The P Cursed System Chapter 18: travelling peddler

Chapter 18: travelling peddler

This was caused by his carelessness before when he was drooling looking at the cleavage of Lisa at the river bank and falling down from the horseback.

Both Lisa and John looked at this person vigilantly.

Lisa immediately understood that he is the guide that the system mentioned.

But then she thought of a problem that is about their identities.

Soon she found that her worries were unnecessary.

The handsome man on the horse spoke with a gentle and innocent smile.

“Hey there,

I am Markus, a travelling peddler.

Are you two adventurers?”

Both John and Lisa did not reply and looked a little suspicious.

So Markus seeing their suspicion spoke again with a gentle smile.

“While I am travelling near that hill I saw that this man is unconscious and this women bringing water so I came to help.

Also I have this licence from the merchant guild proving my identity as a peddler.

So don’t be suspicious of me…..”

Saying these words Markus took out a gilded card showing his small image and licence being a peddler from the merchant guild.

Like the identity card of the adventurers, merchant guild identity card cannot be forged fakes.

Seeing this identity card John dropped his vigilance and quickly spoke with his wits making a fake identity for him and Lisa.

“Hello mister Markus,

My name is John and she is Lisa.

We are adventurers that came here on a quest.

Sorry for the earlier unusual behaviour.

When we are doing our quest we were robbed by some robbers and lost all of our belongings.

Because of our good fortune we were able to escape and reach this place.

I have lost consciousness and Lisa here tried to sprinkle the river water on my face to wake me up.

That is the reason we are vigilant towards your sudden arrival.

Please don’t mind this misunderstanding…..”

John made up some story and created a background and identities for him and for Lisa.

He should be capable of this being a butler and a knight that has the sense of duty to protect his princess Lisa in this unexpected situation.

Well he got this talent as he and Lisa would sneak out of the queen’s mansion to explore the town in their childhood.

Lisa also directly got into act as she knows the thoughts of her little butler John.

But she was a little suspicious of this peddler Markus because his eyes are always looking at the big melon like chest of Lisa with l*st hungry eyes.

Naturally John is ignorant of this very thing.

It is not just ignorance but he is a complete dunce in all the matters related to l*st and love.

Lisa also found this because she has just received a notification saying that she received a horny point.


“+1 horny point”

This has further confirmed the intentions of the other party.

At this moment she has received another notification from the system.

“The feature has been triggered:

Player can receive an unexpected random gift when the horny points reach hundred similar to the fulfilment points.

But the condition is that the player has to fulfil the quest given by the system related to horny points in order to not to lose her mind and become a nymph that opens her legs for every man.

The quest will be issued when the horny points reach 100 and after the completing of the quest the horny points will reset back to 0, giving her a reward.

If she fails to complete the quest then she will become a nymph whose mind was filled with only l*st in her mind for a specific time period or specific conditions are met.

This time she will not get any reward and the horny points will be reset to 0 again”

All of this went into Lisa’s mind within a few moments which was not discovered by the two men present.

After the daze Lisa finally greeted the newcomer Markus.

“Nice to meet you mister Markus…. Ahaaa…”

She spoke taking a step forward but something unexpected happened at that moment.

Lisa stepped on a river cobble stone and slipped because of a little water present on the stone which was sprinkled by her before waking John accidentally.

John who noticed this was about to move forward but she fell in a different direction that is the direction towards Markus.

So the movements of Markus were faster and caught Lisa.

The visible hand of Markus was on Lisa’s shoulder that is scene by John.

But the other hand of Markus was placed on the boobs knockers of Lisa which was invisible to John because of the standing angle.

The eyes of Lisa widened at that moment.

She moaned a little but it was covered because of her moans of pain caused by her sprained ankle.

Markus immediately adjusted his hand swiftly, while slowly placing Lisa on the ground.


“+5 horny points”

Because of this small incident and the spike in the l*st of Markus and Lisa caused the sudden raise of 5 horny points.

Lisa’s face immediately turned a little red which was noticed by Markus as he smiled inside.

“I think, I got a good rabbit.

I have to slowly hunt it and get a good taste….”

Naturally John did not notice this.

Instead he thought that her face turned red because of the sprained ankle.

John wanted to take a look at the ankle of Lisa to see if it is just a sprain or something more problematic like a small fracture.

But at that moment Markus spoke.

“Mister John let me take a look.

As I am a travelling peddler, I have little knowledge over first aids and little medicinal tricks for emergencies during the travels.”

Even though John was a butler he did not have much of medicinal knowledge.

This is because he was not trained in the field of butler much.

At the same time he was trained as a knight but not to the extent of being a real knight………

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