Welcome to the Chaos World Chapter 2: survival instructions

Chapter 2: survival instructions

There are professions like mages, adventurers, scouts and many classes like that of a litRPG model.

One will be able to get their class after they evolved for the first time.

The chaos world was filled with magic energy and this energy can be used for the practice of various techniques.

In order to evolve one has to fulfill two conditions

The first condition is to have a technique that is suitable for a class that a person wanted to become.

The technique practicing requires absorbing the surrounding magic energy in the surrounding world or getting the magic stones or getting the refined monster crystals.

The second condition is to eat the meat or consume the genetic essence extract of chaos monsters to fill up the evolution points shown in the status panel.

Not all genetic essence extract or meat is useful for this as each class technique requires a specified monster’s generic essence.

For example a mage has to get the genetic essence extract or meat from the mind or soul type chaos monsters.

Similarly a fighter needs to get the genetic essence extract or meat of strength and agility type chaos monsters.


After looking at all of these things Chandu next looked at the loot and resource description.

There are treasure chests in each tire that are ranged from wood, iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, mythril……… and crystal.

There are many to count and higher the level of the treasure chest, lesser it is to obtain them.

Treasure chests can either be obtained by discovering them or being dropped by the monsters after killing them.

The resources are also present on the islands or under the water or floating in the space.

There are herbs and other things are obtained by harvesting.

Herbs are harvested and ores are mined.

Like this everything should be done manually.

The chaos monsters are divided into 10 tiers from tier 1 in layer 1 to tier 10 in layer 10.

Each tier is divided into 10 levels.

Also based on potential the monsters are divided into bronze, silver and gold grades.

There is also a special grade called the legendary grade where the monsters are very powerful that is beyond their level or tier.

A tier 1 level 1 gold grade monster is stronger than a tier 1 level 1 silver grade monster and a tier 1 level 1 silver grade monster is stronger than a tier 1 level 1 bronze grade monster.

Legendary grade monsters are far above in power where there are no levels in legend grade monsters in any tier.

 Legend grade monster is stronger than any and all monsters in that same tier or layer.

Killing these chaos monsters will drop a loot box that is the treasure chest, but that is not all.

Its body is also very valuable.

The body of the monster is harvested into useful things like meat, blood, bones and spirit pearl and monster cores.

Meat and other eatables are used for obtaining evolution points.

Bones and tendons are used are raw materials for crafting weapons or other artifacts.

As for the spirit pearls they are very rare and out of many beasts there might be only one available.

There will be a spirit pearl in the body of the monsters that can give a spirit.

The spirit can be a weapon spirit, pet spirit, attachable spirits, transformation spirits………..

But the spirit that comes out of the spirit pearl is at random and the weapon spirits cannot be used directly as they needed to be integrated into a suitable weapon for usage.

There are a few spirits of any of these categories that has the chance to evolve.

Unlike those chaos monsters these spirits has thinking capabilities.

The higher the level of spirit the higher is the level of their intelligence.

But they will never rebel against their masters and are the most reliable.

It is said that the legendary level monsters are actually the spirits of real people or spirits created by the thoughts of the people.

This point was not understood by Chandu.

The knowledge is just superficial and shows the surface level information of this world.

Next is about the currency.

Currency is the same as that of the treasure boxes as it starts from the wooden coin being the lowest and it improves as it goes on.

Here the currency is obtained from treasure chests which cannot be duplicated.

Any coin that is made identical to that of a coin then the duplicate will turn into sand and dust.

Even if the coin it made out of gold then the gold will become normal mud which is the loss of material.


Like that there is plenty of information that appeared on the screen in simple words.

Chandu did not read as the words entered his mind directly like flowing water.

At last it is related to the special base or shelter that is given to all the players when they reach the age of 18 at the beginning test where Chandu is right now.

There is shining bracelet on his right hand that seems to be made of unknown material.

This can be used as storage and also be summoned as shelter by the players.

It is the only safe place for a player to hide or store his things.

He can summon this shelter outside through his thoughts and place it nearby.

Then he can rest inside the shelter.

But it is also possible to damage or destroy the shelter to get the person inside.

So upgrading the shelter as much as possible is a good thing.


There are ruins appearing on the islands that are formed by the shelters of the dead people on those islands.

One can get the some remnants of that shelter’s resources or other things…..


Chandu took around 10 minute of time to get all the information into his mind.

This time was still considered fast as the amount of information is vast……

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