The P Cultivation System Chapter 53: usage of shape shifter skill

Chapter 53: usage of shape shifter skill

So she immediately started to activate the shape shifter skill under the guidance of Rose to regenerate her slit.

This process too some of the spirit points, that is 25 spirit points for the usage of the shape shifter skill to regenerate the hymen in her slit.

After that Mohini rested so that the process can go on.

There is some slight itching in her slit as her hymen grew back.

In the mean time Mohini diverted her attention towards the extra’s page of the inventory.

She wanted to check the gains she of her stealing from raju and cal.


Extra’s page


Experience points: 195,000

Spirit points: 100


Stat points


Body: 80

Mind: 62

Soul: 56

Beauty: 57

Luck: 43




Cunningness: Mortal level 5


Looking at this Mohini got a doubt

“Rose, why have you not added this cunningness skill before when Zen is banging me?”

Rose spoke

“Then the skill is at very low level also there are few more people here that have the same skill.

So I wanted to add this skill after it reached level 10.”

Mohini said

“Oh! But Rose we can just add this skill directly now.

This may increase our thinking capability and give few more opportunities and discover the traps of others.

If we got this skill again we can just add its experience to the skill we have.”

Rose thought for a while and said

“Ok, I will add it the next time Zen bangs you.

What you said also has a good point.”

Then Mohini started to think again while relaxing.

Suddenly she remembered something and said

“Rose the game system is also upgradable right?”

Rose thought for a while and said

“Yes it is upgradable, we previously thought of increasing the inventory space by upgrading the system.

But you postponed it for later now we can easily upgrade the thing with the game system.”

Mohini opened the system upgrade screen just with a thought and saw that system is at level 1.

Mohini wanted to upgrade the system to level 10 for now so the amount of quest points needed is 540.

Mohini directly used the points to upgrade the game system.

The remaining quest points are 19,020 quest points.

As soon as the system is upgraded a notification appeared

“Thank you, player for upgrading the game system to level 10 directly.

The perks for reaching level 10 are more assistance from the game system.

The upgrading time of Zen is reduced by 10 percent.

The game system will give more advices and assistance in the future for the player.

The storage space of the inventory has been increased from 100 to 1000 spaces.

The detection range of the player is increased to 60 meters and will increase further as the level of the player increases.

The map screen can combine with detection skill and discover well hidden treasures and the game system will assist the players to unlock complicated things like locks.”

This made Mohini and Rose very happy.

Mohini wanted to upgrade Zen to level 10 as soon as possible this is so that Mohini can cultivate even faster using the Zen’s point transferring system.

Also Mohini wanted to know the mysteries of Zen being an artifact.

What Zen can do can he fight or can he become a shield or what can he actually do other than being a point transferring device.

With these thoughts Mohini slowly closed her eyes enjoying the hot water.

She has not slept last night entirely so she was feeling sleepy after being socked in hot water.

After few minutes Mohini came out of the bathtub.

She doesn’t have an extra pair of clothes except for the burka and already spoiled dress in her inventory.

She wiped her body with a towel then came to the bathroom door.

Mohini found that both raju and Ravi are waiting outside the bathroom door they have already washed themselves clean.

 Cal was waiting at the dining table where he has already arranged all the food that was ordered from outside.

Cal has previously washed clean by Mohini’s orders so he doesn’t need to go and clean himself again.

This was all observed through the detection skill of Mohini that range of over 60 meters Mohini opened the bathroom door.

She tied the towel around her as a cover or as clothing. Both Ravi and raju was completely naked.

Only cal is wearing his watchman dress because previously he went out to get the food that was delivered to the front gate.

Mohini has completely recovered but don’t want to walk so she ordered Ravi who was still at level 68 to carry Mohini to the dining table.

It was an easy task to him carrying Mohini.

But before he could lift Mohini, she took off the wet towel covering her body.

Then Ravi lifted Mohini and started moving.

Mohini ordered raju to go and stand near the dining table.

After that Ravi took Mohini to the dining table where there are many dishes that are neatly arranged. Also they are still hot.

Mohini sat on a chair then ordered Raju to massage her boobs and shoulders.

Mohini ordered Ravi to have food along with her and then she ordered cal to serve food for them. Mohini had her fill of food.

The food was very tasty.

This is because it is all high class food from a 5 star restaurant.

Mohini only has just enough money for her to survive.

 Also most of her money was spent on medical expenses for the injuries caused excessive bullying by other people.

So she never has high class food or for that she never had any good food either.

This is the first time she ate food that is of high quality.

This caused her to get tears of happiness. As soon as the food filled her stomach Mohini began to get sleepy.

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