The P Cursed System Chapter 14: First quest

Chapter 14: First quest

The Per***ted cursed system has showed a little dissatisfaction towards Princess Lisa for the thoughts she has towards the system.

Princess Lisa was a little shocked and a thought came into her mind.

“Is this Per***ted cursed system sentient?”

But she has no way to know the answer for this question.

But based on the message Lisa came to a conclusion that this system is sentient and it can have feelings and even read her mind.

This thought shocked her very much but the next thought scared her.

That is if this system was dissatisfied with her and wanted to take revenge by giving some really horrible quests…….

She was scared by this thought but there is no reply from the system for her thoughts.

Soon after she thought of the message from the system and opened the notifications page.

There she found why she got these skills.

But when she read through the notification where she found the reason that she got the skills has shocked her very much.

She became angry and helpless as she found the reason she got these skills.

The reason for which she got the first skill a chastity for ever man is because she was banged by her father doing a great taboo by moral ethics.

Then the reason she got the skill called impregnable is because she was banged by her step brother committing another taboo by the moral ethics.

Naturally moral ethics is just a word but when the thoughts of millions of people believing and supporting these thoughts can actually give power to these thoughts.

Like the saying

“God and devil exists because you believe them to exists”

As she violated these things she has received the skills from the Per***ted cursed system.

You can think that how can a person receive skills after they violate something good.

But the things that Lisa received are not blessings but are curses instead.

They are the cursed skills she received from the Per***ted cursed system.

Lisa began to think about the Per***ted cursed system and its functions

But the more it thought the more embarrassed and scared that she became.

Even though she was embarrassed and scared, she has a though that is to get her revenge on her step mother.

Before she lost consciousness she was able to hear her father’s rambling about her mother Maria.

She was sure that it has something to do with her step mother Carla.

But she has no way to find out now.

So for the time being she has decided to rely on this Per***ted cursed system to become stronger.

That is until she finds what this Per***ted cursed system is and how to remove this cursed system from her.

Then she finally remembered that she received a quest previously.

She doesn’t know if there is a time limit to the quest and if there is it would be very dangerous to her.

If she spends too much time and was unable to complete the quest in time then the consequences could be very Per***ted.

When she opened the quests page she saw that there is only one quest.

On the quest there is a heading indicating the quest type called the situational quests.

This means the quest is given to her based on situation she was in, are given to her under the heading of situational quests.

At the same time she was sure that there are many other quests.

Then she looked at the title of the quest.

“Wild mate”

As soon as she read the name of the time she slightly looked at John that is still unconscious beside her.

She thought that someone is going to bang her in this wild.

That should be the meaning of the title.

But she was relieved to see that John was still unconscious.

She doesn’t know who is going to bang her here.

She decided to read the description of the quest and immediately the quest block expanded giving out the description.

(The Per***ted cursed system refers Lisa as player)

Title: a wild mate

Type: situational quest

Description: there is a rare white chimpanzee near the player that was in heat.

 Condition 1: seduce it and let it bang you till it was pleased within the next hour

Condition 2: do whatever it takes to make it c*m inside you till its balls are empty within the next hour.


On completing condition 1, player will receive directions towards the nearest human settlement.

On completing the condition 2, player will receive a skill called banging steal.

On completing all the conditions within the time limit, then player will be given a new point called the skill point that can be used to improve the skills of the player without practicing them.

Other than skill point player will be given some passive skills as a bonus by lottery.


If player was unable to complete the quest within the next hour then the player will be cursed

Option 1: rate of increase of the horny points in the horny meter will be doubled for a week.

Option 2: Even after getting banged by someone when the horny meter is full will not reset to zero for a week.

Option 3: Player will start attracting various beasts within the 10 kilometre radius around her to bang her for a week.

Option 4: The player’s companion will be in unconscious state for the next week, it might even cause his death without the protection of the player.

Option 5: the beasts that came to bang the player might be aggrieved and kill her companion by bestial instinct.

One or more options of this punishment will be carried out on the player based on her luck stat points.

Upon reading the quest description princess Lisa was shocked.

There is horror written all over her face as cold sweat beads formed on her forehead.



She slowly lifted her head up to look at the direction of the sound to find a white chimpanzee……..

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