Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 4: finally the training instructions

Chapter 4: finally the training instructions

At that moment Chandu used his new cheat for testing.

Looking around the cards around him there are many colorful aura’s around the cards.

The question that Chandu put on his mind is

“Which skill can help me develop quickly and to the highest power level without the need of luck and also let me choose the direction of my life?”

The meaning of Chandu’s question is actually the detachment of path designated by fate, where he can choose what direction he wants to develop in his life.

With that the lights lit up again around the cards where there is only one card with the golden- magenta aura.

It looked very dazzling like a beauty under the moon light, when looking at the rest of the cards that are dimly lit.

There are a few cards that did not have any aura at all.

It means that these cards are completely useless to Chandu based on his requirement.

Since there is not much to choose from these skill cards, Chandu chose the most glittering card available.

As soon as he chose a card, all the other cards around vanished into thin air only leaving the selected card.

The selected card immediately turned into golden radiance and entered Chandu’s mind like the previous skill.

Chandu found the skill that he just received.

The skill is called the ‘Path finder’ and the skill is at max level too.

This skill can give directions to Chandu in the form of colorful line directions towards what Chandu wanted to find.

The colors represent various things like the black line is for death or enemy, pink is for love and gold is for luck and good opportunity….

Chandu can also find people that he wanted to find but he has to meet them or see them at least once.

There are other restrictions but because of the prospective eyes skill combined with the path finder Chandu was able to bypass most of the restrictions.

Right now Chandu is like super radar that can see through most of the things.

Chandu was still disappointed because he has once read a novel where the protagonist has a god level skill called the god’s eyes.

These god’s eyes has can see through future and past, life and death, all the details and many more……..

If someone heard Chandu right now they might have wanted to kill him for his thinking about these skills.

The next thing that Chandu saw is about the page showing his skills.

Chandu already saw what skills he has and left the next page.

Then the next page is related to manufacturing of various artifacts, potions and some other things.

But this page is empty as there is no available design in it.

Then the next page is related to the upgrades of shelter and its accessories.

But it is also empty as there are no blueprints of anything.

Chandu moved on to the next page which is related to chatting with others.

Chandu can speak to the people with in the 10 kilometers radius from him being the centre called the regional chat group.

There is a world chat group but it is unavailable to Chandu.

It is only available when Chandu is around the 1 kilometer radius of a special structure called an altar.

Chandu don’t have any information towards altar from the previous information.

There is also a party and clan chat groups but Chandu is in neither of them right now so they are locked.

Finally there is an individual chat but Chandu can only chat if both of them are added as friends and they are less than 100 kilometers apart.

If the distance is longer than 100 kilometers then Chandu has be within the 1 kilometer of the altar

Finally there is a trading page where there is auction system and free trade system and many more with the restrictions similar to that of chat groups.


Chandu was a little excited to start this survival life and the beginners guide also showed the final page.

That is the objective of this beginners training.

First point, you may die if you are not careful even in the beginner’s training.

Second point, the small island you are in is the beginner’s island with minimum resources.

It will sink in three days if you did not move to the next island.

Third point, you have to survive in this beginners training for 30 days.

 Well if you die in the middle then that is that.

Fourth point, you have to cross at least 3 islands in these 30 days.

If not you will be disqualified and your soul will be gone forever.

Just kidding you will become some zombie or other chaos creature for a few lifetimes to serve as punishment.

After that you will have to start from the beginners training.

Fifth point, May you not be loved by the goddesses of death and misfortune.


Chandu looked at the last sentence and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“This thing really is funny.”

Chandu muttered holding his stomach because of excessive laughing.

After laughing for a while Chandu first tested the shelter bracelet.

With his thoughts the bracelet vanished and a 10 square feet dirt block appeared in front of Chandu.

The width is around a feet and the soil seem soft and lose which is in brown color in contrast to the white beach soil.

“What the ‘F***’

Is this really a shelter?

What is the difference from the ground and this sand block?

Well it is brown and soft but still.

Did I use up all my luck and ended up with this broken shelter?

As if responding to Chandu’s words the game system said.


“Player took the first step in explore the shelter.

The basic designs for the shelter upgrade are unlocked.

For advanced or high level shelter designs please obtain the blueprints or make your own blueprint.”

Chandu doesn’t know what to say…….

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