The P Cursed System Chapter 12

Chapter 12: horny points and fulfillment points

It sounded so vulgar that her face became a little red.

Even the name of the system in the first page is very vulgar but she did not notice it at the beginning as it was the first time she came across something like that.

She has never even heard of something like that.

Even in the memories and experiences of treasure hunter Jackson that are available in her mind did not have any record of this.

So she missed a few things.

At that moment some of the details related to the system appeared in her mind explaining what this Per***ted cursed system is to her.

“This is the Per***ted cursed system that was created by a supreme god mage who was unable to enjoy Per***ted life she wanted from start to end of her life.

In order to feel and enjoy all forms of Per***ted things she used her life as the source creating the Per***ted cursed system and left it in a cursed necklace to get the right person to carry on her legacy to become a supreme god mage.

But this legacy can only be achieved by doing the Per***ted quests and the person should be a woman.

As this is not possible for a person with normal psychology the only chance is to do the quests that are like curses.

That is if the quest is not fulfilled then that person will be cursed but if the quest is completed then they will be rewarded.

Both the rewards and curses that are punishments will be in the Per***ted form under the normal consciousness of the society.

For this reason the system is named as ‘The Per***ted Cursed System’


Like this the information started to flow into the mind of Princess Lisa explaining the details of the system she got.

At that moment she got the information on what that horny meter is.

But the information blew her fuses as her face turned so red that she looked like she was bleeding.

The thing is that this horny meter is her curse.

“When the number of horny points in the horny meter reaches 100 then she will become so horny that she would literally seduce anyone and everyone near her to bang her till she passed out.

The number in the horny meter will increase by the horny gazes that others gave her because of her l*wd body.

Even if she covered her entire body it will still increase by 10 horny points a day.

The more horny points there are the more aroused she will be.

But if she was able to get someone to bang her before the horny points reach 100 then the horny points count will reduce back to 0.

Other than that if she did not complete the quest given to her then it will also increase horny points other than the usual punishment that is curse.


Then the details related to fulfilment meter appeared in Lisa’s mind.

“Fulfilment meter will increase every time the player had a fulfilment doing the quests or getting banged by others or doing Per***ted things.

These are fulfilment points.

Whenever fulfilment points reach 100 then player will be given a surprise benefit that would help in improvement of player’s progress.


If the player wanted to remove this Per***ted cursed system from cursing her into doing Per***ted things and banging like a whore then the player has to fulfil the conditions set by the Per***ted god mage.

The conditions will be triggered if the player reaches the specified power or strength in the future.

But if the player liked this Per***ted cursed system and accepts to completely bind with your soul, then the player will be appreciated by the Per***ted cursed system.

The appreciation from the Per***ted cursed system will not be disclosed before the binding process.

But the appreciation is something that player cannot easily get in this world.

Be cautious that binding with the soul cannot be reversed even of the player dies and the soul is reincarnated or your soul is perished from this world.

So please make a good choice and the choice can be made at any time that player wished to make the choice.

If the player doesn’t want it now and in the future you wanted to bind with the system you can change the choice as long as you are alive.

But once the player binds with the system then there is no other way to go back and make another choice………”

After getting the information about the system that she was so shocked that she doesn’t know what to do.

At the same time she remembered what happened yesterday.

She was ravaged by her father and lost consciousness half way through that.

After that she doesn’t remember anything.

Based on the memories of treasure hunter Jackson and the details of the necklace mentioned in the creation of the Per***ted cursed system, she understood something.

That is this Per***ted cursed system or the necklace, no matter what it might be, it has saved her life and gave her a chance to get to know what has actually happened.

There are many mysteries and questions in her head but she knows that she can get all the answers that she wanted if she gets stronger.

For now she has decided to ignore the things about this Per***ted cursed system and concentrate on where she and her butler John are right now.

She slowly stood up trying to get a better view of her surroundings.

Beside her is a dense forest and on the other side is covered with grassy planes for some distance.

After that it is covered by forest again.

There is a river nearby beside the grassy planes.

On the other side of the river there are grassy planes again as they are followed by thick forest.

This is what she was able to see.

She then checked to see the condition of John…………..

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