The P Cursed System Chapter 4: hot dress to the birthday party

Chapter 4: hot dress to the birthday party

He got down and opened the gate with the keys he has and lead the horse carriage into the mansion.

He let Lisa go into the mansion and get ready for the party while he also went to get dressed as the formal servant to follow her master.

He told her that the dress and the accessories that were placed in her room.

Lisa was not herself that day so she went to her room absent mindedly.

She knows the room from her usual memories that were completely intact.

She went to her room and took off all her dress in order to wash her body.

At that moment the memories of Jackson kicked out as he thought.

“Even though it felt weird, I cannot help praise my body.

It is incredibly hot for a lady at the age of 18.

My boobs are so big that they can even match that of the melons.

Even my butt is so big and so well shaped.

Waist is thin and thighs are of perfect size.

Even though I am 18 year old girl here I did not seem to have any pubic hair anywhere on my body.

Even my arm pits are clean and my smell is quite tempting with all this sweat.


Even if it is my past self I would be head over heels for enjoying this kind of a body.

Well now what should I do.

Since it is a party I should wash the entire body carefully first.

Oh, when I was Lisa I usually though that I was fat but it did not seem like the case.

It is just that she did not have many interactions with people of her age and don’t know much about the l*st appeal.

It seems like my female version is an innocent women with pure mind and body after all.


His thoughts that were currently assimilating with the thoughts of Lisa started to mutter to himself.

She went to the bathroom where there is hot water that was ready for her to use with the turn of tap.

This is with the help of the magic circles that were added to the taps and other things of the mansion.

She went into the bath and slowly started to clean her boobs that are unnaturally big for her age.

The thoughts of Jackson pestered and praised the boobs of her body even though it was his own body.

It was very soft to touch and her cherries were erect from all the l*stful gazed that she felt during the day.

She slowly washed all of her sweat from her body after a little long bath.

Then she came to her room to change into the birthday dress that was given to her from the queen and her father.

It was in a box and john did not open it up to check but she was shocked to see the dress.

It was a dirndl dress (A European model dress from old ages)

The problem here is the dress was a perfect outfit that can make her l*st appeal shot through the rough.

It has a very low cut to show her cleavage,

The under skirt was a bit shorter that showed her thighs.

The hands part was short and covers from above her elbows to below her shoulders.

Her slender long neck, her hotty collarbone and most of boobs are visible.

Then there are white laced socks for her legs that reached till her thighs and gave a small gap between her skirt and the lace around her thighs that gave her a unique charm.

She doesn’t know what to say and cannot defy the orders from the queen and the king.

She put on these clothes that are embarrassing as hell.

When she put on these clothes they felt on the little tighter side around her breasts and her butt.

The fabric of the clothes was just barely holding her bouncy boobs and butt.

She was unable to put these clothes on with her under wear as the thin space that was occupied by her underwear was enough to make these clothes unfit for her.

As there is no choice she decided to put up with that and be a little careful.

Well this is the thought of Jackson rather than Lisa.

Jackson’s thoughts still though that he can go back to his body and see this princess Lisa humiliated.

Other than that there is no other option for princess Lisa herself as this is the dress given to her by her father and step mother.

Also this is after her father being cold with her for so long.

After getting ready she came out of the mansion to see that john was already ready in his butler dress waiting for her to come.

He was a little shocked by her dress and a little aroused but he thought nothing of it as he was naturally dumb about the relations between males and females.

He helped her get on the carriage and he went to drive the carriage to the queen’s mansion.

It did not take long for them to reach that place where there are many guests from officials to other royals that came there in their carriages.

There is a long line but for Lisa’s carriage it is not a problem.

She did not need to stay in line as the party is for her birthday.

As they arrived at the queen’s mansion they were led to the side where john parked the carriage and followed behind the princess master.

But he was not allowed to follow Lisa inside and was lead to the area where the other butlers were by another servant of the queen’s mansion.

He can only sigh and follow the servant.

On the other hand Lisa was lead to the room where the queen is by a female servant.

In that room there is only queen Carla present as she was getting dressed for the party.

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