The P Cursed System Chapter 10: Conspiracy

Chapter 10: Conspiracy

He has c*mmed over 10 times in her slit as the thick white c*m oozed out of her slit on to the bed, staining the bed sheets.

Finally Prince Gill stopped as his meat rod became soft.

He lied on the top of Princess Lisa where his face is in between her boobs.

He was heavily panting like a pig that just ran a marathon.

His sweat was all over her boobs and his c*m is flowing out of her slit.

At the same time they were able to hear a loud moan from Queen Carla as the king finally made her c*m on his face.

She ordered the king to lick off all of the c*m on her slit and then go and dress up his daughter.

It has been an entire since the king arrived and all of this mess happened.

At that moment when the king dressed up Princess Lisa, Prince Gill was also recovered.

He pulled back his pants with his exhausted face.

Lisa’s slit was not cleaned as the white sticky fluid was falling down her skirt dripping on it and staining it.

They did not care about staining the clothes of Princess Lisa.


At that moment queen Carla orchestrated a series of events where there is huge explosion caused by her men.

They even started a rumor saying that princess Lisa has helped some terrorists to assassinate the king.

These rumors spread right after the commotion started.

There are a few soldiers that were wearing black dress and their faces covered carrying the unconscious princess Lisa out of the mansion of Queen Carla.

At that moment princess Lisa’s butler and her knight John ran over to the front with his sword trying to kill those soldiers in black.

But he was hit on his back by another butler making him unconscious on the spot.

The black dressed soldiers carried John along with Lisa as a prisoner.

Every one that came to the party has different opinion regarding the incident.

Some of them believed it and some did not.

But none of them voiced out their opinion as they don’t want to be a part of this mess.

They were afraid that they would be implicated if they speak right now.

Very quickly they were carried away to a carriage that is driven by magi powered engine.

It looked like a prisoner carrying van in the modern world.

Princess Lisa was placed inside along with her butler John.

The black soldiers moved into the truck and the driver moved on.

Through all of this the king did not appeared but after the carriage left they saw the king that rushed out in anger going back with his own soldiers to his own mansion not far away.

At this moment queen Carla came out and gave out some sugar coated words to make the crowd go back to their homes from this messed up party.

Actually the queen Carla ordered the king to go back to his mansion with his soldiers.

The soldiers that are dressed in black are actually the secret soldiers belong to Queen Carla that came from another tier 9 country.

They took the carriage driven by the magic engine far away to a secret place that looked like an abandoned building.

There is a magic circle in one of the halls of this abandoned building.

These black colored dress wearing soldiers carried the unconscious princess Lisa into the hall.

As for the butler John he was left in the carriage without a care.

He was not even placed in their eyes as he was very weak to them.

They placed Lisa at the centre of the magic circle.

It was meant to be used to complete the curse on the king to make him a permanent puppet.

But at that moment the butler John woke up and sneaked out of the carriage and entered the building through some broken windows that are at the blind spot.

The hall with the magic circle has a dozen magicians where one of them is an old man that seems to be the leader.

He ordered the black soldiers to place Princess Lisa at the centre of the magic circle.

These black soldiers were ordered by the head magician so they did not slack off as they immediately moved carrying princess Lisa towards the centre of the magic circle.

After they placed her at the centre the other 11 magicians moved to their respective positions.

The head magician also moved towards his position and started to chant some weird words with strange hand signs.

They all are wearing rings that are used in the place of wands to use their magic.

At this moment the magic circle started to brighten up with a strange and glaring red glow that looked like a scene in the hell.

They are going to use the princess Lisa as sacrifice to complete the spell that they previously casted on the king.

Looking at the scene butler/ knight John ran out of his cover towards the princess Lisa that was at the centre of the magic circle.

But before he started running something unexpected happened.

The bright red glow turned purple light and all the 12 magicians were petrified on the spot.

They were unable to move similar to Princess Lisa previously.

 At that moment all the strange symbols on the magic circle started to change and a strange pattern of a necklace appeared on the neck of Princess Lisa that was still unconscious.

John who was running entered the magic circle in order to rescue Princess Lisa like a wild bull.

He was able to move closure to Princess Lisa and touch her shoulder.

But in the next second he too was petrified, unable to move even an inch.

The purple glow brightened more and more.

At the same time all the magicians started to wither like old tree leaves from a dying tree.

Soon after they were burnt and even their ash was not remained……….

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