The P Cultivation System Chapter 7: features of the system

Chapter 7: features of the system

This is so that there is a chance to receive some stat points through quests and missions they will be stored here instead of directly adding to the main status screen.

She did not open the starter’s gift instead she wanted to check the other features of the system to see if they are same or there is some changes in it.

So she gave a command in her mind saying

“Show all the features you currently have.”

Almost immediately all the light screens that are previously in front of her are closed and a light screen opened in front of her named as main menu that has few words saying options they are status, inventory, map, skills, store, quests and achievements.

When she clicked on the status it showed few options like overall status and cultivation status.

When she thought of the over all of status the main status screen is showed again that she previously saw.

Since she already saw this page she returned to the options page of the status option and thought of selecting the cultivation status.

Then a new light screen is opened showing the cultivation status page.

In the cultivation status page there is her current level of cultivation that is mortal level 3 and there is also a fill up bar indicating 140 experience points are required to reach mortal level 14.

Then below that there are body, mind and soul cultivation that are currently deactivated and saying requires at least foundation stage cultivation base to unlock this column.

Then upon closure examination of the foundation stage Mohini found that she should cross mortal level 100 to set foot in the foundation stage.

She got this information from black Rose.

Then below that there is a spirit root column which is also locked and said that she needs to be at least foundation stage to unlock this column so she don’t bothered to look at it.

Then she came back to the features page to select the inventory option after that a light screen that containing the inventory page opened and

It looked the same there is a starter’s gift too present there but Mohini wanted to open it after she is done with checking all the features of the system.

She wanted to check the overall capacity of the system because when she designed the system

She made it so that the first level of the system has a space of 100 items and as the system is upgraded the new spaces can be unlocked along with the capacities of the storage reserves of stat points and things,

There is also a feature that the inventory can store living organisms after some of the upgrades of the system.

Currently it is said that the system is only level 1 of the mortal realm and there are 100 levels in the mortal realm the system.

It can be upgraded.

There is no specific page for this right now.

When Mohini reaches the requirements the system will show the notification of upgrading the system or she can directly command the system to show the requirements to upgrade the system. (By Souryourer Fate)

For upgrading the system to level 2 Mohini should be at least at mortal level 20 and require 20 quest points to upgrade the system to level 2.

She understood the things that till there everything is still the same as she designed.

The space in one box is defined as a storable space for a single item like if she stored water tin in one space and places similar water tin again both of them will be places in the same space with an indication of 2 on the top of the space that stored the water tin indicating there are 2 water tins stored in that space.

But if she stores a paper clip then it will be stored as a separate item that is stored in the inventory.

Each space can store a single type of item with infinite number without having to worry about the other features of the item like shape, size, or other things that means she can store a billion tins of water made of similar type of tins.

She wanted to check so she put two of her pillows and they are stored in one of the inventory spaces showing a pillow symbol and 2 on it, indicating there are 2 pillows stored in it.

After that she got of the bed to search for a matchbox she wanted to see the time flow inside the inventory.

She designed that the time flow inside the inventory is a stagnated time that is there is no flow of time within the inventory.

So she lit a match stick and placed it in the inventory and took it out after exactly a minute and

The matchstick is still the same as she placed it inside the inventory this shocked her and her head is filled with many thoughts and ideas of using the inventory.

Then she opened the currency page in the inventory main page to store the money in the system.

Then she went to get her wallet to see the money in it also she wanted to know from how far can she store the things in the inventory.

 But soon she was disappointed because she must be touching the item with anyone of her body parts to store it in the inventory until the system is upgraded to level 10.

Soon she walked to the wallet and took out the money from it and placed it in the inventory then the money was showed in the currency page of the inventory.

After looking at the inventory and experimented for some time she moved on to the next feature that is the map screen.

As soon as she opened the map screen it showed her current position and the layout of the room.

After that she zoomed out the map showing the entire hostel layout and some black areas that she has never visited.

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