The P Cursed System Chapter 15: pleasurable chimp part 1

Chapter 15: pleasurable chimp part 1

She slowly lifted her head up to look at the direction of the sound to find a white chimpanzee was on the top of the tree looking down at her and the unconscious John with its pitch black eyes.

It did not look like a normal chimpanzee.

It should be a rare breed.

Her eyes looked lifeless as she lost all of her colour.

Previously when her father banged her it was forced and she did not have any control over her body.

When her brother banged her, she was unconscious and don’t even know he banged her till she saw that in the notifications.

But if she has to actively seduce a chimpanzee into banging her is something out of her mind.

Originally she was an innocent woman that doesn’t know how hot her body is.

She has even though that she was fat and did some dieting.

She has never thought of a situation where having l*st with another person that is other than her husband in the future.

But everything she knows has turned upside down where she doesn’t know what to do at a situation like this.

Still there are hints from the memories of treasure hunter Jackson where he has preferences of women that wanted to seduce him previously.

“I have to do this in order to save my butler John, to save my father and country and to get my revenge…..”

She started to find some reasons to do what she was about to do.

Like every person doing something against their consciousness, will always tries to find some reasons to comfort their sense of right and wrong.

For Lisa who had a traumatising experience of being ravaged by her own father and now she has to seduce and let her ravaged by a chimpanzee.

So she is trying her best to make some reasons for doing something like that.

She once again looked towards John that was lying unconscious with a tender and gentle smile.

After that she slowly stood up and pulled down her top revealing her big boobs to the nature and chimpanzee to get a full view.


As soon as she pulled down the dress top that is barely stopping her boobs to burst out caused a scene that can make any man’s meat rod to stand up in attention position.

There was even a strange sound created by the air resistance to the sudden movements of her boobs.

Her boobs are like big sized melons that are unnaturally big for her age.

There are two brown spots at the perfect spot of her boobs with a long plump cherry on each of her boobs that are her cherries.

They are pink and very tender to look at.

She started to shake her boobs and squeeze them to show them off to seduce the chimpanzee.

While she is doing that she observed that there is a pink stick that is growing out from between the legs of the chimpanzee.

There are also two big reddish pink balls below the stick that are the size of golf balls.

It was actually the meat rod and balls of the chimpanzee.

Its meat rod is quite big and looked like a meat stick that is very hard.

Then Lisa lied flat on the ground and pulled up her skirt revealing her slit that did not have a single strand of hair.

It was pink, soft, bright and tender.


The chimpanzee seems to be excited so it made some strange sounds on the top of the tree.

After a few moments it jumped down the tree and came to Princess Lisa that was showing off her slit to the chimpanzee.

At this moment Lisa heard a notification.


“Player has successfully seduced the chimpanzee completing the first condition.

Rewards will be given after completing the quest.”

There is l*st in the eyes of chimpanzee as if it is seeing its mate.

It came to Lisa and started to lick her boobs and suck on her cherries.

Lisa thought that she would spoil her only dress right now so she slid it down completely removing it from her body.

She was very embarrassed as it was the first time she was standing naked in the wilderness.

She is a princess of a tier 10 country and there is no thought of her being naked and standing like this in front of a chimpanzee like this.

On the other hand the chimpanzee is licking every part of Lisa’s body and that include herglory hole and her slit.

The sensation that she got from just licking is so great that she has never felt something so good.

Her entire body shivered with every lick and the fingers of the chimpanzee slid through herglory hole stirring it up.

Lisa subconsciously started to moan as she felt so good from the pleasure.

Her eyes showed her l*st and her face changed to that of a l*wd person.

At the same time the chimpanzee moved to the bottom passing by her naval and started to lick her slit by inserting its long tongue into her slit.




Lisa’s moans were also intensified, but she is consciously toned them down as she was vigilant towards her butler John beside him.

But at that time she did not notice that the chimpanzee stopped licking her slit and pointed its meat rod right next to her slit.

It did not give Lisa any time to react as it directly plugged her slit with its reddish pink meat rod.


Lisa forgot about her appearance and controlling her moans and let out a loud moan as soon as her slit was plugged by the meat rod of the chimpanzee.

Her mind became blank and there is only one thing in her mind that is pleasure.

Every time the chimpanzee moved Lisa let out loud moans and she felt like some electric currents are passing through her entire body.

Her face showed an expression that…………….

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