The P Cultivation System Chapter 59: mystery of the cave part 2

Chapter 59: mystery of the cave part 2

Because of the loss of most of his stat points raju was driving the car slowly.

At the same time he was driving the car on a very bumpy road chosen by Mohini.

It will take them around 1 hour by car to reach the area near the cave in raju’s driving.

But Mohini stopped what she is doing because of the remainder from Rose.

That is Ravi has not fully recovered the yang spirit energy.

At the same time raju and cal are still recovering too.

So she can’t do anything right now but to wait for them to recover.

Also she hasn’t recovered her yin spirit energy too.

Rose suddenly asked “Mohini why you are agitated like this. Is there something wrong?”


“No it is just that I am excited a little and want to take revenge on the people that killed my mother.”

“Don’t be like that being agitated will not increase your strength, take things one step at a time then you will become strong enough to take revenge for your mother.”

Rose said.

The car has a wide back so the back seat is very spacious.

Mohini was a little bored so she ordered cal to come to the back seat.

She ordered him to lick her slit and ordered Ravi to massage her boobs.

In the mean time Mohini decided to look at some things that she obtained during the day.

The first thing that caught Mohini’s attention is the shape shifter skill that is obtained from the succubus blood in her veins.

She wanted to upgrade the skill to level 10, so that she can use some other benefits of the skill.

Since she used the skill once she did not obtain much experience points so she asked Rose to upgrade the skill using the 540 quest points.

She has already reached level 1 after using the skill 2 times.

As soon as the skill reached level 10 a notification popped out saying

“The skill reached the primary threshold so giving players extra benefits.

The player can transform or change any part of their body.

But because of the curse player cannot make their body beautiful and cannot change some of their bodily features.

No one under the foundation stage will be able to identify the player if they have disguised using this technique.

If an expert in the foundation stage or above tried to identify the player they can succeed by the amount of luck they have in comparison to player and the difference in the level of the player and the observer.

The higher the level of the observer, the higher the chance of discovering players disguise will be.”

Mohini was happy with the abilities of the skill.

 Then she opened the inventory page to look at the things that she obtained.

Just the shear amount of the liquid cash is over 20 million dollars.

Other than that there is gold and many precious stones.

She even has two latest gear laptops and high grade computers of this era.

Along with that Mohini also obtained great benefits getting banged by raju, cal and Hari.

Also she found information of some other people that are wolfs under the sheep’s clothing.

This information was enough for Mohini to get many experience points, stat points and many other things.

In the car only raju and cal are wearing clothes while Mohini and Ravi was naked.

Soon an hour passed by quickly, they have reached the road connecting point of the small passage way that leads to the cave at the sea shore.

In the middle of the small passageway there is a split in the path way into two ways.

One leads to the cave while the other reached to the top of the mountain that the cave is present.

The top of the mountain is a view point that was very rarely used for the photo shoot.

All 4 of them got off the car.

For safety sake Mohini just stored the car inside her inventory with a single touch of her hand.

 This is so that no one could steal the car when they are not around.

Mohini ordered Ravi to carry her.

Ravi may be old but he is quite strong that is stronger than both raju and cal.

Mohini hugged him on his front then winded her legs on his waist. Ravi placed his hands on her glory back holding her there so that she would stick to him without falling.

Ravi’s meat rod stood like a rod and Mohini was sitting right on it but they are only rubbing each other.

Ravi’s meat rod was like a tree branch while Mohini was like a monkey that is hugging the tree with her butt and slit placed on the branch.

Ravi started to move under Mohini’s command.

With every step Ravi took his meat rod rubbed against Mohini’s slit lips.

 This caused intense pleasure to Mohini making her almost have an orgasm.

 Raju and cal followed along behind Ravi.

After an hour of walking, Mohini and the three men reached the cave.

The cave looked very ordinary. There is nothing in the cave except for some rocks and small puddles of water.

There is one slightly large puddle of water that seemed to be formed because of the high tide of the ocean water.

Mohini observed the cave with her eyes but did not find anything.

It is full moon that day and the cave is facing the moon so the visibility is quite good.

Mohini decided to use her new skill called detection that was the combination of keen sense, appraisal and map to find the secret of the cave.

When Mohini used the detection skill she was shocked to find that there is a passage way under the big puddle of water.

This was all seen through the map that even showed the 3 dimensional holographic images of all things under her detection skill………..

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