Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 3: cheat skill Prospective eyes (Max Level)

Chapter 3: cheat skill Prospective eyes (Max Level)

This time was still considered fast as the amount of information is vast.

Finally it came to the tutorial page where it gave the instructions to Chandu.

The island that Chandu standing is the tutorial island and then he will have to go through the beginners training before integrating into the chaos world society of adventures.

This tutorial is compulsory for all the people that comes from the sanctuaries or the people that are already living in this chaos world.

Every person that reaches a specific age that if for humans it is 18 years and for other races it is different will be sent to this beginners training.

 Only after this can a person is truly able to start his adventurer’s life.

This is the rule set by the chaos world and no one can violate.

Even if that person is the son of a top level adventurer or someone Prince or princess they have to start from the ground.

Chandu especially liked this point.

The first thing introduced here is the status panel of players.

A player can see their own stats.


Status panel


Name: Chandra

Age: 18 years

Race: Human

Job: none

Title: none

Level: 0 (0/100 experience points)


Health points: 5/5

Magic points: 5/5

Fatigue: 0 percent


Vitality: 5

Stamina: 4

Strength: 4

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 4

Soul strength: 5

Soul sense: 5

Beauty: 4

Luck: 10


Evolution of player 


Body: 0/100

Mind: 0/100

Soul: 0/100


Chandu looked at the status panel and a little question popped out of his mind seeing the job and title.

“I am a business man and a researcher in the past life why is it showing anything in my job or title?”

“I am so stupid, even though I played some of these role playing survival games but I am still dunce in common things.

I think that I should earn the titles and jobs here again to get them in my status panel.”

After that he came down to look at his stats and found that the system prompted him that 3 stat points is the average basic stat of a normal human at the age of 18.

The next thing that attracted his attention is the luck stats that are abnormally high compared to all the other skills.

The system immediately said to Chandu that luck is consumable and the number changes irrespective of level of the player.

Then he came to look at the evolution points.

In order to evolve he has to get two things.

First is the 100 experience points above related to training technique that is either shooting spells or practice the weapons related to techniques.

Second thing is to get the 100 evolution points in the required fields of body, mind and soul based on the technique that person practices.

But for the tutorial everyone has to try and gain as many evolution points as they can before the end of the tutorial.

This will affect their future potential in the fields of body mind and soul causing them to have more options in choosing suitable primary and secondary job classes.

After that the next point is about the skills.

This is a very important thing where a person has a chance to choose a skill directly from the system of the chaos realm.

There are many rare skills present in this free place where they can never be obtained through normal means.

Immediately the light screens in front of Chandu vanished and he was surrounded by hundreds and thousands of cards with hidden faces.

Then a light screen appeared in front of Chandu and said.

“Player please choose a card to get a skill”

Chandu looked at the cards with identical backs.

Before he could make a choice his eyes were flashed with a blinding light which soon turned into many different colors.

There is also information in his mind

“Because of the abnormal luck value of the player and some other things a random cheat skill is given to the player as an extra skill.

This skill or a chance of randomly getting skill is not available to other players.

So be sure to thank lady fate for generosity…you puny human….”

The last sentence has caught Chandu’s eyes and he felt that something was wrong here.

It is like there is someone watching him or playing with him.

Chandu did not like this but he is not stupid enough to refute like the heroes in the Chinese novels or put on a cheesy punch like that of some American heroes.

All his thoughts are in his mind as he was intrigued by these words.

Other than these worlds Chandu also received information towards the cheat skill.

The name of the cheat skill is ‘prospective eye’ which is at max level.

That means this skill is fully developed to the highest possible level in its own skill limits.

The functions of this skill are to show the colors based on the question that the user has in mind.

For example if chandu looked at the antiques in front of him, then chandu can easily tell the value of the antiques based on the color of the aura.

At the same time if the question is changed from value of antiques to the requirement of Chandu then the colors can change showing the most recommended antique even in rubbish.

This is also same with the mood of a person, inner thoughts of a person, the things hidden in a treasure box………

This skill can be useful in many places and Chandu was worried about people loathing his skill.

But it is not the time to think about these things as he still has to continue with the tutorial.

So Chandu stopped with his thoughts and looked at the surrounding skills.

There are many cards in front of him and these skills are glowing with different colors in generalized way.

At that moment Chandu used his new cheat for testing………….

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