The P Cursed System Chapter 1: why am I in a women’s body

Chapter 1: why am I in a women’s body

It is the start of the final year of the high school.

All the students are at the last but one year of their teenage.

That is all of them are 18 or 19 year old which is a little late in actuality.

All the females are emitting attractive pheromones subconsciously from their recently developed curvy bodies.

While the men are like the hungry wolfs, craving for l*st looking at the curves of these women jerking their hot rods.

At this moment one woman in the class started to blink her eyes rapidly as if she just woke up from deep sleep.

She looked around strangely as if she was a person with amnesia or she has suddenly come to a strange place.

The teacher stood at the podium and was speaking about some topic from the syllabus.

That day seems to be the last class before the final exams.

After the exams all the students can officially become the part of the society as they can finally start their adventurer’s life.

As for the failed students will become the bottom feeders and some low level jobs based on their family background.

Well coming back to the confused girl.

She looked around to see that she was sitting in the middle of the girls and the boys are strictly separated to the other side.

She looked around and found that everyone is listening carefully to the lecture of the professor on the top of the stage.

All the students are wearing uniform that is made of expensive materials that is worn by noble people.

She looked in front of her to see that her vision was blocked by big things (that is her boobs).

There is a deep tension in her eyes as she slowly extended her hand under the table to check her crotch.

She checked there clearly but could not find something that should be present there previously.

The anxiety in the face of the girl started to grow to despair and shock.

Then she muttered in bits and pieces because of her fright.

“Why…Why the hell am …..I in the body of a woo…woman?”


At that moment she suddenly felt her head ache and memories stared to flow in her mind.

It is the entire life of that girl…………

At the same time that girl also remembered something.

A handsome man was running in a maze like place.

He was holding a necklace like thing that he found in that maze.

There are people shouting behind him and attacking him with colorful attacks that seems to be covered with various energies.

There are magic attacks, arrow attacks, there are even sword attacks and spear attacks.

The man is running for his life holding the necklace.

This means that necklace is a treasure or something like that.

At that moment that man finally came to a stone room and blocked the entrance of the room with the stone door.

That room had a magic circle there.

That man muttered.

“There is a teleportation magic circle here.


I this great treasure hunter Jackson was able to escape with the treasure again.”

Then he extended his middle fingers of both hands towards the rocking rock door and shouted.

“Go to hell you bas***ds hahaha.

I will be gone before you can break the door.”

Then he ran to the centre of the huge magic circle and started to activate it with the normal procedures as they usually activate a normal teleportation magic circle.

The circle started to shine with the white as it activated with a blinding light.

But suddenly the amethyst gem at the centre of the necklace in his hand blinked with a dull purple light.

The entire teleportation magic circle turned colors from bright white light to pinkish purple light.

There are even more magic symbols that are activated around the original teleportation magic circle all around the room.

That man was shocked and unable to recognize anything.

When he tried to move he was unable to move as well.

He was almost petrified like a statue without any chance to move from that place.

Then the light grew brighter and brighter with a strange sense to that pinkish purple color filling the entire room.

Just then the stone door was blasted open and the man at the centre of the magic circle vanished before their eyes with a bright light.

At the same time the previously lit magic symbols on the walls and floor vanished and replaced with cracks.


The memory continued in a place that was covered with red everywhere.

At that moment a small girl was born somewhere.

The continuation is as that girl started to grow that looked like the one that was previously confused.

The necklace was nowhere to be found but she was quite beautiful and talented at what she does.

She was called Lisa and she is from the Asterisk family.

George Asterisk is her father the king of the Asterisk Kingdom and her mother is Maria Asterisk the queen.

The family background of her mother was a mystery.

But the Asterisk Kingdom is a tier 10 super power of this mortal world.

The reason for this is her grandfather Julius Asterisk who was a level 1000 mortal adventurer and called an ascendant mortal.

He was waiting for the chance for his son George Asterisk who was in level 899 to reach level 900 to maintain the power standard of the country at tier 9.

Her grandfather cannot just ascend from this mortal realm just like that.

There are some special conditions that should be met before he can ascend.

Her mother died mysteriously when she was 14 and her step mother Carla became the new queen.

Carla has one son that is of the same age as Lisa.

Even though he is her brother he wanted to bang her because…….

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