The P Cultivation System Chapter 60

Chapter 60: the goddess of harlot and nymphs part 1

This was all seen through the map that even showed the 3 dimensional holographic images of all things under her detection skill.

Under the bigger puddle of water there is a passage way that is connected to the ocean beside the cave.

In the passage way there is another small cave that submerged under water but has air there, because it was in upwards direction with a bent entrance that kept water out.

Mohini don’t know how to swim and it is already night so the visibility of the passage way was very poor.

Mohini decided to look for it in the morning after the sun rise. This way there will be light in the passage way that came from the side of the ocean.

Mohini also found that Ravi was good at swimming too while raju and cal are average.

Mohini don’t know what to do all night long.

But when she is thinking of some things Mohini found that Ravi, cal and raju all three has recovered their yang spirit energy completely.

This information lit up Mohini’s face.

She looked at herself and found that she has recovered her yin spirit energy as well.

But she was pondering how to use her one slit of Virgo yin spirit energy for 3 meat rods of yang spirit energy.

While she was thinking Rose spoke

“Mohini you don’t have to think so much it is easy let me tell you the way.

First the person with highest strength and has most yang energy among the three is Ravi, so he will be the one to bang your slit.

The second one with the largest amount of yang energy is cal so he will bang your glory back hole.

Finally raju with the lowest amount of strength and yang energy will bang your mouth.

Make all three of them bang simultaneously and the benefits you receive will be very large.

Your yin spirit energy may be small but it is much purer than that of the yang spirit energy of those three people combined.

So it will balance with each other.”

Mohini interrupted Rose and asked


Why dose old man like cal has more yang spirit energy than that of raju that was younger?”

Rose laughed and said

“Mohini the origin structure of the people on this planet is declining for some reason.

So the older generation is much fertile than that of the younger generation. So cal has more yang spirit energy than that of raju.”

Mohini understood and nodded her head. Rose continued speaking

“Give an allure pill to all three of them, after that implant an idea in them that this is all a dream.

Then remove the controller skill on them so that they can get back to their senses and bang you on their own accord.

This way you might get more quest points or trigger some quest.

From your memories I can see that there should be quests to have outdoor l*st or gangbang right.”

Immediately a quest popped out saying

“Get gangbanged by the Ravi, raju and cal in the cave for at least 1 hour to receive 300 quest points.

If the quest is done without using any seduction pill or any other skill that creates illusion or control on them while banging will give 3000 quest points for the player.

If this is done in the day light and at the tourist spot above the cave and in the cave player will receive 30,000 quest points.

There is a hidden task in the quest for the player. Finding the task and completing it will give more rewards.”

Mohini nodded her head with a flirty face. She lost her usual shyness and became rather flirty over the continuous banging from the past two days.

She gave raju, Ravi and cal each an allure pill then ordered them to swallow the pill.

After few moments the effects of the allure pill kicked in make all three of them in a dream state of mind.

Mohini also use the after effects of the controller skill to make three of them believe that they are in a dream.

Mohini ordered raju and cal to remove their clothes and she placed them in her inventory. Then she removed the controller skill on three of them. 

All three of them are drowsy as if they took some sedatives or something when they came back to their senses.

Before releasing them Mohini erased the memories of her and the details of the other two in their minds from all three of them temporarily.

There is only one thing in their mind that is the wild instinct of l*st and greed in them.

Since she removed the controller skill on them it is not considered that they are under Mohini’s control.

The pills she used are the allure pill and yang spirit energy recovery pill so it does not violate the rules of the quest.

They saw that they are in a dark cave and a beautiful naked lady stood in front of them.

She is like a fairy under the moon light in the eyes of all the three men this is the effect of the allure pill.

As the yang spirit energy is at its peak all three of them looked at Mohini’s naked body as they were beasts in heat.

All three of them pounced at Mohini but as soon as they moved forward they each realized that there are 2 more people beside them.

They seem to be unable to recognize each other at all.

They immediately started fighting among themselves on the topic that who will bang Mohini. This was stopped by Mohini as she spoke

“Don’t fight like that, I will serve all three of you at the same time I have 3 holes right you can each bang one hole and take turns banging the other holes.

I am the goddess of harlot and nymphs…….”

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