The P Cultivation System Chapter 54: Mohini’s real appearance

Chapter 54: Mohini’s real appearance

This caused her to get tears of happiness.

As soon as the food filled her stomach Mohini began to get sleepy.

She wanted to rest but she wanted to increase her strength further too.

After thinking she got an idea

“Rose, do you also sleep if I slept?”

Rose spoke

“Even though I have completely merged with you,

I can still maintain my consciousness.

My level of soul is higher and I don’t really have to sleep so what do you want?”

Mohini then asked

“Rose can you use the cultivation technique in my place when I am sleeping?”

Rose immediately replied

“Mohini you don’t have to worry about that we are one being your soul and mind are still weak so you can rest and recover while I will cultivate in your place.

Let me control the body so that you won’t be disturbed while you are resting.”

Mohini did not doubt Rose because she knows that both of them are completely merged with each other and this is bounded by the game system.

Mohini followed Rose’s instructions to switch with Rose.

Mohini entered a strange room like space where she can see everything happening outside through display like thing.

Mohini looked like a ghost with hazy white appearance.

There is a bed in the room that was completely pink it was very soft and fluffy.

At that moment a notification popped out saying

“Welcome to the player for entering the special resting area of the game system.

Player can rest while the other half of the player does the task.

Player need not worry about the other half ceasing the body.

The player Mohini and the player Rose are completely merged under the binding of the game system.

So they are one entity for the rest of the life there is no treasure or skill that can separate the two players.

Player can rest here and the time require to recover will be reduced on this special bed for the player.

As the game system is upgraded to level 10, player can get special massage while resting for quick recovery and stress reduction.”

Mohini said sorry to Rose because of her suspension towards Rose. Rose did not take it to heart and said

“Mohini we only met yesterday so it is natural for you to not trust me completely.

I would be disappointed if you had trusted me completely without a silver of suspension.”

Mohini sighed of relief with the positive answer from Rose.

They both are merged together so they can sense each other’s feelings and thoughts. Mohini and Rose communicate through those thoughts too.

This is how they felt relieved as there is no suspension in Mohini’s mind, while there is no anger in Rose’s mind.

Mohini slowly went to the bed and sat on the bed, she observed that she was still naked but she was in her original form that was not cursed.

There is a mirror in the room.

Mohini immediately went there to look at herself.

She was like a fairy from the heavens, it can be said that she was on par with the most beautiful actress that has a full on makeup.

She never thought that she was originally this beautiful.

Her boobs were of exact round shape with a firm and perky nature.

She has long slender legs, with milky white skin and the skin has a glossy shining to it.

Her hair is long that crosses her waist line gently falling of her shoulders and back.

It was of dark black color that looked like a night sky with a silky smooth structure.

She has a slender waist and very cute belly button, her butt was round and the two glory back were perky with perfect measurements.

Her face is that of a goddess with very well defined features like big eyes, cherry lips.

This is her original body features without the curse making her ugly.

Finding out how beautiful she is Mohini was shocked very much.

There are few changes of emotions in her face.

First it was shock and astonishment looking at her beautiful self.

Second is she looked mostly like her mother so remembering her mother she felt sorrow.

Then the third is she felt anger because she was cursed and her mother was killed.

There is even a silver of killing intent when Mohini thought of her mother.

Almost immediately there was determination in Mohini’s eyes along with the killing intent.

She wanted to kill all the people that are involved in her mother’s death.

Mohini calmed down and went to lay on the bed to rest.

On the other hand Rose took over Mohini’s body.

With Rose as the controller of the body the entire body language of Mohini’s body changed. Her eyes were filled with l*st and her every movement was seductive.

Even her voice became more seductive causing the hearts of the person that listened to her voice gets seduced.

Rose knows that not only Mohini’s soul and mind but also her body needs rest.

So Rose thought of a solution that is let both raju and cal massage her while she makes Mohini’s body rest but this is done outside the house.

But before going out Rose spoke to Mohini

“Mohini I want to buy some pills that can build up the yang energy in Ravi at a faster rate.

At the same time I also want to buy some allure pills for the future purpose and emergency situations.”

Mohini spoke

“Rose you don’t need to ask me any of this.

You can just buy them as you please.

As you said before you and I are a single being so don’t be distinct from.

I don’t have any one in this world so you are all there is to me in this world.”

Rose spoke

“Mohini don’t be emotional like that I am just saying things so that we can think and make decision together.

I am not distancing myself from you…………”

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