The P Cultivation System Chapter 55: swimming pool quest

Chapter 55: swimming pool quest

“I am not distancing myself from you.

See two people can think better than one right.”

Mohini smiled and said

“Then buy the pills required with the 20 quest points that are extra out of the 19000 quest points.

Also you can earn extra quest points while I am resting right. Use them as well to buy all the things we need.”

Rose nodded her head and said

“Ok, rest well I will earn us some quest points while you are resting.”

Mohini no longer spoke as she was resting within the game system room in her mind.

 Rose first used 10 quest points to buy 5 yang spirit energy recovering pills, then used another 10 quest points to buy 5 allure pills.

Previously she could only buy 3 allure pills for 10 quest points but now she can buy 5 because she has upgraded the game system to level 10.

This caused the prices of some of the things to go down a little.

Rose gave a yang spirit energy pill to Ravi then commanded him to swallow the pill and then she ordered Ravi to rest.

Ravi did not speak he just got on the bed and began sleeping. He is sleeping on the bed naked.

Because of the pill that he just swallowed his meat rod began to stand up at the visible rate because of the yang spirit energy recovery.

But Rose knows that the complete recovery and concentration of the yang spirit energy will take around 3 hours.

Mohini also requires almost same amount of time for her to gather and concentrate the yin spirit energy in her slit.

The house that that Mohini was in was very big.

Behind the house there is a swimming pool too.

Rose wanted to see if she can trigger any quest going near the swimming pool.

Soon Rose along with raju and cal went to the pool where Rose was completely naked while raju and cal are wearing under wear.

There are some houses nearby where people can see Rose and others but since it is near noon and most of the people went to their work.

As soon as Rose got to the swimming pool some quests popped out.

Some of the quests are easy to do for Rose without straining Mohini’s body.

There like get an oil massage in the open area beside the swimming pool without using any barrier that can obstruct vision or hearing of others.

The amount of quest points for the quest is only 100 quest points but for every person that watches Mohini’s naked body while she was getting the massage gives Mohini 10 quest points.

Rose was sure that there will be plenty of people that will see Mohini getting massaged out in the open.

There is a special extinction to the quest that is if someone were to complaint this to the local authorities that is cops and they came to check on Mohini, she will receive 1000 quest points as bonus.

There is no need for Rose to show Mohini’s body to the cops for the quest completion.

All she needs to do is to make the cops come to check on her on the complaints of others, this will complete the quest.

As for hiding she can use the barrier skill to make Ravi and Mohini invisible when the cops search Ravi’s house.

Rose already ordered cal to bring the oil and the massage table.

After they placed hit beside the swimming pool, both raju and cal started to massage Mohini’s body.

While Rose used this chance to let Mohini’s body rest to recover from fatigue.

Rose also strictly ordered raju and cal to not to touch Mohini’s slit because it is currently recovering the yin spirit energy.

Rose let the detection skill on so that she can be alert as soon as there is some disturbance within her detection range.

Raju and cal diligently massaged Mohini’s body with gentleness and care.

They massaged her boob’s one on each side, they even massaged her glory back and ass.

This light pleasure made Rose comfortable and let Mohini’s body rest well.

This has continued for nearly 3 hours. After that Mohini finally woke up from taking rest.

Rose ordered both raju and cal to stop the massage.

Soon after she received the 100 quest points and along with that she received another 30 quest points which are given for her being watched by 3 people.

Unfortunately no one has called the cops which led to Mohini losing the 1000 quest points reward.

Well she can make things happen, so let it goes and came back to reality. Rose and Mohini switched body control.

Mohini’s body, mind and soul were refreshed and ready for the grinding levels again.

Raju, cal and Mohini went back to the house it is already 2 PM in the afternoon. Mohini was not hungry as she had eaten quite many things in the morning.

After going into the house Mohini ordered cal and raju to dress up and wait for her in the living room.

After that Mohini went to see Ravi who was resting in room recovering the yang spirit energy.

Mohini opened the door and went inside.

But as soon as she looked at Ravi she was shocked because Ravi’s meat rod was like a tower standing up and pulsating with vigor every now and then.

Looking at Ravi’s meat rod was enough to make Mohini’s slit wet with her juices.

Mohini don’t waste any time, she directly went and stood beside Ravi then took out an allure pill.

She commanded Ravi to eat the pill using the controller skill.

Only after few moments the allure pill took effect on Ravi.

Mohini has already locked the door.

She was oily and sweaty from the massage from raju and cal.

But still she wanted to use this sweaty and oily body to get banged by Ravi………

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