The P Cursed System Chapter 9: banged by her brother

Chapter 9: banged by her brother

But still she is a top class beauty in the world.

That is how large the difference between Lisa and the queen Carla.

“Get on your knees and clean my slit completely with your tongue.

If you can make me c*m then you can bang that nymph however much you wanted for half an hour.

You can even use your meat rod and c*m inside me.

Well that is actually a good idea.

I want your father to witness his own son banging his wife and daughter and Cumming inside them.

Come on c*m inside me and make me cum.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your father will clean all of it with his own mouth……”

Queen Carla ordered the Prince gill to bang her in front of the king as the king lifted her skirt.

Even though the king became a puppet his soul was still trapped inside his body.

He can perceive what is happening outside but he could not do anything as his body was not in his control.

All he could do is to follow the commands of the queen Carla.

Prince gill really don’t want to bang his mother right now.

This is not because of guilty or anything.

It is just that he don’t want to waste his c*m on his mother when he can fill the slit of his half sister Lisa that was lying naked and unconscious on the bed nearby.

But he had no choice.

Prince gill can only swallowed his saliva a little and pulled down his pants revealing his meat rod that was no way inferior to the meat rod of King George.

 Unlike King George he got down on his knees and licked queen Carla’s slit till it became wet.

Then he rubbed his meat rod against her slit lips and plunged it like a thug.


Queen Carla let out a moan causing her face show a l*wd expression from her ecstasy.

Prince gill did not stop as he continued his movements to bang the queen Carla with his piston like movements.

For his piston like movements queen Carla started to let out rhythmatic moans.






But unfortunately the Prince gill did not share the same stamina as his father even though the meat rods are of same size.

The stamina of the Prince gill only lasted a single minute.

He has already c*mmed inside Queen Carla’s slit.

If he was banging Lisa then he would most probably c*m inside her in less than 10 seconds.

So Prince Gill banging Lisa is just a short lived dream that would come and go as fast as a lightning.

It is almost like a “peek a boo”

Well the queen did not c*m and there is a look of disappointment in her eyes looking at her own son.

So she simply waved her hand to stop Prince Gill from banging her more.

“You can stop your father will continue.

Just go and bang that nymph until you are drained.

Well it will not take that long any way.

Go… go…”

Prince Gill was embarrassed by his own mother’s words, but he could not refute as it was the truth.

Well he doesn’t mind as he can bang Princess Lisa right now.

So he moved towards the bed with large strides.

Princess Lisa was still unconscious so he did not have to do anything to suppress her with his strength.

Well even if he wanted to he cannot suppress her.

Princess Lisa was not only good with magic but also good in physical combat.

Queen Carla her fore head wrinkled as the disappointment in her face increased more.

In order to vent out her anger she called the king as they moved towards a seat to sit.

Her skirt was lifted up so that it would not be stained by her son’s cum, as she sat on the sofa spreading her legs.

She ordered the king to clean up his son’s c*m in her slit and satisfy her with his mouth on her slit.

She wanted the king to make her c*m on his face before her son was drained banging princess Lisa.

As king started to do as queen Carla asked the expression on her face changed from the previous disappointment to happiness.

She has even started to moan loudly without caring about her image.

On the other side Prince Gill squeezed his face between the watermelon sized boobs of Princess Lisa that is covered with sweet milk scent.

He pulled down one of her boobs and twisted it so that her cherries come into his mouth.

He started to suck on them like he was sucking on a cigarette butt.

He has kissed Princess Lisa’s soft lips and he has almost licked every part of her body.

This includes her slit and even her glory hole.

Soon after his meat rod became hard as he forcefully plunged it into her slit that just lost her chastity.

But as soon as he pushed his meat rod inside he felt like he is in the heaven.

So, he c*mmed inside her immediately in less than a second, filling up her slit with his warm sticky white cum.

But his meat rod did not became soft like it became when he c*mmed in Queen Carla’s slit.

It was still rock hard as he started to make his piston like movements.

Lisa let out some soft moans in her unconscious state





He has c*mmed inside her for 5 times in less than 5 minutes but he did not stop even now.

It was as if he was addicted into banging her slit and cannot stop unless he lost his consciousness.

But the entire thing is very short as he was only able to bang her for a little more than 10 minutes of time.

He has c*mmed over 10 times in her slit as the thick white c*m oozed out of her slit on to the bed, staining the bed sheets……….

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