The P Cultivation System Chapter 9: starter’s gift

Chapter 9: starter’s gift

“I will help you achieve all these achievements hehehe.”

Rose said while laughing happily.

On the contrary Mohini’s turned red till her neck down because of the blush.

She became extremely shy and sat on the bed without moving just staring at the achievements on the page.

After a while she snapped back to the reality and now she wanted to open the starter’s pack to look at the things inside.

She opened the inventory screen with a thought all the other screens are closed.

“Mohini what is this starter’s pack thing that you got here.”

Rose asked.

Even though she can read everything on Mohini’s head she was still unable to understand some of the things regarding these game systems.

“This starter’s pack is the initial things that we receive to start the game like we need the initial investment to start the business easily.

This is the thing that is given to the player as bonus to start the game smoothly.

This usually contains some skills, weapons, money or some other things that are useful to the player”

Mohini said to Rose in an explanatory way for Rose to understand easily.

After learning the details of the starter’s pack rose was looking forward to what will come out of the starter’s pack.

With a thought from Mohini inventory page was opened right in front Mohini and on the very first space there is a box that looked like a gift pack.

Soon Mohini thought of opening the gift box that showed an animation of the gift box opening on a separate light screen and some things came out of it were arrange on their own on the screen at the bottom of the box.

Mohini looked at the items the first line has 4 cards supposively skill cards then in the second line there is a lottery ticket saying lucky draw for quest points and  in the third line there is a cultivation technique.

Then all of them are stored in the inventory occupying 6 spaces there are 2 image skill cards and two blank skill cards then there is a lottery ticket like thing on the fifth space then on the sixth space there is a old tattered book supposively a cultivation technique.

“Mohini quickly see what those items are?”

Rose said enthusiastically.

Mohini who was in a little daze came back to her senses then looked at the things on the inventory screen.

With a thought she selected the item in the first space that is a skill card.

Upon selection a description window regarding the item appeared, saying

“Appraisal skill mortal level 1

This skill can be used to know the detailed information of anything.

The amount of information obtained is based on the level of the skill and the level of the target that the skill used on.”

Below the description there is a table that shows the amount of information that can be obtained on various things with examples.

This skill can get the details of the person that is in the range of the skill if not the result will be unknown. (By Souryourer Fate)

Then at the bottom of the skill there is a pink colored option saying “use” and above the option there is a sentence saying

“Use this card to add the appraisal skill to the skills page of the user.”

Mohini thought of selection the use option immediately the card that has the appraisal skill came out of the inventory and with a bright glow it vanished into Mohini’s head soon a notification

“A new skill called appraisal is added to user’s skills.”

Soon the notification is closed by Mohini and the inventory page is visible again.

Now Mohini selected the second card that contains the skill opening another description page describing the skill

“The name of the skill is “steal”.

As the name implies this skill is used to steal various things from other people.

As long as the user is higher level than the target user can steal all the stat points, experience points…..and everything including the targets clothes.

But if the user’s level is lower than that of the target the amount that can be stolen is reduced based on the difference of the levels between the user and the target.

User has to be in close contact with the target to steal the intangible things like stat points, experience points….

For the tangible things user should be near the target by the specified distance stated by the skill after selecting the target and user can choose the things user wanted to from the target.”

Reading this description Rose was shocked and asked

“Mohini did you designed this skill too it is a very good skill.

With this you can do many funny things and gain many benefits too.

I am falling in love with you and the system you designed.”

Mohini also nodded her head in satisfaction because this is the special skill she particularly chosen by her that is very appropriate for the system she has fantasized about.

She immediately used the skill card to obtain the skill as usual there is a new skill notification appeared in front of her saying a new skill is added to her skill list.

Then Mohini shifted her attention to the two identical cards that are stored in a single space after selection them she got a description box saying

“This card is the skill choosing card used to choose a skill that the user wanted from the system store.

With one card one any skill can be chosen but the skill will be at the starting level that is level 1.”

Mohini wanted to think for a while before choosing the skills then she shifted her attention to the next item that is a lottery ticket upon thinking about it a light screen description box appeared in front of Mohini saying

“This is a special quest point slot machine ticket. It cannot be bought through the game store.”

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