The P Cursed System Chapter 7: father, bang this naughty daughter a little harder

Chapter 7: father, bang this naughty daughter a little harder

It was so shocking that her face became pale and her large eyes showed her shock was clearly on her face.

The king George also stripped off his clothes revealing his beast like meat rod that was quite long and thick.

He simply rubbed it against Lisa’s pink little slit that did not have any cover of pubic hair or her clothes.

It is soft pink and shining with l*ster.

One could spend their life just looking at her slit without doing anything.

That is how beautiful it is to look.

“You got such a l*wd body.

It definitely did not belong to my genes.

You should be a bas***d child of that nymph your mother.

Let me see if you are a chastity or a nymph like your mother.”

The scolding of the king George was like a dirty talk from a street thug rather than a king.

This means something has happened to the king

But Lisa was in no position to change or investigate anything.

She cannot even move or utter a single sound from her mouth right now.

Her thoughts along with the thoughts of Jackson were same and that is.

“Father what are you doing and saying I am your daughter and you are about to take my chastity.”

“Hey old dude why the hell, are you trying to bang another dude.

I am not into men even if I am in the body of a woman.”

But all of her screaming thoughts are for not as she cannot let out even a single sound out of her mouth.

At that moment the king who was rubbing his big long thick meat rod against Lisa’s slit plunged it in without any warning or foreplay.

The hard meat rod penetrated her slit that was a little wet from her love juices from the previous arousal.

Lisa wanted to scream from the sudden pain that caused due to losing her chastity but she was unable to move or speak.

The king started his piston like movements to bang Lisa’s chastity tight slit that has never tasted a meat rod till now.

The amethyst gem on the necklace started to glow a little but that was very unnoticeable to everyone.

There are no moans of Lisa but the grunts of the king that is banging Lisa with all his might.

As for the queen Carla she is just enjoying the show that is happening in front of her.

Her sadism and cruelty was clearly showing on her face.

But she did not move from the place she was standing for some reason.

After 5 minutes king George finally reached his limit and c*mmed inside Lisa’s chastity slit filling it up completely.

At the same time he grunted heavily and pulled his meat rod out of her slit making a l*wd sound.


At that moment the chastity blood mixed in the c*m of the king flew and fell on the amethyst gem on the necklace.

Immediately something started to happen that cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

The necklace started to shine brightly and the king who was previously like a beast became silent like a statue.

At the same time the necklace on Lisa’s neck vanished into thin air.

At that moment there is a strange pattern on Lisa’s neck that is invisible to all except for Lisa but even she cannot see it if she is not in front of a mirror.

So even she doesn’t know about the glowing symbol around her neck like a collar.

Because of what just happened has the blood in her body rushed to her brain and Lisa lost consciousness.

The c*m of king George started to come out of her slit dripping on the bed staining it with her blood mark.

At his moment queen Carla finally walked out as she spoke.

“The curse has worked and the king has become my puppet.


She has placed a curse on the necklace and the dress that Princess Lisa is wearing.

This curse requires a chastity blood of the blood relative of the person that was being made into a puppet.

As the king is a high level person she required a blood that is thicker than that of any other relatives.

Also she needs a female for this thing to happen.

Fortunately the king has a daughter and her bloodline was very pure as she is the king’s daughter.

Now the king George has became a loyal puppet to queen Carla.

She is from a different kingdom that came here to take over this kingdom that has stood as the top level kingdom for the past few thousand years.

But in order to complete this process she has to lead Princess Lisa into a magic circle that was placed outside of her mansion.

This magic circle is to sacrifice a living person to complete the puppet curse.

Then the king George will become her puppet for life.

But if Lisa was alive and was able to escape from the last step then there is a chance that the king can come out of her control.

Then he will know all she did till then using his hands like a puppet.

But before that she has another thing she has to do.

Lisa has a very high level talent and Queen Carla wanted to take this talent for herself and for her son.

She wanted to take most of Lisa’s talent and leave some to her son after she is done with Lisa.

She did not have any love for her son as she even let her son bang her to quench her l*st.

Actually she is the one that took the chastity of her son for her power improvement purpose.

After the king is done with Lisa he has became a puppet and stood there like a statue.

“Slave George come here and lick my foot.”

Queen Carla ordered the king.

The king turned around walked to the front of Queen Carla after that he got on the ground and started to lick the feet of Queen Carla……….

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