The P Cultivation System Chapter 52

Chapter 52: hard bang results in status page

She then gave both Ravi and raju a command that is to go to another room to wash up then come and wait for her near the bathroom door.

She went to drain all the hot water in the bath tub that is contaminated with her and Ravi’s cum.

After that she washed the bathtub a little and began to fill up the hot water in the tub again.

While the bath tub is filling Mohini went to take shower clearing all the filth on her body especially her slit.

After that she went to soak in the hot water tub to relax a little.

She has been getting banged continuously for the last 24 hours with just some short breaks. So she wanted to relax a little.

After some time Mohini opened the status page of the game system to see what exactly that she obtained in the past 24 hours of hard work of getting banged.


Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 21

Title      : ugly women

Status   : cursed (99%)


 Health points: 96/96

Spirit points: 68/88

Stamina points: 66/94


Body      :        63 (57+6)

Mind      :        49

Soul        :        49      

Beauty   :       -99

Luck       :        42


Stat points:     40

Quest points: 19,560


Mohini was happy to see that she has progressed to level 21 in just 1 day.

But there is something that shocked Mohini even more that is the amount of quest points that she obtained through various things has reached 19,560 quest points this number made her very happy.

There is one more thing that caught Mohini’s attention that is beside the body stats it mentioned 57+6 to make 63 body stat points.

So Mohini selected the thing to know what this extra thing means. Immediately a description box popped out and said

“57 is the player’s actual stat points while the extra 6 points are obtained from the body cultivation of the player.

This discovery shocked Mohini, but there is a disappointing thing mixed in with the good news that is Mohini can add stat points in any field till they reach 3 times her cultivation level

If she has any special cultivation technique for the specific stats she can increase them through that technique.

So with level 21 Mohini can add stat points up till she reaches 63 points in any specific stats.

So the amount of body stat points she can add now is only 6 because her original stat points is only 57.

As long as Mohini reach higher levels she can increase her stat points at will.

Mohini sighed gently and there is a determination in her eyes saying that she will increase her cultivation level as soon as possible.

There is one good point in Mohini’s main cultivation method that is her foundation would be stable as long as she cultivates by banging others instead of absorbing spirit energy in the surroundings.

Even if she cultivate through absorbing the surrounding spirit energy she can easily stabilize her cultivation but banging other or getting banged by others.

Suddenly Rose spoke

“Mohini there is one more thing that I forgot to tell you.

Since you reached level 20 you have awakened a small skill of the succubus blood.

Do you want to know what it is?”

Mohini said

“What is it?

 Is it some sort of offensive or defensive technique?”

Rose sighed and said

“It is neither, the ability is simple you can make yourself Virgo as many times as you want by regeneration the hymen in your slit.

But there are some things special about this ability that is you can gather the Virgo yin spirit energy and absorb this every time your hymen is broken by another person along with his yang spirit energy.

Absorbing these combined energies of yin and yang will double your cultivation with just half the results.

Another specialty of this ability is that it can progress and become a very powerful shape shifting ability when you reach the higher levels.

This shape shifting ability can change your appearance, change the shape and size of any part of the body and it can even change your presence so that no one can discover you.

This is the special hiding technique that can help you in emergency situations, to escape from the hands of the people pursuing you, which is a very common occurrence in the cultivation world.

Currently this ability is at level 0 and because of the game system this ability converted into a skill called

“Shape shifter”

I think after it assembled into the game system it has changed somehow so there may be some surprises for you in the future.

Currently it can only help regenerate your hymen and make you a Virgo.

Because of the curse even if you reach higher level of it, you will be temporarily unable to change your appearance with this skill.”

Listening to all this Mohini was surprised and felt happy because she was just thinking how to increase her cultivation speed.

Rose spoke again

“Mohini every time you regenerate your hymen and become a Virgo it will take some time to refill the yin spirit energy.

So at that time use your glory back hole instead of your slit.

Also if you let a Virgo man take your Chastity the benefits you get will be even more than that of a normal man.

Your gain will be 10 times more if the person that bangs you is a Virgo too.

Remember all this well. Also do you want to try the Virgo slit thing with Ravi since he is of higher level you will get good benefits from this.

Since you are resting now just try it.”

Mohini wanted to give it a try.

So she immediately started to activate the shape shifter skill under the guidance of Rose to regenerate her slit…………

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