The P Cursed System Chapter 16

Chapter 16: pleasurable chimp part 2

Every time the chimpanzee moved Lisa let out loud moans and she felt like some electric currents are passing through her entire body.

Her face showed an expression that she as an innocent princess would never showed.

There is l*st written all over her face with a reddish pink blush on her skin and a l*wd expression on her face.

The cursed necklace like image appeared around her neck in deep purple colour and her pupils showed a love symbol that is pinkish purple in colour.

Well it is not visible to everyone except for Lisa and she did not see her own body right now.

Her slit started to tighten more and more squeezing the meat rod of the chimpanzee more and more.

It was like a mouth sucking the c*m out of the meat rod like a straw.

“Ah… phu…uhu….aha”

 The chimpanzee made some weird sounds and finally c*mmed inside Lisa’s pink tight slit.

This made Lisa let out another loud moan which was filled with satisfaction.

At the same time she also had an orgasm.

But the mixed liquid did not have time to gush out of her slit as the plugged meat rod of the chimpanzee is still blocking the path.

The meat rod of the chimpanzee is still hard as rock and it did not stop moving even after cumming inside Lisa.

“Ahaaa…. wait a minute…… ahaaa”

“I am still sensitive down there….ahaaa…. move a little slow….. Hummmm”

But the chimpanzee did not care about the pleading of Lisa as it continued to move inside Lisa’s slit even more roughly with a great gusto.

The Per***ted cursed system became even more active making the pleasurable electric current run through the body of Lisa with even movement of the chimpanzee.

Even though the entire thing is embarrassing for Lisa she could not help but think that she was born for this very thing.

At the same time she was angry because all those adults did not tell her that there is such a pleasurable thing in the world.

She is also blaming her father for not banging her early.

She even thought of her half brother that wanted to bang her many times.

There are also many servants that looked at her hot curvy body with l*st filled to the brim in their eyes and boners in their pants.

“If I had known that banging is so pleasurable then I would have let him and those servants bang me as much as they want.”

Well right know her mind is filled with l*st so her thinking is not right at all.

There is only one thing in her mind that is getting banged.

This may be her desire or the desire caused by the Per***ted cursed system’s l*st curse on her.

Whatever it may be it is acting strongly giving her happiness and pleasure.

It went on for more than 50 minutes when the big white chimpanzee finally lost all of its love juice in his balls.

Lisa has literally sucked its balls dry.

When the chimpanzee finally pulled out its meat rod that is shrinking released a dam full of c*m mixture of Lisa and the chimpanzee.

There is even a tint of blood as Lisa became chastity for the chimpanzee.

It dripped down slowly along her soft white slit lips, finally staining the soil under her slit.

Lisa had a satisfied expression on its face that showed that she was pleasure enough to make such a deep l*wd expression on her cute innocent face.

The chimpanzee stayed limp beside Lisa for some time and Lisa was also like that with her legs twitching a little every second.

There are a few notifications that Lisa received after the completion of the quest.

After 10 minutes the white chimpanzee slowly stood up and gone deep into woods for some reason.

It did not even looked back at Lisa as its figure slowly vanished into the shadows of the thick trees in the surrounding forest.

It took Lisa over half an hour to finally get her body straight and stood up limply.

Butler John was still in unconscious state and this puzzled her to think that there is something wrong.

Then she looked at the notifications that she got after completing the quest.

The first notification is about the successful completion of the quest.


“Condition 1 is completed perfectly;

Player will be rewarded with the information to the nearest human settlement.”

Immediately Lisa got some instructions in her mind that is like they were imprinted into her mind.

She stopped thinking about these instructions as she understood them.

Then the second notification


“Condition 2 is completed perfectly.

Player will be rewarded with skill called banging steal.

The details of the skill are available in the skills page for player’s reference”

Lisa did not open the skills page for the time being as she saw that there are more notifications.


“Player has completed the quest wild mate perfectly.

Player received the following rewards.

Player received 50 fulfilment points.

Player received 5 skill points

Player received one chance to draw a skill.”


“Does the player want to draw a skill right now?”

Now Lisa got to answer for this question.

She choose to draw now as she nodded her head and said


Immediately she was surrounded by hundreds of cards that looked like they are made out of crystal.

“Please choose a card;

Every card here has a skill which can be useful or useless for the player.

Try your luck….”

The floating crystal cards around Lisa were very dazzling around Lisa like a crystal wall.

Lisa’s eyes are already blurry from the previous excitement and she looked around slowly.

Soon she found a card that attracted her attention.

This card was straight in front of her slit and a little c*m flushed out of her slit and spilled on the card in front of her slit.

This caused her to blush again and she chose that card as if it is some sort of sign because of the fuzzy mind………

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