The P Cursed System Chapter 8: dirty queen Carla and her flirty son

Chapter 8: dirty queen Carla and her flirty son

The king turned around walked to the front of Queen Carla after that he got on the ground and started to lick the feet of Queen Carla.

There is not even a shred of dignity as a king in his face or there are other emotions.

His face is blank just like a puppet.

Queen Carla just kicked on the face of the king but he still did not have any reaction towards Queen Carla.

“You have never banged me as hard as you banged your own daughter.

It should have felt good to bang her chastity slit.

She is such a hotty that can easily topple a nation with her beauty.

Unfortunately she is your daughter.

If not I would have taken her as my personal slave and made love with her and used her to get many powerful people under my command.

Sadly there is no other choice but to sacrifice her in order to make you my puppet.

For this I even have to kill your wife that is another world class beauty.


“Stop licking my feet.

Undress me completely and then go and clean your c*m in your daughter’s slit.

After that I am going to bang her and suck her talent from her.”

The king moved towards Lisa who was lying unconsciously on the bed and inserted his fingers into her slit.

He started to move his fingers to pull out all of his c*m out of her slit.

This time Lisa was able to move and moan with her mouth.

She was no longer petrified as she previously was.

But she was in an unconscious state.

She was petrified previously because of the magic curse that was placed on the dress she is wearing and the necklace she out on.

So when the magic was activated by Queen Carla she was petrified like a statue but looked normal.

Here petrified means all of her movement functions are not working along with her vocal functions.

As for the king, he has now become a loyal dog that does whatever queen Carla asked him to do.

It did not take long before he completely cleared out all of his c*m from princess Lisa’s little slit that just lost its chastityity.

He was quite rough with cleaning out the c*m from her slit that caused Princess Lisa to moan.

But she was still unconscious.

After cleaning Princess Lisa’s slit the king went back and stood beside Queen Carla as he removed all of her dress revealing her curvy body that was average compared to the beauty of Princess Lisa.

“You stand to the side and watch how I bang your daughter.”

Saying these words queen Carla walked towards Princess Lisa who was still unconscious and was about to regain consciousness.

Queen Carla who stood right in front of Lisa waved her hands and the ring on her finger started to glow.

Almost immediately the secret cherry of Queen Carla twitched and grew bigger and bigger becoming a thick long meat rod.

Her slit is still there and there are no balls at the bottom of her meat rod.

Her meat rod is more like a connecting cable that will help her suck all the talent of Lisa into her body.

She is not bothered by the beauty of Lisa as she was not interested in woman.

All she wanted was to take all the talent of Lisa into her body using this newly grown meat rod.

So she immediately plunged her big meat rod straight into the slit of Lisa and straight away gave a lip kiss to Lisa.

Immediately the ring on the finger of Queen Carla glow and some strange energy started to flow from her meat rod into Lisa.

After a few moments all of this energy came out of Lisa’s mouth and was sucked in by Queen Carla.

It is a simple process where the energy came out of Queen Carla’s meat rod sent the talents of Lisa come out of her mouth.

This was taken by Queen Carla as they indulged in a sweet lip kiss.

In less than 3 minutes all of this was complete and all the talent of Lisa was completely gone.

Queen Carla was quite excited and at the same time the ring on her finger shattered.

Soon after that the meat rod that she pushed into Lisa’s slit started to grow smaller and smaller returning back to become her secret cherry.

“Finally it is done, sigh.”

Queen Carla sighed as her face turned to have a very good mood.

At that moment she ordered the king to put on his clothes and help her put on her clothes.

The entire incident happened in less than half an hour.

There is only one person lying on the bed completely naked.

It is none other than Princess Lisa who lost her consciousness again after her talent was drained from her.

After they dressed up queen Carla called her son Gill into the room.

Previously he was told to wait outside by the queen but he is actually peeking though the key hole of all the things that are happening in the room.

He was gulping down his saliva while looking at the scenes that are happening in the room till now.

So when he was called, he immediately rushed into the room with l*st filled his eyes.

But he stopped beside his mother as he was afraid of her.

Queen Carla smiled and said

“You know what to do right.

I have promised you that I will let you bang that nymph as you pleased.

But before that you have to do as I say.”

Then she ordered the king to lift up the long skirt of her queen’s robes.

Under the queen’s robe she is not wearing any underwear as she was completely naked underneath.

As the king lifted her long skirt her slit came into view.

Compared to the slit of Lisa her slit is not even on the average level.

But still she is a top class beauty in the world.

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