The P Cultivation System Chapter 6: Status panel

Chapter 6: Status panel

“That was a wonderful night Mohini it has been a long time since I had something so rough you have designed such a wonderful system.

I think someone in your ancestors is a high level demon of succubus race or dragon race only they were this l*stful.”

Black Rose said very happily

On the screen there is a notification saying

“Assessment complete system will start under the “start” command of the user”

Mohini overcame her shyness and said “start” in her heart. It is not necessary to say the word out loud.

Immediately a light screen changed in front of her showing the status screen of her


Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 13

Title      : ugly women,

Status   : cursed


 Health points: 52/52

Spirit points: 44/44

Stamina points: 48/48


Body      :        22

Mind      :        17

Soul        :        16     

Beauty   :       -100

Luck       :        10


Stat points:     0

Quest points: 0


Mohini started looking at the status screen first is her name and black Rose’s name since they are merged together into one so the names.

Next is the age that is 18.

She is 18 years old but she is still in high school this is because of the excessive bullying of the people from the school she was injured to the point of loosing few academic years.

 So she was still in the high school but she was not discouraged by this because most of the students are delinquents and good for nothing rich kids that have no interest in studying instead they are here for wasting time so all of them are 18 years old or even older.

Next is the gender that is female then the blood line is human and a demon succubus blood lines this is because black Rose has completely merged with her blood.

Suddenly Mohini has a doubt and asked black Rose

“Rose where are the other blood lines that were previously added to the sentient crystal?”

But before Rose could respond the system sent a notification saying

“Those essence bloods were stored within the system as the user has yet to reach the requirements to bear the power of the blood lines.” (By Souryourer Fate)

Both Rose and Mohini understood where the essence blood was.

Then both of them shifted their attention to the other parts of the status screen to look for the other details

Her job is just a student and then her level is just mortal level 13 that is very low a non cultivator human can reach up to a level of mortal level 100 as the peak of the normal humans

This is the extra information that is given by the system to Mohini when thought of the comparison of the levels.

To reach next level you have to have 140 experience points

Then she thought of the way to get experience points and the system immediately showed a notification saying

“Experience points can be gained through cultivating, doing missions and quests given by the system or by the outside world that are recognized by the system,

You can also exchange quest points for experience points and experience points can also be gained by defeating other beings.”

Black rose looked for what are quest points and a notification popped out saying

“They are given along with rewards for completing quests and missions that are recognized by the system.

Quest points can be exchanged for various things in the system.”

Next is her title that is the ugly women when she thought of the title the system showed a description screen saying this is the title given to her because of the curse and the effects are to reduce 100 points from the beauty stat points.

She looked at the status saying she was cursed almost immediately she did as previous to know the details of the curse,

Then another notification popped with the details of the curse saying

“A curse to reduce the beauty stat points to zero and stagnate there until the curse is removed and to give a title called the ugly woman that further reduces the beauty stat points by 100 points.

To know further details of the curse including curse removal you have to pay a price of 1000 quest points.”

Mohini was shocked looking at the detail that is she was ugly not because she was born like that but someone put a curse on her to look ugly.

She started remembering her childhood with her mother where she was very cute playing with her beautiful mother but when she was 4 year old suddenly

She started to become look ugly, not only her but her mother also started to look ugly.

She was humiliated by the people around her to the point that she committed suicide leaving Mohini behind.

As for her father Govind he married her mother’s friend Mandara and abandoned Mohini to an orphanage with some assets from him and her mother’s assets.

Mohini’s father was one of the richest men in the state.

So Mohini came to a conclusion that someone had plotted against their family and cursed them to get revenge or something on her mother or father.

But still she hated her father to the bone for abandoning her and letting her die like that without even trying to find a cure for them.

Then a notification showed saying

“Starter’s gift received please check the inventory for the starters gift.”

Then she thought of the inventory at the same time a light screen opened a huge array of boxes in there are even some types of divisions above the box of various goods.

At the same time there is another column indication the money she possesses. Then another column that is showing the amount of various stat points, experience points she can store in the inventory before she can add to her own stat points.

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