The P Cultivation System Chapter 57: Chaotic energy

Chapter 57: Chaotic energy

She ordered Ravi to rest while Mohini herself is resting grasping for breath laid on the bed.

After few minutes of resting Mohini recovered some of her stamina that was spent in the past few hours.

She recovered this quickly because of one thing that is her body reached level 5 of the beginner’s stage.

 This was a good thing for Mohini as she became quite strong along with that Mohini also reached level 25.

Before checking all the things Mohini wanted to one thing first that is to have dinner as she was feeling very hungry.

She called raju and cal to come over then commanded Ravi to open the room door.

After they came into the room she ordered place a food order online of all the things she wanted to eat from a 5 star restaurant.

The food itself costs around 500 dollars.

This was paid as usual by Ravi.

Ravi was in complete control of Mohini so he did as Mohini told him to.

Mohini went to take a bath and ordered Ravi to take a bath too.

Before going to take a bath Mohini ordered raju and cal to receive the food that was ordered and notify her as soon as the food is received.

Mohini filled the bath tub with hot water then went to take a shower to wash off all the filth.

After that she went to soak in the hot water tub.

After Mohini stabilized and calmed herself relaxing in the hot water Rose started to explain Mohini about the details regarding the chaotic energy.

Mohini was astounded to find that Rose has never heard of chaotic energy before.

The description in the information from the cultivation technique “Kama sutra” says that

“All the elements in the nature indulge themselves in the pleasure activity that is to bang each other creating a very powerful energy that created the world.

This energy is called chaotic energy.

For example life and death bang each other endlessly.

Similarly time and space, yin and yang, light and dark, and earth, air, fire, water, lightning all bang each other creating the chaotic energy that created this entire world.

Both creation and destruction happen because of this very energy called the chaotic energy.

The more elements that are involved the higher the quality of the chaotic energy.

The higher the level of the beings involved gives raise to higher the quality of chaotic energy.

This is the essence of the world and this cultivation technique cultivates absorbing this chaotic energy.”

Because of her experience regarding the development of many Per***ted games and novels that regarding to the cultivation techniques.

Mohini got some basic understanding regarding this chaotic energy.

Her understanding is a little more than that of Rose.

Even though Mohini has never cultivated before her understanding towards the field of cultivation is more than that of Rose.

This is because Mohini has understood many different ideas similar to the concept of the chaotic energy.

As Mohini and Rose are connected together Rose also understood what Mohini comprehended regarding the chaotic energy.

Mohini has already ordered them to make a call in the morning saying that the materials store will be granting paid holidays for a week.

They also informed the servants in the house and the watchman outside to have a week of paid holidays.

So there are none at home except for Mohini, cal, raju and Ravi.

Mohini relaxed in the hot water for a few minutes thinking about the chaotic energy and the cultivation technique.

Mohini wanted to check her current improvement that is the changes she got after reaching the level 25.

While she wanted to check these things Rose gave another suggestion that is to regenerate her hymen again.

This is to receive further benefits later that night. Mohini thought of some things and begin regeneration of her hymen.

This consumed 25 spirit points and in order to increase the speed of regeneration and recover the yin spirit energy faster Mohini she spent another 20 spirit points.

Then Mohini found that Ravi was standing outside the bathroom.

He has already bathed and cleared his filth. He was currently waiting for Mohini’s command outside the bathroom.

Similarly cal and raju came to the bathroom door after they have arranged the food on the dining table. This is to notify Mohini that the food has arrived.

Mohini came out of the bath tub wiping the water with a towel.

After coming out of the bathroom Mohini saw that all three of them are standing outside just like watch dogs.

Mohini took out a yang spirit energy recovery pill and ordered Ravi to eat the pill.

Then they went to the dining room to have dinner.

This time Mohini let raju and cal to eat some too.

It is 8 PM in the night Mohini wanted to buy some dresses for her and store them in the inventory for emergency usage.

Mohini ordered Ravi to go and rest, so that he can recover the yang spirit energy faster.

After that Mohini ordered cal and raju to take her to the market. Mohini just put on her burka.

She also made Ravi eat some sleeping pill so that he won’t wake up from her control after he went out of range.

Mohini’s controller skill has the range of over a kilometer. Beyond that the skill will broke and all the people under the effects of the controller skill will come back to their senses.

She needs to upgrade the skill to increase the range and effectiveness of the skill.

Suddenly Rose got an idea and said

“Mohini give one yang spirit energy pill to raju and cal each so that they can recover the yang energy too.

We can use all three of them later, even though they only give a small amount of energy it is still useful.

Also for every person that bangs you once will get us 10 quest points right so there won’t be any loss at all……….”

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