The P Cursed System Chapter 3: invitation to the birthday party

Chapter 3: invitation to the birthday party

He did not teleport but he has entered the cycle of reincarnation just like that and reborn as Lisa Asterisk an almost fallen princesses.

“What the bang”

Jackson cursed out loud in Lisa’s voice.

He has again realized a painful truth that this Lisa Asterisk is himself that is the great treasure hunter Jackson.


He cursed again with the female voice and put his hands on his head as he was feeling quite tense.

This means that he has lost everything just because of that damn necklace.

But where is that thing.

If he was born here then what happened to that necklace.

Also why did this happen to him.

And why has he turned into a girl instead of a boy.

He doesn’t have an answer and all he had are questions.

There is one more question in his mind that is if he was able to become a boy again.

But that idea was gone as he has never heard of a magic that can permanently turn a person’s gender.

Still there are some forbidden magic that can do this but there are many risks and it is only temporary.

While thinking along the lines he heard a bell ring which indicates that the school has ended for the day.

There is no choice so he got up and accepted the truth that he has become a girly princess called Lisa.

(Author’s words: from now on there is no he only she)

She made her way out of the bathroom and went to her class room to get her things as usual.

There is no choice and she has to act as her usual self as she was in so much threat from her own family.

When she went back to the class room there is no one there so she simply took her bag and was about to leave.

But at that very moment someone entered the room.

It is a blond haired man that was around the same age as her.

There is l*st written all over his face.

There are 2 more people following behind him that looked muscular.

There are all from the physical combat department.

They apply magic to fight with their physical power and use weapons instead of wands and staff to fight like a mage.

This blond haired man is none other than her step brother Gil that is here to tease Lisa and try and get her body.

Well he would not do anything excessive as they are still in the school.

There is always protecting elders that watch what the students are doing in secret.

If any student were to break any rules then they would be banished from the school no matter which family they belongs to.

That is even the family of the king of a tier 10 country cannot do anything.

This academy of adventurer arts was started by the guild heads of many tier 9 and tier 10 kingdoms combined.

So there is no one that would be able to stop their decisions.

Knowing this information Lisa panicked expression loosened a little.

Then that blond haired man came in front of her and said.

“Happy birthday sister Lisa,

Mother said that there will be party in the evening.

They have even prepared you a birthday dress and some jewelry.

It is said that father is also coming there under the request of the mother.”

Then he came close to her face and said.

“We will all be waiting for you there.

So don’t be late.

There are the orders from father and mother too….”

Saying these words he breathed in a deep breath of Lisa’s female scent and left the place reluctantly.

Lisa was stunned and the Jackson inside her mind started to think.

As soon as her memories of her past life that is Jackson’s memories returned to her she was confused completely about her true self.

But the memories and personality of both Lisa and Jackson were slowly assimilating into one as the time passed by.

She doesn’t know that and is still a little dizzy because of the memory assimilation process.

Since it is her birthday and she has to go to that party because of the orders of the king and the queen.

She made her way out of the school and found that a silver haired person was standing there in his armored dress beside a carriage.

He has a muscular body and about the same age as Lisa.

He is none other than Jonathan Mar her loyal knight, servant and her child hood friend.

He brought in a carriage to take her from the school to her mother’s mansion that is the previous queen’s mansion.

There is no one to take her back so the only way is her knight john to come here to take her back.

She simply greeted john as she usually do and got on the carriage.

As the horse drawn carriage moved she spoke about the party and other thing to john.

In reply john told.

“Ah! Yes princess they have even sent you a new dress for your birthday party.

As for the jewelry they said that they are at Queen Carla’s mansion where she arranged the party.

There is just enough time for you to get dressed and go their princess.

So we are in a hurry………..”

He told her some things as he drove the horse drawn carriage towards the mansion.

He has never shown any signs of l*st towards the hot body of Lisa and Lisa has never really thought of john like that.

But she knows that he loved her very much.

It is just that their social status was so different that he would not even imaging to be her husband.

So he kept all his love inside and only does his best to support and protect her.

After some time they have finally reached the mansion and stopped in front of the gate there is no one to open the gate.

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