The P Cursed System Chapter 5: king has arrived

Chapter 5: king has arrived

She was already dressed up and is currently checking her jewelry and her dress in front of a huge mirror.

Princess Lisa greeted her step mother the new queen Carla.

“Good even queen mother.”

(She has good curves)

Carla turned around spoke with a fake smile on her face.

“Ahaa, good even Lisa and happy birthday.

Did you like the new dress I sent you?

I selected it specifically for you today for your birthday.

As for the jewelry, I and your father have prepared a present for you.

He will be here soon and when he comes here you can have your birthday present.”

She talked as she approached Lisa step by step.

If any other person looked at what is happening then they might thing that they are real mother and daughter.

Queen Carla has a grey hair with good curves that are not on par with the level of Lisa but they are top class in their own way.

She is wearing a white party one piece dress with a long length that comes all the way to her feet.

It was a perfect matching to her hair and pale skin color that made her look like a holy being or something close.

Whatever it is she did not have the same charm that Lisa and her real mother had.

When the queen Carla stood in front of her she made up an excuse to adjust the clothes of Lisa.

“See your new clothes are wrinkled here.

Let me adjust them for you.”

Queen Carla said these words and adjusted the clothes of Lisa a little.

She has made her dress more revealing.

That is she pulled out the boobs of Lisa a little more out where a part of the pink circles around her cherries was clearly visible along with her cleavage.

Her skirt was pulled up a little more so that even a slight breeze can lift up her skirt revealing her naked slit and big butt locks.

Because of this touch aroused Lisa a little making her cherries harder making them slightly visible over her clothes.

Anyone with a little sharp eye can easily see the protruded cherries on her top.

The face of Lisa was bright red as she was very much embarrassed by her dress.

She has adjusted her breathing to calm down and was lead to the garden behind the mansion where the party is going on.

She did not even give time to Lisa to adjust back her dress.

When they arrived at the garden queen Carla clapped her hands to gather attention towards her.

All of them looked in the direction the queen Carla and Princess Lisa arrived with the clapping of the queen.

“The birthday girl and the star of the day princess Lisa have arrived.”

Naturally someone would announce the arrival of the people but for Lisa the queen Carla herself has announced.

All the eyes of the guests turned to Princess Lisa who was in a god damn hot dress that almost made the eyes of the guest’s pop out.

The female guests felt jealousy towards Lisa and were shocked by her bold dress style.

At the same time all the males are barely holding their l*st looking at Lisa.

There seems to be some other problem with the dress that did not seem to be her dress style.

But she was unable to put her finger on that problem.

Even though the situation is like that all the guests started to greet her on her birthday and gave her presents that they brought for her.

They simply controlled their l*st and praised Lisa as if it is a great thing to do.

Even the female nobles are like that as they did not seem to criticize her dress as they started to shower her with praises for her beauty.

This went on for half an hour and they made many toasts for her.

Most of the men looked at her deep cleavage while the woman has jealousy and hatred in their eyes.

They all are toasting her with wine glasses but Lisa was only drinking fruit juice.

That is what she chose as she doesn’t like the smell of the alcohol.

Lisa was actually waiting for her father.

Actually she wanted to go to the bathroom to escape from these people’s gazes and adjust her dress a little.

But she was stopped and put on the place by her step mother queen Carla.

She waited like that while chatting with other nobles that have fake expressions on their faces as they chatted with Lisa.

At this moment there is a big disturbance outside as many knights arrived at the party.

This is because the king has arrived and he still has his cold expression on his faces as he looked towards Lisa.

He is a tall man with blond hair that was curly.

His body was muscular with great build that was quite heroic and handsome to look at.

When he looked at the way how Lisa dressed made his expression shocked at first but later it turned to make his face a lot colder.

He did not say anything to Lisa and he spoke with the new queen Carla.

It was like a whisper and then Queen Carla led the king and princess Lisa in to the mansion.

She has made some excuse to the guests for leading princess Lisa and the king inside the mansion.

But the guests understood that there is something wrong there.

Some of them have caught on to something while the others are just wandering their ideas wild.

In a secret room inside the mansion there are three people present in that room.

One is the king George Asterisk, the queen Carla and the princess Lisa.

Princess Lisa started to adjust her clothes as there is no one but her father and step mother here.

“Why are you adjusting your clothes now?

What do you even think of being a princess of this country dressed like that……”

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