The P Cursed System Chapter 2: memories

Chapter 2: memories

Even though he is her brother he wanted to bang her because of her great beauty.

Especially her boobs are so big that even a mature woman will feel envious of her.

She has a great blond hair that was long and her skin is as white as jade.

Her body was slender giving her a pure and youthful appearance that was like a holy angle.

Her butt was again bigger than usual but not the sagging type instead it was the firm type.

She has a perfect ‘s’ shape body that any male would die for to just ravage her for one night with all their might.

That is the same with all the other all the guards and other people that saw her.

Even though they never said that out loud all of their eyes are on her boobs, butt and all of her curves.

There is a visible l*st in their eyes but they all covered it with praises as she was the eldest daughter of the king that means she is the princess.

But her brother Gill is also a son of the king so there is no one restraining him not even his mother Carla.

Lisa even has a doubt that even her mother was killed by her step mother and the current queen Carla.

But her father did not seem to care about these things and even the death of his own first wife.

Even her grandfather was also like that without caring for the cause of death of her mother.

They are just busy leveling up to the set standards.

For some reason after the death of her mother, her father George Asterisk became cold towards her and stopped visiting her.

All this time she was only being saved by her loyal servants that seem to be vanishing for some reason.

Finally there is only one servant under her called Jonathan Mar her servant and her knight to protect her.

He was the same age as her but a little hot blooded and quick to get injured.

Even though he is called her knight but he only has average talent and is still at level 10

She tried her best to learn some bits and pieces of magic and hand to hand combat through the servants that are now vanished.

Her father or grandfather stopped teaching her when her mother died so she only know some basics of magic

Normally they will teach magic to their children as they turned 16 when they physic and mental energy would stabilize.

But she was facing cold shoulder from her father and grandfather when her mother died that is at the age of 14.

That very day is her birthday when she will turn 18 and step into being an adult.

When she was listening to her last class at her high school of royals she lost consciousness for some reason.

At the same time the hunter Jackson opened his eyes in the body of Lisa Asterisk.

Then he had a head ache and remembered both his memories and the memories of Lisa Asterisk.

Now he understood that he is in the body of a woman.

Then what happened to his body?

What is that blinding light magic circle that caused all of this?

And where is the necklace that should be with him previously.


There are so many doubts in his mind and there is fright and tension clearly visible on his face.

At that moment the professor saw her looking anxious so he called out.

“Student Lisa is everything ok?”

But there is no response from Lisa as she was still in deep thought.

But with a second shout she regained her senses and with the quick thinking of hunter Jackson he gave out a convenient excuse.

“Sir I am not feeling well, can you excuse me to let me go to the infirmary.”

The professor looked at her deeply for a moment and there is a tint of l*st in his eyes too.

Then he spoke softly.

“Ok, you are excused from the class.”

Lisa stood up and moved out of her bench with her jiggling mounds in the front and the back.

She slowly exited the class.

But the entire time every single man in the class has glued their eyes to her body.

Because of the perception that Jackson developed he was able to feel the gazes of the boys in the class as Lisa made her way out of the class room.

Based on her memories he moved towards the toilets but he forgot that he was in the body of a woman and went towards the male’s toilet.

But because of the jiggling of the boobs with every step he remembered that he was in the body of a girl.

So he remembered the toilets for the girls are on the opposite side and turned around towards there.

There is already a visible blush on her face.

But this feeling belongs to Jackson.

If he is in his original body then there will not be any blush on his face or even a hint of shame even if he has to enter the female toilet.

But the reaction and mind set of the female body of Lisa was quite different from what he thought.

Even though he was the soul that is controlling the body the influence from her past life style has not decreased at all.

She slowly made her way towards the female bathroom and went into a booth and locked the door.

After that she closed the commode door and sat on the top of it.

Jackson calmed down a little and started to think what is happening.

All the memories from his life and the life of Lisa started to move around in her mind and visible to his soul.

After much contemplation he finally came to an understanding that is

He did not teleport but he has entered the cycle of reincarnation just like that and reborn as Lisa Asterisk……..

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