the deed.

Mohini took out 3 allure pills and ordered Ravi, cal and raju to eat the pill.

Then she suppressed their memories temporarily and other things only leaving the instincts of pure uncontrollable l*st.

Then she removed her controller skill on Ravi, raju and cal.

Mohini repeated the same sentences as the last night so that Ravi bangs her slit, cal bang her glory back hole and raju bang her mouth.

Based on the quest given to her she should get banged by Ravi, cal and raju at this tourist view point for one hour in the broad day light that is after 6 AM.

Then she should lead them to the cave below to get banged again for another hour in the broad day light. After that she would receive a total of 30,000 quest points.

Just the word of the sheer number of quest points made Mohini’s and Rose’s eyes lit up in excitement.

Instinctively under the effects of the allure pill and the pent up pressure of the yang spirit energy the three men raju Ravi and cal became beasts in the human form again ravaging Mohini quenching their l*st.

At the same time Mohini and rose who is being ravaged was very happy and enjoying this to the fullest while moaning continuously.

She already started her main cultivation technique and the body cultivation technique.



“Yes bang yeah”



While they are ravaging Mohini, a youth around the age of 18 came riding his bicycle to the mountain top view point with a depressed face.

Even though Mohini was in the deep state of enjoyment she and Rose still kept an eye on the surroundings.

They noticed that a person has entered their detection range and he is moving towards them.

When Mohini apprised this person and found his identity, she was shocked.

Observing this shock of Mohini, Rose immediately search through memories of Mohini and found that this person is called Chris.

He the first son of a foreign business tycoon, he is 18 year old.

He is one of Mohini’s classmates that disappeared completely one day…………..

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