The P Cultivation System Chapter 58: mystery of the cave part 1

Chapter 58: mystery of the cave part 1

“Also for every person that bangs you once will get us 10 quest points right so there won’t be any loss at all.”

Mohini did not think much and gave Ravi and raju a yang spirit energy recovery pill each and ordered them to eat the pill.

After half an hour Mohini’s group of three reached the market area of apparel stores.

The entire street was crowded with people as if there is a festival going on.

Raju and cal parked the car in a parking lot. Mohini ordered raju and cal to stay there in the car.

She went to the mall in the top floor where there are many dresses arranged in an orderly fashion.

Rose suddenly made a suggestion


Why don’t you try using the steal skill?

Hehe just buy some and steal the rest.”

For physical objects Mohini doesn’t need to be in contact with them instead she just needed to be within a meter distance from the object.

Mohini went to an apparel store. She first went to buy some bra and underwear.

Then she went to but some beach wear of various sizes.

As she was checking the things some of them vanished from their places under the watchful eyes of the sales person.

They were stored in Mohini’s inventory.

No one noticed that some of the clothes are gone.

Mohini just bought some cheap clothes worth 100 dollars, while she has stolen over 10,000 dollars worth costly clothes from the store.

After leaving that store, Mohini went to other stores to get all the clothes that she liked.

Most of the costly clothes are stolen.

As she bought some cheap clothes, most of the space in her inventory was filled with clothes.

The cost of the clothes that she has stolen itself is over hundred thousand dollars.

The cost of the clothes that she bought is less than ten thousand dollars.

After that she went to one of the stores to buy some portable wardrobes. She cannot steal them because there are in pieces.

She just waited for the shop keeper to arrange the things for her then she controlled a transporter with a vehicle.

Then she controlled the people in the store to create some false memories of her taking the portable wardrobe using some transporters.

In reality she made the people in the shop to put all the pieces of the portable wardrobe together.

Mohini took out the clothes and made the people arrange them in the wardrobe.

It took her an entire hour for all this then she paid the amount of 10,000 dollars to the shop owner for the portable wardrobe.

She has already stored these portable wardrobes that are completely arranged with clothes in the inventory.

Then she left the store removing the controller skill on the people in the store.

All the clothes in the inventory of the store are rearranged into 10 wardrobes that are covering only 10 spaces of the inventory.

All the money Mohini spent was the black money that she took from raju and warden Hari previously.

She went back to the car where raju and cal are then ordered them to drive back to their home.

After reaching home Mohini called Ravi who was resting.

She ordered him to tell all the details regarding the money and valuables that he has.

After getting the details Mohini found that there is over 10 million dollars stored in the house in secret that is black money.

Under Ravi’s lead she went and found the boxes containing the money, gold and some other valuables.

Mohini stored them in the inventory then went to Ravi’s room and raju’s room.

There she took their laptops and stored them in the inventory along with the hard disks.

After that Mohini ordered raju to switch on the computer then ordered Ravi to open his online bank account.

Then Mohini used her skills as the hacker to transfer all the money to her account through many transactions.

After that she disassembled the computer and stored it in her inventory.

After that Mohini wanted to deal with these three people and go home.

The experience points that Mohini is receiving for the body cultivation from Ravi has already reduced very much.

So when they bang the next time Mohini might not receive much experience points as they may even turn zero.

Mohini’s purpose her is already completed so she want to take one last bite and go home after killing these three people.

After checking through the house and careful questioning Mohini found all the valuables in the house.

In the mean time Mohini is thinking about the how to kill these three people.

Rose suddenly spoke

“Mohini do you remember the cave that you received the dagger of the sentient crystal?”

Mohini thought for a moment and said

“Yes I do remember the cave. Is there something special about that cave?”

Rose spoke

“Well in order for you to receive the dagger you were attracted to that cave by something that is present in the cave.

This something should be of the same level of the sentient crystal so that it can connect the space gate or it should be a very powerful spiritual place.

So there is a chance that there is a treasure in that cave. From your memories I saw that this place is shown to you by your mother.

So there might be something there that you can get.

So take these three there to search and recover the things they can serve as man power for you.”

After that Mohini ordered Ravi, raju and cal to take her to the cave.

Ravi has almost recovered the yang spirit energy so Mohini wanted to use get banged in the car.

So she ordered Ravi to sit beside her in the back seat while raju and cal sit in the front.

Raju is driving the car.

 Because of the loss of most of his stat points raju was driving the car slowly…….

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