The P Cultivation System Chapter 56: oily massage beside the swimming pool

Chapter 56: oily massage beside the swimming pool

But still she wanted to use this sweaty and oily body to get banged by Ravi.

Mohini’s slit has already been recovered regenerating her hymen making her a Virgo again.

Her yin spirit energy was also recovered during her time of rest because of the succubus blood in her.

Making sure that the allure pill took complete effect on Ravi using the appraisal skill Mohini released the controller skill on Ravi.

Ravi took a moment to wake up from the sleep. He felt aroused to the point of becoming a beast that is hunger for l*st.

When he looked around he saw Mohini who was completely naked but was very beautiful like she was a fairy.

Ravi did not speak any thing he just pulled Mohini on to the bed.

He doesn’t even give her a moment, there isn’t even any foreplay he just directly trusted his meat rod into Mohini’s slit and then started to move to and fro pounding her like a wild beast with all his strength.

On the other hand Mohini was caught completely off guard.

She doesn’t even have time to moan when Ravi trusted his thick meat rod into her slit directly.

When he started to move to and fro pounding her slit he started to kiss Mohini’s lips while pinching her cherries.

This was extremely pleasurable for Mohini, even though she was in pain she enjoyed every moment of it.

While she was enjoying there are some fine drops of blood that came out of her slit onto the bed sheet making a small red flower.

The blood is slightly dark because this is not just blood but impurities are mixed within them.

Every time someone punchers Mohini’s slit, Mohini can let out most of the impurities from her slit in the form of Virgo blood.

This is a very good thing for her and is caused by two things that are her succubus blood and l*wd god body cultivation technique she practicing.

While Mohini was caught off guard Rose was prepared for this long time ago so she started cycling both the main cultivation and the body cultivation in Mohini’s place.

As she was very experienced in these kinds of things, she activated the cultivation techniques at the right moment absorbing large amounts of the special energy formed from the l*st of Ravi and Mohini.

The special energy is the combination of yang and yin spirit energy forming a single powerful energy called chaotic energy.

But the sad thing is this purity of the chaotic energy was very less.

This is because the two people participating that are producing the yin and yang energy are at very low level.

L*wd god body cultivation technique and Kama sutra both absorb various forms of energy from the surrounding and especially the energy formed from the l*st.

This absorbed energy was converted into chaotic energy in small quantities in Mohini’s body.

This chaotic energy is the experience points Mohini was absorbing to progress in her cultivation.

 Mohini and Rose were unable to comprehend the profoundness of the cultivation technique called “Kama sutra”.

So they don’t understand the chaotic energy.

Even Rose doesn’t know about the chaotic energy, she never even heard of this kind of energy mentioned in the upper realm that she was present in.

This shocked her more causing her to doubt that is she really in the highest realm before she is dead or there are some other mysteries that she did not know.

Some of the details of the chaotic energy are unlocked only after Mohini’s body cultivation reached beginner level 4.

While Mohini is being banged fiercely by Ravi her body cultivation reached beginner level 4 so it gave out some of the details regarding the chaotic energy.

This information flowed into Mohini’s mind.

Since Rose’s mind was merged into Mohini’s mind she was able to see the information, which astounded her.

“Well everything will slowly sort out, all I needed to do is wait for the things to reveal themselves.”

Rose though to herself.

She wanted to tell this matter to Mohini but she was currently being banged by Ravi very intensely so she decided to hold herself for now and tell later.

Ravi did not hold back at all he pounded Mohini’s slit fiercely like he is stabbing someone and his meat rod is a sword.

When Ravi stopped kissing Mohini, she started to moan loudly with a hotty voice.

“Bang yeah…”



“There yes”


This aroused Ravi further causing him pound Mohini’s slit even more fiercely.

This further increased Mohini’s moans, they became louder and louder.

This went on for half an hour where Ravi shot some c*m shots into Mohini’s slit, while Mohini also came very hard with an orgasm.

Both yin and yang energies at this moment combined forming a few strands of chaotic energy that was successfully absorbed my Mohini through her cultivation techniques.

Ravi did not stop at all and inserted his rock hard meat rod into Mohini’s slit again.

At that time Mohini spoke

“Wait a minute I am sensitive stop…”

Ravi doesn’t seem to listen to Mohini’s words but subconsciously spoke something

“You are the l*st goddess right harlot, you should be l*stful hehe.

Let me bang you hahahahha.”

He continued to bang her for another 5 hours till it became dark outside.

 It is 7 PM in the night. Ravi is still banging Mohini but he seemed to be at his limit as he shot his last c*m shots into Mohini’s slit.

At that time the effects of the allure pill are finally fading, when Rose used the controller skill to make Ravi into a puppet again.

She ordered Ravi to rest while Mohini herself is resting grasping for breath laid on the bed…..

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