The P Cursed System Chapter 17: new skills

Chapter 17: new skills

This caused her to blush again and she chose that card as if it is some sort of sign because of the fuzzy mind.

As soon as she touched the card all the surrounding cards disappeared, leaving only one card in her hand.

The card suddenly turned into some sort of golden light and hit Lisa’s forehead at the centre of her eyebrows.


“Player has obtained the new skill Innocence

The details of the skill will be given in the skills pace for player’s reference”

After that there are no more notifications.

So Lisa straight away opened the skills page to look at the two new skills that she just obtained.

Skill: banging steal

Level: 1

Type: passive stealing


Every time a person bangs the player then a part of the skills or stats or lifespan or some other thing can be stolen for that person.

Player can choose not to steal when the prompt is given to the player.

With the skill at level 1 player can only obtain minute benefits from stealing that is only a percentage of the amount that the target has.



Player has to be banged by a person when the skill is activated.

Player has to choose to steal from that person by initiating the skill.


Then the second skill that she obtained from the draw just now is innocence.

Skill: innocence

Level: 1

Type: passive mind directing


Every time the player was seduced or trying to seduce a target all of player’s feelings become that of the real innocent lady.

Player will feel that every time she was banged becomes the same as her first time experience for the player.

More the level of the skill increases more the surrounding people thinks that the player is innocent woman.

They will think that the player can easily be deceived into their bang toy



If a person bangs the player for a period of time this skill loses its effect on them.

They might not think that the player is innocent at the same time player will also lose this innocent effect on herself in front of that person.

This skill becomes useless on people that know the player very well.


Lisa found the details of the skill.

She felt that the first skill banging steal is good and is very useful.

As for the second skill Lisa was unable to understand the skill.

She thought that she will be able to understand over time.

Then she thought to the instructions to reach the nearest human settlement.

These instructions also have details on when John will wake up from his unconscious state.

The details are simple instructions.

Lisa has to take go to the nearby river take off her dress and wash off all the c*m and filth on her body.

After she dressed up and sprinkle some of the river water, butler John will wake up from his unconscious state.

She has already tried it previously but it did not work.

So she can only believe in the instructions of the Per***ted cursed system.

She followed the instructions and went near the river.

She checked around to see if there are any ferocious beasts but found none and let out a sigh of relief.

After that she removed her dress and moved to the shallow parts of the river to wash off the c*m and filth on her body.

Then she got out of the river and dried off her body a little at the river bank.

Then she checked her dress for any stains but fortunately this dress has automatic cleaning magic inscribed on it.

This made the dress good as new.

The only problem is that this dress was too tight for her and she did not have any underwear to wear inside.

This made her face blushed red till her neck.

When she put on the dress all of her curves, hills and valleys are clearly outlined on it.

She bent down to collect some water in her hand revealing her deep cleavage.

At that very moment a person was passing by on the opposite bank on his horse happened to look at Lisa’s deep cleavage.

He was hit by a branch and fell off the horse.

It happened a little far away so Lisa did not notice this.

She quickly went to wake up her butler John from his deep slumber.

She sprinkled the water on John’s face.

With the water on face John finally woke up and immediately looked around vigilantly.

He was ready to fight some black dressed soldiers as soon as woke up.

But he found that he was not in that gloomy hall, but in a forest area near the river.

He saw Princess Lisa safe and sound.

He immediately stood up and looked around Princess Lisa to see if she was harmed in any way and said.

“Princess are you all right?

Why are we here?

What is this place?

What happened to those blacked dressed bastards?


Because of his curious nature he started to shot out a large number of questions towards Princess Lisa.

The sad thing is that he is curious about everything but blind against the cheating of his own girl.

Lisa did not speak to answer the questions of John and waited for him to calm down from his anxious state.

Lisa is not only waiting for John to cool down but there is also another thing related to the system instructions.

It is said in the instructions that after John wakes up, a guide will appear to guide them to the nearest human settlement.

By the time John calmed down, both Lisa and John heard the sound of a horse galloping towards them.

After a few moments they saw a handsome man with a head bump on his fore head raiding a horse through the forest near the river.

This was caused by his carelessness before when he was drooling looking at the cleavage of Lisa at the river bank and falling down from the horseback………..

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