The P Cursed System Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Per***ted Cursed System

Soon after they were burnt and even their ash was not remained.

The light became brighter and brighter as the soldiers in black clothes watched the scene in front of them with fear and shock.

Then suddenly, with a strange wave bursted out, the bright light vanished in an instant.

After the bright light is gone there is nothing in the place where the magic circle should be.

There are no mages or for that there is nothing only a foot depth hole that seems to be formed from disintegrated floor.

Other than that there is nothing there is not even a burnt mark.

At this moment queen Carla arrived and looked at the people that are standing like statues in the hall.

“What happened here where is the head magician…..”

She shot off the questions like bullets waking the people out of their dumbfounded state.



She slapped some of the guards so that they would answer her snapping out of their confusion.

Soon after, one of the soldiers in black dress narrated the entire incident that just happened before the arrival of the queen Carla.

Queen Carla listened to it as her body started to shake from her anger.

She started to stomp the ground causing the floor to be cracked.

She is a combat mage that was only a little less powerful than the king.

But she hid is very well so that no one can find that she is a strong fighter along with being a maze.

Well the things are messy here and what happened there is unclear to queen Carla and others.

So they investigated it with all their might but still found nothing.

They soon left this thing as they did not find Princess Lisa or any remains.

So they deemed that princess Lisa was dead and there are no more problems for the queen to rule the kingdom with the puppet king.

Things have ended up like this.


At the same a long distance away in a forest area two people are lying unconscious on each other.

It was day time as it is the next day of the incident happened in the royal palace.

One was female with melon like boobs and the other is a male with a good body that can easily attract all average females.

The man is the loyal knight and butler of Princess Lisa that is john.

He was lying on the boobs of princess Lisa as his face sank in between them.

On the other hand Princess Lisa was lying below her knight with her hands wrapped around his head tightly squeezing it between her boobs.

There doesn’t seem to be any beasts or other predators present in the area as they were unconscious like thing for a long time.

The first one to regain consciousness was actually princess Lisa.

As soon as she opened her eyes she saw that john was lying on her boobs and she was tightly squeezing his head.

Her face immediately blushed.

So with a shy red face she let go of him and slowly placed his head on the ground.

She slowly moved to sit up.

There is no discomfort in her body as she was forcibly ravaged by strong people that are actually her own father, step mother and step brother.

But she did not think of that as there is some other thing that completely took her attention.

There is a light screen that is transparent right in front of her there are a few words written on it.

‘Welcome to “The Per***ted Cursed System”’

She was shocked and thought that this was unreal.

She stretched her hand to see if she was able to touch the screen.

But it seems like the screen was only on her eyes but there is no light screen in front of her.

At that moment a new message appeared in the light screen.

“Soul and memory integration process is starting.”

1 percent

5 percent

10 percent


99 percent

100 percent

“Soul and memory integration process is completed successfully.”

At this moment the original consciousness of treasure hunter Jackson was completely gone and it was replaced by the innocent feminine consciousness of Princess Lisa.

On the other hand all the memories and experience of treasure hunter Jackson has retained in her mind.

But most of it was locked as her own soul, body or mind is not strong enough right now.

The main reason for this is actually is the complete loss of her talent.

That is the potential of her body, mind and soul are all sucked dry by Queen Carla.

Because of this she became an ordinary person that has the lowest level of talent.

Then a page appeared in front of her face.

On it there are few options

First one is status panel

Second one is quests page

Third is the map page

Fourth is the skills page


As it is unknown what this is Lisa selected the status page to take a look.

She doesn’t need to touch the option to select as she can select the options with just a thought.


Status panel


Name: Lisa Asterisk

Age: 18 years

Race: Human

Job: none

Title: none

Level: 1 (0/100 experience points)


Health points: 5

Spirit points: 4

Fatigue: 0 percent


Vitality: 5

Stamina: 4

Strength: 4

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 4

Soul strength: 5

Soul sense: 5

Beauty: 99

Luck: 1


Potential of player 


Body: tier 0 (0/1000 physical potential points)

Mind: tier 0 (0/1000 neural potential points)

Soul: tier 0 (0/1000 soul potential points)


Horny meter: 0/100

Fulfilment meter: 0/100


She was confused and astounded looking at the quantified details of herself in her status page.

She understood most of things but what she did not understand is related to the last two that are horny meter and fulfilment meter.

It sounded so vulgar that her face became a little red.

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