The P Cultivation System Chapter 62

Chapter 62: girls love bang with Rose

So as she started to adapt to being banged, she started to enjoy getting banged.

It was 2 AM in the dead of the night. Mohini was resting on Ravi’s body with Ravi’s meat rod still in Mohini’s slit.

At the same time raju, Ravi and cal are also resting after the exhaustion caused due to banging Mohini.

Sometime later Mohini stood up and gave another set of yang energy recovery pills to all three of them.

So that she can use them to complete the new quest that is worth 30,000 quest points.

As soon as they are done banging Mohini, she cast the controller skill on all three of them putting them in her control.

After that she pulled out Ravi’s meat rod from her slit with a “plup” sound that is extremely l*wd causing Mohini to blush a little.

Mohini know that it will take another 3 hours for them to completely recover their yang spirit energy.

Even she requires over 2 hours for her yin spirit energy to recover and her slit recovers hymen.

She slowly made her way to a small puddle of water that was extremely cold.

Even the surrounding temperature is cold this made Mohini shiver.

She immediately ran back to Ravi hugging him tightly and then called over cal and raju to core her back with their bodies so that she would not feel cold.

In the mean time Mohini wanted to check about Zen’s condition.

 Zen has already reached level 7 and was in the process of breaking through to level 8.

Then Mohini decided to check her skill levels.

But she was disappointed that her skill levels are gaining experience very slowly.

This is because she is not using the skills continuously and the persons that she is using the skill on are of low level.

The more time the skill is used and the level of the person or object the skill is used decides the amount of experience that the skill receives for the usage.

There are other factors like situation, place and effects that change the amount of experience points Mohini earn for the usage of the skill.

She wanted to check her stats page after she reaches level 30 so that she don’t want to bother with slight increase in the level.

As this is going on Rose spoke

“Mohini come inside so that we can talk let your body rest.”

Mohini’s body was currently sandwiched between Ravi, cal and raju. Rose called Mohini into the game system resting room that she previously went with her soul.

Since she has already crossed level 25 she can directly go into the game system resting room with her soul.

The surroundings are devoid of people that can harm her.

So she is safe there in the cave, so she left in to the game system resting room.

She immediately became her beautiful self as soon as she entered the game system resting room.

Rose was sitting on the bed. She was wearing her usual clothes.

As soon as Mohini arrived Rose made a hand gesture to come and sit beside her.

After Mohini sat beside her Rose spoke

“Your main cultivation technique has many mysteries.

The body cultivation technique called the l*wd god body was derived from that main cultivation technique.

Similarly I think there are soul and mind cultivation techniques in the main cultivation technique.

They will be unlocked once you reached a specific level.

I think after you reach level 30 you can unlock some of the other techniques.

The reason I called you here is so that we can use our souls to cultivate your cultivation technique to increase the strength of your soul before unlocking the soul cultivation Technique.

Unfortunately with my soul I can’t turn into a man so that I can bang your beautiful body and similarly you can’t turn into a man with your current soul so that you can bang me.

Since both sides are impossible let us bang as girl hehe.

Even though we are insignificant souls we can clearly materialize in this game system resting room.”

“Did you ever bang or got banged by a girl in the past?”

Rose asked as she placed her hands on Mohini’s boobs.

Mohini’s face has a slight blush on her face. Rose pulled Mohini into her embrace Mohini also hugged Rose as they kissed passionately for some time.

Mohini’s and roses tongues inter twined with each other.

After sometime Rose removed all her clothes with the help of Mohini, while Mohini was already completely naked.

Rose started to suck on one of Mohini’s cherries while pinching the other one.



Mohini let out a loud moan, just the touches from Rose caused Mohini to almost cum.

As she and rose were only a smoke like figures so either of them can c*m but both of them can become very excited.

This excitement releases some strange energy that can strengthen their souls.

At the same time this energy also stabilizes their souls and increases their compatibility of being a single entity more.

Rose slowly got down reaching Mohini’s slit, after she pushed Mohini on to the bed. She started to lick Mohini’s slit.

Mohini slowly pulled Rose up on to the bed and started to lick Rose’s slit while Rose is licking Mohini’s slit.

Mohini suddenly caught on to Rose’s tails which is one of the sensitive parts of Rose when she was excited and was in the l*st intercourse.

Mohini’s touch itself made Rose let out a loud hotty moan that excited Mohini very much.


After some time of licking, pinching and kissing each other, they intertwined their legs so that their pussies come into contact.

Then they started moving their hips so that their slit and secret cherry rub against each other.

This excited both of them while they are engaging in this pleasure activity a strange magenta colored energy…………

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