The P Cultivation System Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Wow! What a Per***ted system

She zoomed out again showing the entire city she was in including all the areas that she previously visited being a 40 year old lady too, and

All the remaining areas are completely shrouded in darkness so she was unable to see what is in that location.

After she experimented with the map screen for a while she opened the skills page from the features screen.

In the skill page there are some basic skills in there like sprinting, cooking, pain resistance, mental fortitude, and some other skills

Most of these basic skills are obtained by her due to living by herself and bullied by others.

Then there is a section saying skills from blood lines and there is only one skill in that section that is “seduction”.

Clicking on the skill it said

“A skill used to create l*st interest in the target that is targeted by the user level 1 and can be used on the beings that are below mortal level 11.”

Then there is a notification from the system saying the other skills of the blood line will be unlocked after the user reaches some higher levels of the cultivation and the level of the system.

At the same time Rose spoke while giggling

“My blood line has many different skills that are quite useful for you to do Per***ted things that you designed in the system so look forward to it hehehe.”

Then there is another section below the blood lines section saying cursed skill section upon inspection Mohini and Rose found that this is the skills that are obtained by being cursed also this section holds the cursed skills.

There is only one skill present in this section that is

“Beast seducer level 3”.

To know what this skill is Mohini thought in her heart commanding the system to explain the skill.

Almost immediately notification popped out saying

“Because of the curse and the ugly women title user’s body started to release some strange smell that was rejected by all humans.

But all the beings will consider the user as a l*st partner of opposite gender and will try to have done it with the user.

This is caused by the smell that is created by the pheromones that are released from user’s body.

Works on all the beasts that are below mortal level 31”

Reading the details of the skill Mohini was shocked because she was chased by the street dogs, pigs, cats and many other animals before but she never thought that this was caused by this cursed skill.

Then she continued reading the notification

“This skill can be controlled at will only after the curse is removed, till then this skill will be active continuously attracting all the animals surrounding the user”

“So I have to remove the curse before I can control this skill”

Mohini said

“Actually it is a useful skill too there are many other races in the cultivation world.

With this skill you can seduce any person other than humans.

My intuition tells me that this is a very useful skill for you and for the Per***ted cultivation system too.”

Rose said

After checking the skill section she then returned to the features menu page and selected the store option leading to the opening of a new light screen showing a game store like image

Where there are various sections that contain materials, products, pills, charms, artifacts, knowledge, techniques, recipes, blueprints, skills and many other things that are related to cultivation fantasy world.

There are even l*st toys in the store with bizarre buffs.

Mohini don’t see those things very thoroughly and moved directly to the next option on the features page that is quests page where there are a large number of quests that give quest points, experience points and many other rewards. (By Souryourer Fate)

Various sections in the quests like daily quests, weekly quests, monthly quests, side quests, main quests, faction quests and many other quests in the screen

There is a continuous quest saying get banged by a Virgo to get 50 quest points and at the same time if that person is not a Virgo the amount of quest points received is only 10 quest points.

If the person’s level is higher than the user then there will be excess quest points as reward and the excess quest points are equal to the difference of levels in between them.

There is another quest saying get banged by wild beasts to receive quest points and a list of wild beasts are mentioned along with the amount of quest points

Mohini receives for one intercourse that is one time the person or beast releases their love juice into Mohini.

Looking at all this Rose suddenly spoke

“if I had this kind of system when I am at my prime I would have reached the upper realms a long time ago, well whatever we will reach it together Mohini hehehe”

On the contrary Mohini had a blush on her face to the point of turning her into a tomato.

Because the quests are too bizarre there is a quest saying she has to go to school without wearing under wear.

Even though she is ugly she is still a girl and she is shy too.

The she came back to her senses and moved back to the features page without looking at the quests a second time.

Then selected the last option in the features page, which is achievement option opening a light screen popped out showing the achievements page.

In that page there are many achievements listed out that are yet to be achieved by Mohini.

Like first time banged with a Virgo, banged by 100 men, gang banged by a group of thugs and

Many other achievements are listed out on the screen this caused her to blush to the point that it looked like blood is dripping out of her face.

“Wow! What a system.

Mohini you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

I will help you achieve all these achievements hehehe.”

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