The P Cursed System Chapter 13

Chapter 13: passive skills for per***ts

She then checked to see the condition of John.

But soon found that he was just unconscious or in deep sleep.

At this moment a chimpanzee appeared on a nearby tree.

It was looking at Princess Lisa who was in a daze and the unconscious butler John.

Princess Lisa did not notice this chimpanzee instead she was in daze thinking about the Per***ted cursed system.

She was so flustered that she felt like she was cursed with bad luck on her chastity.

Which women would want to sell of her body like this?

But she has no choice but to use this to become strong to save her father, her country and avenge her mother.

So she decided to do as the Per***ted cursed system suggested.

But she has decided to make sure that it will all be kept secret from her butler John as she has feelings for him.

She doesn’t want him to know that she was ravaged by her own father or about the Per***ted cursed system.

At that moment she was slowly coming out of the thinking process because of a sound of notification from the system.


“Quest trigger: The first quest has been given to the player.

Please open the quests page to check the details of the quest.”


“Player can check her skills that were obtained from the skills page.”


“How the skills are obtained is listed in the notifications page, you can check there”


“The quest triggering conditions were mentioned in the quest description in the quests page, you can check there.”


Princess Lisa’s head buzzed from the notification that she heard from the system suddenly.

She was puzzled for some time and sorted out the notifications one by one.

She did not open the quests page instead she opened the skills page to see what she has got.

Her stat points did not seem to be strong as they are all single digit numbers.

Based on her beauty stats and comparing with the other stats with her current beauty she was able to come to a conclusion that she was not strong.

At the same time she found that her luck is the worst of all her stats.

She knows what the luck signifies even though she was basically innocent

So she has to get some passive skills to become stronger.

Well the Per***ted cursed system is a strange thing but one can actually see their stats using the self details cards that were available at the guilds and other public service offices.

But they have to buy this card to get their details.

If they lost the card then they have to buy a new one.

They cannot see their stats without these cards that are distributed from the magic academy all over the world.

That is their monopoly over the business of appraisal cards.

Previously they used to use appraisal charms that are one time use in the guilds to get the details when they register in those organisations.

This is one of the pros of having the Per***ted cursed system.

But at the same time Princess Lisa has a strong urge to find more about the mage that created such a system and try and remove this Per***ted thing.

For this she has to find a library that has knowledge on curses or abnormal magic.

As soon as she opened the skills page she was able to see two skills that are passive.


Skills page


A chastity for every man (level max) (passive)

Impregnable (Level max) (passive)


These are the two skills that she got and these are the only skills that she has right now.

She doesn’t know what they do but they looked quiet Per***ted similar to that of the system.

But when she concentrated on the first skill a little she suddenly got the description.

Skill: a chastity for every man

Level: max

Type: passive regeneration


This skill can restore one specific part of the body of the player under the said conditions.

Player can become a chastity for every new individual that bangs her for the first time and if the same person bangs her for the second time she will not be a chastity.                                                           


Regenerates hymen for every new individual that bangs the player where gender doesn’t matter.

Player will not become chastity for the same person a second time.

In case of being gangbanged player can only become a chastity for the entire group once.

There will not be individual effect in case of gangbanged by a group of individuals.


Princess Lisa was a little shocked to see the skill description.

Her face became bright red as if she was bleeding.

Then she looked at the second skill and immediately its description appeared.

Skill: Impregnable

Level: max

Type: passive choice


This skill can help player if she wanted to become pregnant when someone cums inside her slit.


It can help player decide if he wants to impregnate another person when the player cums inside that person’s slit.                                                                                                                                                     

This is a choice skill where it lets the player choose an option.

Since the level has reached maximum

Player can choose not to get pregnant even If she was filled with the c*m of a dragon or a demon or a being with the most fertility rate.


Princess Lisa widened her eyes looking at this skill.

Even though she was embarrassed she knows that these skills were perfect for her to do many Per***ted things that the Per***ted cursed system wanted her to do.

It was as if these skills are given to her for this specific purpose.

But to refute her thinking process the Per***ted cursed system gave out a message.


“Player, the way you obtained these skills was shown in the notifications page.

So please don’t blame the Per***ted cursed system for everything…….”

The Per***ted cursed system has showed a little dissatisfaction towards Princess Lisa for the thoughts she has towards the system………..

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