The P Cursed System Chapter 6: the missing necklace

Chapter 6: the missing necklace

“Why are you adjusting your clothes now?

What do you even think of being a princess of this country dressed like that?”

King George Asterisk shouted with anger in his voice towards Princess Lisa.

“This dress was given to me……….”

When Princess Lisa wanted to clarify that this dress was given to her by the current queen Carla, she was cut off by Queen Carla.

“My dear husband she is just a kid in her growth age and rebellious phase.

Since it is her birthday you should not scold her like that.

Come on and give her the present that I have prepared for her, my dear husband.”

Queen Carla said in a soothing voice to the King George Asterisk.

The king calmed down a little and looked away for a moment.

At that moment queen Carla brought out a jewelry box that is usually used to store necklaces.

She opened the box and showing the necklace inside and said

“You should put it on her as it is her birthday.”

Queen Carla moved the box near the King George Asterisk without touching the necklace inside the box.

On the other side princess Lisa was stunned like a stone statue as soon as she looked at the necklace.

The memories of the treasure hunter Jackson surged looking at the necklace.

This is because it is the very necklace that caused him to be in his current situation.

There is the same amethyst gem at the centre of the necklace.

But strangely it did not have that much of l*ster to it but still the necklace itself is glittering like a miracle.

For some reason the entire body of princess Lisa was stuck as she stood like a statue.

Even if she wanted to move, she couldn’t move.

It is as if she was petrified by something.

King George was silent for a few moments and finally turned around with something like a determined face.

He took the necklace and walked towards the princess Lisa.

But as soon as he touched the necklace there seems to be some sort of change.

The l*ster in his eyes was gone and the way he looked at Lisa was not someone like a father but instead it was like he was a beast that found its prey.

It seems like the very existence of queen Carla was erased for some reason.

The king George walked towards Princess Lisa step by step and the consciousness of treasure hunter Jackson was chaotic with thoughts.

“You old man,

I am your daughter and I am a man inside this female body,

Why do you have a look like that on your face?”

These are the words that the consciousness of treasure hunter Jackson in Princess Lisa’s body.

But sadly no words came out of the mouth of Princess Lisa as she was petrified.

The king George walked to Princess Lisa and put the necklace on her neck.

It was so beautiful that the glittering of the necklace complimented the beauty of Princess Lisa’s long white neck with the necklace.

At that moment he put the necklace on her body he pulled down her top revealing her boobs.

Princess Lisa was still petrified as she could not move or speak.

All she can do is curse and scream inside.

Well the one that really screaming is the voice of treasure hunter Jackson.

It seems like when his consciousness and memories appeared they seem to have over written the usual consciousness of Princess Lisa.

But it is not completely gone as she has the feelings of a woman rather than that of a man.

Even thought the consciousness and memories of a man are present all she had were the thoughts of a woman like shy feeling and other womanly things.

Now that the king George pulled down her top, her big boobs that are not blocked by anything bursted out of her clothes.

They were like big sized melons that has a small but fruitful long cherries attached to them.

The cherries of Lisa were already hard because of the previous arousal.

They are pink and perky.

King George started to fondle one of her boobs while suck on the other one.

Princess Lisa’s body shivered with shame and excitement at the same time as she was being ravaged by her own father.

She wanted to stop him and there are even moans mixed within but none of them came out as her entire body was petrified.

King George lifted Lisa and placed her on the bed.

He then pulled all of her clothes completely.

He removed that dirndl step by step after he pulled the top forcibly.

There is no underwear within as she was unable to put on the underwear because of this tight fit dress.

There is nothing on her body except for that necklace on her neck.

The amethyst gem at the centre of the necklace seems to have been able to absorb something and is slowly regaining its l*ster.

But neither of King George nor Lisa nor Queen Carla has noticed that.

“What a nymphty harlot you are.

You are just like your mother that cheated on me with other man.

I don’t believe that you are actually my daughter.

I am only letting you be the princess because of your talent…….”

The king started to speak out all of this absented mindedly and the only thing in his face is l*st towards Lisa.

Well it is that kind of a situation.

There is a cruel yet satisfying smile on the face of Queen Carla.

It is as if she has achieved something that she has been planning for a long time.

Listening to the words of the king George, Princess Lisa’s body shivered as she was unable to believe what she was hearing from the mouth of King George her father.

It was so shocking that her face became pale and her large eyes showed her shock was clearly on her face……..

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