The P Cultivation System Chapter 61

Chapter 61: the goddess of harlot and nymphs part 2

“I am the goddess of harlot and nymphs

I was pulled over by the vigor of your meat rods and I came here to give you a chance to bang me.

If you were able to satisfy me to the fullest, I will give you a gift that you did not expect.

You can bang me in any way you want but for the matter of banging me, I am the one that will decide who to give which hole.”

 All three of them nodded their heads because they get to bang such a beautiful goddess and they might even get gifts if they could satisfy her.

The matter of gifts from the goddess for banging her has piqued their interest.

Mohini spoke again

“All three of you stand in line, so that I can choose which meat rod is placed in which hole.”

Immediately Ravi, cal and raju stood in order.

Ravi’s meat rod is 8 inches which was thicker and longer than the other two curvy meat rods.

The second longest is cal’s meat rod which is curved and 6 inches long and finally the shortest and weakest of the three is raju’s meat rod which is only 4 inches long.

Mohini looked at the twitching meat rods of the three people.

She pointed at Ravi’s meat rod and said

“I want this thick long meat rod in my slit.”

Mohini pointed at cal’s meat rod and said

“Such a long curvy meat rod, I want this meat rod in my glory back hole.”

Then she pointed at raju’s meat rod and said

“It is small and curvy; well you can just bang my mouth.”

Mohini spoke

“Lick your respective hole and make them wet. After you make me wet you can bang me”

All three Ravi raju and cal had a l*stful look on their face they were very happy of what Mohini said.

Raju and cal stood on their knees in front and in back of Mohini respectively then they started licking Mohini’s slit and glory back hole.

In the mean time raju came to Mohini’s face and wanted to kiss her but was stopped by Mohini.

“Don’t kiss on my lips just suck on my cherry… ahaa”

Mohini said.

When she was just about to finish speaking to raju, both cal and Ravi started to lick Mohini’s slit and glory back hole fiercely.

This caused Mohini’s voice to become very low pitched and let out a moan.

At the same time raju started to pinch one of Mohini’s cherries and suck on the other cherry.

This increased Mohini’s pleasures further making her moan continuously.

After few minutes Mohini c*mmed making her slit wet.

As soon as Mohini c*mmed making her slit wet all three of them stopped licking her at the same time.

Since she became wet and did not specify that all holes should be wet they decided to bang her as her slit became wet.

Ravi lied flat on the ground making his meat rod stand up like a tower.

Both raju and cal gently lifted Mohini and aligned her slit to Ravi’s tower like meat rod.

Then they slowly placed her down inserting Ravi’s meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

It went into her wet slit smoothly all the way touching her womb. Mohini let out a loud moan.


At the same time cal pushed Mohini forward a little onto Ravi.

This showed her ass.

Cal placed his hands on her glory back then slowly split them open and inserted his long thick curved meat rod in her glory back hole with a sudden push.

This made Mohini let out moan again as both her slit and glory back hole are completely filled.

At the same time raju stepped in front of Mohini plunging his curvy meat rod into Mohini’s mouth without letting her moaning sounds come out of her mouth.

As soon as all three of them filled Mohini’s three holes they started to move like pistons in a motor.

They are like wild beasts in heat banging Mohini’s all three holes ferociously.

They are not in any one’s control especially not Mohini’s control they are banging Mohini on their own instinctively.

Mohini was enjoying this and even Rose was enjoying this gangbang.

Mohini has already activated her main cultivation technique and the body cultivation technique too.

Both Rose and Mohini are completely connected so they can cultivate at the same time doubling their speed of cultivation with half of the effort.

In the process they both enjoy getting banged.

Even though it is Mohini’s body that is being banged as both Mohini and Rose are merged together both of them feel the pleasure.

The first one that came was raju as he is the weakest in both l*st strength and yang spirit energy.

After he lost his purpose Mohini ordered him to go to the side and rest.

This has happened after 3 hours after they started.

After another cal was also exhausted his l*st strength and yang spirit energy.

Ravi continued to bang Mohini for the time of entire 5 hours only then did his energy was completely spent.

Mohini has enjoyed every single moment of these 5 hours as her cultivation broke through to level 26 and her body cultivation that is the l*wd god body has also made some progress

But the progress is far less when compared to the previous time.

As Mohini’s body and cultivation are growing stronger the amount of experience points that she obtained from being banged by these three people continued to decrease.

Mohini was not as shy and new to being banged.

So as she started to adapt to being banged, she started to enjoy getting banged………..

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